you said she didnt matter.

you said that you didnt want to lose me, but your actions revealed the lies that spewed out of your delicate mouth,

you said she broke your heart and you dont talk to her,

in fact you said you hated her,

its funny how your definitions are akwardly wrong,

i saw your messages,

 the look in your eyes said everything.

you still had feelings for her,

she is everything you want, but she didnt want you.

you cant stand the thought a girl turned you down that you move on quickly wounding innocent souls who grew to love you,

you turned into 


the lies you say tell me you still want 


not me im not her, im not fashionable, im not confident, im not preppy

im not her.

Yanno what?

Fuck it. Fuck everyone. Fuck everything. I’m sick of doing the right thing. I’m sick of being the nice person. I’m sick of caring for people when they don’t care for me. What’s the fucking point anymore. Everyone can rot in fucking hell all you fucking human beings sucks. All you stuck up fucking bitches are the same, attention seeking whores. Seriously what the fuck has happened to this world? FUCK IT I’M DONE, PEACE THE FUCK OUT.