That peurile excuse for an “entertainment journalist” called Leanne Aguilera just agreed with a homophobe that questions for Lana from queer fans are trash; and claimed that Lana told her to ignore them.

The silly fool straight up tried to pit Lana Parrilla against her queer following, just to make herself look good on Twitter.

While I reported and blocked this Anonymous user, I decided to share what he/she/it said anyway:

I wanted to say that, besides this, the only hateful remark I’ve seen was from a YouTuber, who said they wished I would choke on Brandenn’s cock, die, and burn in hell.  That’s the short version.

But the good news is, that’s it.  Everyone else who gives a shit has been happy for us and enthusiastic about our win.

As for Brandenn, I just wanted to say this: He is one of the most marvelous human beings I’ve ever met.  I get to be myself with him, and he feels the same.  I don’t feel lucky, having gotten entry into the season premier without initially having a ticket.  That was sheer force of will on my part.

However, I do feel lucky having met him.