According to “Science” this is the most beautiful woman in Britain. 

Beauty “science” is RACIST AS FUCK and needs to stop. Why is this a news story? Why does this need to even be acknowledged/celebrated? Gross. 

Attn: anyone interested in learning about some serious boyband fuckery

The Backstreet Boys’ Documentary Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of airs tonight at 9pm EST on VH1.  Give it a watch.  I’m finally watching it on iTunes now so we can discuss after!

How Gillovny Handles Press

Press:  Why you kissing on stage & singing sad sappy love song duets and dancing to 70s funk all sexy like at each other? Totally banging?! Just friend attraction?

GA: David just looks good in a speedo. Have you seen David in a speedo? Totally would masturbate in it if I was him. I love his doodle. He’s stacked. Also, if the world ends, we’re having sex on a table and he doesn’t get to say no. Because it’s a nice idea.

DD: THATS NOT REALITY. Just kissing on stage, aggressive neck grabbing, and giving heart eyes while singing to each other is…terrific and FRIENDS!.. Actually, I’ll have to get back to you on that. I’ve been wrong before.

anonymous asked:

This will be a rant [directed at no one especifically so if you're reading this don't rush in to wear a hat that doesn't fit], I apologize in advance: IDGAF how much ultraprofessional and media savvy the PR stratagies are or how many 3 month cycles of seeding we go through or how powerful and influential Azoff or Modest or Obama or Simon fucking Cowell is, coming out (The big one) will NOT.. BE.. COMPLETELY.. SMOOTH. This is what you get for growing mould in the closet for years. +

+ By all accounts, factoring in things such as the AIMH retweets and the ease with which anything larry related gets world trending on Twitter among others, there are good reasons to believe the number of people, directioners or not, who either know, strongly believe or strongly suspect that Harry and Louis are gay/in a relationship is counted in the millions and the count just keeps on growing. It’s a damn cycle: The more people learn of it the more people talk of it, the more buzz around it +

+ there is and as an outcome more people learn of it. Also the more postponed the come out is the more suspenseful things turn, the more exaggerated things become and the more out of control things get. Ignore the elephant if you will but don’t be a hypocrite and complain when it starts to shit all over the room and you feel somewhat bothered by the smell. And btw this is what things like #ImGayItsPrettyUnfortunate are: big piles of ignored elephant poo. Are they “helpful”? Fuck no! +

+ But this is the world we’re living in. I didn’t choose to be strapped on in this celebrity closet rollercoaster ride of hell but Harry said “female” is not an important trait he looks for in a relationship so here I am to see things through. You know who did choose to be on this ride? Harry and Louis; when they signed the contract to become world famous superstars. Maybe we ought to give them some credit for knowing where they’re standing and being prepared for whatever comes and stop +

+ thinking that everyone is somehow hurting them everytime something innocuous gets blown out of proportion by an overly excitable fandom. In short, we’re all stuck, this isn’t going to be confortable for anybody, there’ll be a lot of cringing so as a suggestion bite hard into something and just power through okay? Thank you for your time.

I am so turned on do you want to make out?

Hey remember when Regina was like “the only people who believe in me are Henry and you” to Robin that one time before the shattered sight curse and then Emma sacrificed everything for her at the end?

remember “i believe her” “she’s not dying” “she didn’t do it” “i invited her” “you worked too hard to have your happiness destroyed” “i promised you i’d bring the happy endings” “i’ve got your back” “im in too, no matter what that means for the both of us” etc

Regina, tsk. Why u so stoobid sometimes, girl.

It really sucks to be standing in between David and Gillian, doesn’t it? They just carry on their gazing, flirting, discussions no matter what. 

“Okay, guys, carry on being in your own world here. No, don’t worry. I’ll squeeze myself in between y’all. Its cool. Nope don’t move in closer I’m still trying to squeeze through. Almost there.” Meanwhile CC is in the back watching the struggle like “lol”

FTM FUCKERY (don't get scammed lil dudes)

So I’ve seen stuff about this guy beck, a ftm using other trans peoples struggles to make himself money
This guy is charging $30 for a fucking skype call to pray for you and give you information you could just ask another trans person.
Fucking scum man. People actually struggle with transitioning and he’s using that to make money, sickens me.
Don’t trust him guys, please, just google it or ask someone, save your money for the real deal like hormones, therapy, all the things you need, don’t trust this beck guy
His bs website is
Shout out to chaseross for making me and others aware of this guy so we can help y'all not get scammed. And for being a big inspiration to me :3
Sorry bout the language and my lack of well written paragraph.