Innocence (AO3)

Requested by jensen-fuckles

Prompt: (#193 - INNOCENCE) Dean is driving home from work, when a milkshake hits his car. Maybe he’s a little out of line with the hasty arrest, but so what? Nobody touches his baby.

“You need a ride home, Benny?” Dean asked his partner, jangling the keys to the Impala. It had been a long shift, but eventually they were free to go home and relax, and there was a crate of beer and a slice of apple pie with Dean’s name on it.

Benny shook his head. “Thanks chief, but I got Andrea comin’ to meet me. We’re goin’ out for dinner later. Gonna take her to that fancy restaurant across town. Got a reservation at lunch. Seems most people will bend over backwards for a cop,” he chuckled.

Grinning, Dean shook his head. “I’d quote the morality of abusing your position, but it’s not like I wouldn’t do the same thing in your shoes. Go wine and dine your lady, Lafitte, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He wasn’t jealous at all that Benny had someone to share his nights with. After Lisa had filed for divorce, Dean was glad to have some time to himself. Of course, that had been nearly two years ago, and he wasn’t fooling himself anymore let alone anyone else. But what was he meant to do? Every date he’d gone on had ended quickly as soon as they found out what he did for a living. Nobody wanted to date a cop, long hours, dangerous, and not that great pay.

No, Dean was happy on his own. Beer, pie, Star Wars marathon and he was set. There was no better way to spend an evening.

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So I was taking a piss at the front of my house cause the toilet was occupied and I couldn’t hold it in and I’m singing ‘Sugar, We’re Going Down’ by Fall Out Boy and I look around and realise my neighbour 2 houses down is out the front smoking just looking at me and he says back to me, 'Fall Out Boy, eh?’ and I said awkwardly while holding my cock 'Yeah….haha’ and he just put his cigarette out and walked back inside