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Thanks! I honestly didn't know. Nor did I want to cause any trouble in the corset tag, sorry about that. I just scrolled down your page and saw some things about waist training, can you do that? And how can one do that properly? :)

Ah, it’s no trouble. We’ve all been at ground zero and had to start somewhere.
I personally waist train, I believe Marchioness is a part time corset wearer, and I don’t know if Miss Miasma trains or only wears corsets for fun.

I wear a corset that is 5" smaller than my current natural waist (my natural waist size is already reduced from my previous corset wear) (recommended is a 4" reduction for beginners).

After your corset is seasoned (broken in by wearing it for an hour or two at a time a day to acclimate it and your body) you can start for a longer period. You only lace up just as snuggly as is comfortable and wear it only as long as is comfortable.

Over time you’ll find you’ll be able to lace up more snug and for longer periods of time.

At the first sign of any sharp pains, you need to remove your corset. this is your body telling you you’re not okay. Dull aches are a sign that you’re not used to it yet or maybe you’re laced a little too tightly. Your back might feel sore at first because you’re forced to sit up straighter than normal.

If you’re going to be lacing for extended periods of time (ie months and years) you’ll need to add core strength exercises to your routine. I don’t suggest wearing your corset during this.

Corsets can be worn outside of your clothing or under and if worn beneath your clothing it is really recommended to wear a light breathable top of some sort to protect your skin and also to protect your corset from collecting your body oils. Keep your skin moisturized to prevent any stress on it.

Bubbly, spicy, and gaseous foods should be consumed at the minimum. Your stomach will no longer be able to expand very largely and these foods can cause gas or acid reflux or heartburn from irritating the stomach and being pushed back up the esophagus. Being mindful of how much you eat prevents any discomfort.

I have rambled so much and I probably forgot something but I hope this was helpful to you.

-The Scarlet Queen

(*Cough*I mainly wear them for the Aesthetic as I already have a natural hourglass shape, but I wear them for several hours at a time when I do. And can get a reduction of a few inches*cough*
-Miss Miasma) 

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I know you can do it. You go girl!

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BUT but his voice sounds so good in that song! Idk man, it makes me happy and dance-y, so I’m good. I’m in fangirl mode and desperately want to do fangirl stuff but I have no idea *what* exactly ugh

Ha, the problem with him is that even when he sounds bad he sounds awesome :P If I were at a club I’d dance my ass off to this song too. But if it was sung by anyone else I would ingore it hard. But if you feel powered up by it that’s good! Idk, do you draw/gif/write? If you’re in the mood for something creative you can even molest screenshots and add some silly captions or something :D