A little unhappy

About the pravana neon pink and orange. I love the yellow that shit is powerful lol. Havent tried the blue and green i havent played with yet. But i will be here soon.

Ive come to terms that the pastels and neons are best mixed with vivids to create and longer-lasting color. I means ive used just pastels/or neons (except for yellow) by themselves and they just dont last as long. Thats good for some clients though. So it definitely has its perks.

But yah, the orange and pink are not powerful in color, very watered down. Whereas that yellow is as bright as a new highlighter. And its been in my moms hair for weeks. Lol.

What are some of your experiences with pravana fashion colors? Good or bad, as a client or stylist. Share them!

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Can you recommend a shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, and hair mask for fine damaged hair? Preferably drugstore or something that isn't expensive.

Nothing is better than salon products than what you buy at a salon..i do know that bedhead and big and sexy sell stuff in drug stores but they cost about as much as buying it in a salon or even more. I like mane and tail or herbal essence (stay away from garnier, tresseme, and a few others they will dry your hair out or make it fall out, stay clear of anything where the main ingredient is alcohol). I’m not exactly sure about drug store leave ins since i use “It’s a 10” for mine with the keratin in it..works wonders for my hair since its so fried on the blonde side. You could always use mayo and a wrap it with ceram wrap for a mask leave it in for about 15 mins. But anything that is “morrocan oil” or “coconut oil” or “almond oil” will work as well..I believe if you look through my archive there is a post about homemade hair masks =) i hope this helps =)

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I've got coloured hair that's a natural red and would like to go white-blonde with silver/grey lowlights, and was wondering approx how many visits to the salon it'd take to achieve that colour? Also, what can I do to lessen the damage?

I cannot predict how many appointments it will take for your hair to get white, because i cannot feel nor see your hair…the dark the “natural red” the longer it will take and it depends on your hair texture…you will have to go in a consult a local hair dresser…now to lessen damage in the process i suggest buying a deep reconstructing/condition mask as well as a good moisturizing/conditioning shampoo and conditioner and a leave in conditioner…these should be a must in everyones shower =) hope this helps.