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● Why did you choose your URL?

It’s the ID which I used for an online game, I couldn’t think of any good ID so I just use this one. xD kinda elementary school-ish though… ಠ_ಠ

● If you could own a fairy-tale/fictional pet, what would it be?

 definitely KUMA. こいつだ. xD 

● What is your middle name?

I don’t have one. :p

● Favorite color?


● Favorite song?

Too many.. but right now, BoA’s “Kiss My Lips”. ♡

● What are your top three fandoms?

TS4, K-POP, PlayStation(3 / 4 / Vita). xDDD

● What do you enjoy about Tumblr?

Being able to know people all over the world and share my creations with them. :D

● Tag all of your Tumblr crushes

What? I can’t tag all..omg…this is hard!  XD

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okay… call me crazy!! xDDDDD

えぇ ぇ ぇ ぇ ぇ?!