The above just happened during the OTW Board “open” meeting.

I know it’s easy to scroll past these things–who cares as long as the Archive stays up and you can get your fic?–but the dissent you can see in these transcripts is from people who *run the Archive*.  The Board’s abuse of power is completely wearing down volunteers’ willingness and capacity to work.

I agree with others that at this stage we have reached a point at which members should call for a vote of no confidence in the current Board.  I was willing to go with the “good intentions; poor execution” explanation for the Board’s actions prior to this.  No longer.

Edit/update: People are suggesting we all use #otwboard and #otwrevolution as tags to keep track of the conversation;

Here is a link to a form where you can sign up to be part of a mailing list/discussion group on these issues;


There is a post here (from someone who regularly gets up at 3am to wrangle the archive back up from some problem, I might add) about the message he sent to the Board asking for a vote of no confidence.

Final update to close this off: As a result of the above, the current OTW Board is resigning.  Matty Bowers and Atiya Hakeem, the two members elected this November (and scheduled to start their terms in Dec), will remain.  The AO3, run by a number of committed volunteers, will be fine.  The OTW/AO3, Atiya, and Matty will need your support going forward, so keep your eye on this!

Indie game dev: “I intended the player character to be a ‘blank slate’ of sorts”

Indie game dev: “For this reason, this character does not have a set gender”

Reasonable fan: “I think this character is (x) but it’s cool to see what other fans imagine them as”


Reasonable fan: “…. but you can imagine them as non-binary and it’s still not wr-”


Somebody come look at this fuckery

I know I don’t post a lot but I was scrolling down Instagram and I saw this shit and it made me so fucking angry I looked at the comments and people was just laughing and tagging their friends
“Look at her head”
“She probably deserved it”

I don’t give a fuck what she did you should never lay your hands on a women. She just got up after getting abused like this never screamed anything to him, nothing

He had the nerve to put her hands on her I don’t give a fuck how mad he was when you hit a girl in such a manner you should kill your self within the next few seconds because somebody in the worlds gonna do it for you

And I wanna tag people who I think might want to see this

If your basis for saying a certain word is a slur is that it’s a word used to talk about the way that group oppresses another group, guess what? It’s not a fucking slur. Pointing out the way you oppress people is not itself oppression. I can’t believe we have to explain this to gay people. You seemed to understand this concept just fine when you were screaming about Kim Davis.

I Think of Colors When I Can't Sleep

I feel-
that ice pick,
that slip and slide blade,
pushed inward, advancing to bone

yellow, yellow, green,
I know, I know,
excuses reap ten fold.

I know-
that wish-wash,
that wrench inside my guts,
and I do not know
how to paint over the drops
when I’ve ignored them this long

drip, red, splatter,
off with her head!
quick, before she turns.

I shake-
no slight tremble,
this is earthquake,
this is typhoon

and I will not sleep much,
dark blue,
absent moon.

anonymous asked:

If you think outlander fans are shocking, I invite you to check out the Sherlock fandom where the hardcore ones go after those who disagree with them by posting their personal info all over the Internet. They have no qualms doxxing, even down to calling people's employers to complain how awful the OP is. I'd rather shake my head at the ones tweeting about a wedding than being fired or having all my personal info outed because a nut can't leave someone alone. They ruin it for so many.

The digging into and “revealing” other people’s personal info is horrible, yes, and sadly, also quite prevalent in the Outlander fandom. But like with the Sherlock fandom, this fuckery is what you expect from the hardcore (i.e. crazy) ones, right? So call me naive, but I like to think the best of the *bulk* of humanity, and always comforted myself that there will always be crazy behavior, but it’s usually limited to, well, the crazies? The reason the Outlander fandom is so embarrassing to me right now is that the crazy behavior isn’t relegated to the trolls, but appears to have gone mainstream, or very, very close to it. That tells me something extremely unflattering about this particular fandom. I’m not horrified by the kinds of crazy, so much as… the amount and popularity of it, if that makes sense? 

I recently waded into a discussion on Twitter with Terry about the wisdom of someone in her position belittling and making fun of harmless fandom activity she doesn’t understand, and can easily avoid and ignore. My point was simple: the people tagging her with stuff that she and everyone else involved with production would otherwise never see were trying to stir up shit for nefarious reasons, and she should not engage. I was immediately inundated with self-righteous fanatics tweeting me about how “dangerous” and “intrusive” shipper activity was, and how “it” needed to be stopped. How “it” is so very dangerous and intrusive was not made clear to me, but their main point was, “it” needed to be stopped. Never mind that “it” mainly consists of such highly “dangerous” things like opinions, speculation, discussions, gifsets, and sure, photo manips on personal blogs. This is the kind of stuff that needed to be stopped at all costs, apparently, at the expense of mocking people who’ve harmed no one, of bothering cast and crew with silly shit they should not be involved with.  And let’s not forget, these highly offensive and dangerous things would never have reached the cast and crew until crazy people decided to tag everyone and their mothers with it. And apparently, slews of Outlander seem to agree with this crazy behavior. Ridiculous.

Stuttering Into the Void

here it is
this way to love
and be loved
when you choke
and collapse
into a puddle
made by man

tell me how soft
one needs to be
to shatter into even pieces
and make it easier
if there should be another
ambitious one needed
to put them back together

how hard does one
need to be
so that the world
becomes your oyster
when you spit it out

I have split myself
into equal parts
and put them on display
for the eye of the beholder
to gaze upon

tell me I am beautiful
and I’ll show you
a dozen lies
between your crossed fingers

tell me to hush
and I’ll whisper
these feelings
into the dark
like the unanswered prayers
I expect them to become