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I don't like sex. Won't do it. Not turned on by it. And all my friends say that means I'm asexual. It. Fucking. Doesn't.

Sjw voice: You just have internalized asexual erasure hidden deep within your soul. It’s okay, friend. Join us.

We can help you.


This is a false equivalence. Changing hair color is not the same as Blackface. With the exception of Tiny cosmetically changing her eye color, none of the other women have tried to change their race. None of the real Black women have pretended to be white for 10 years, placed themselves in white spaces as leaders, nor have they attempted to explain issues that effect white people in America. Why do ya’ll go so hard for white women to drag Black women?

When I first watched the Harry Potter movies, whenever I would ask a question or for clarification about something, someone would inevitably yell at me, “Just read the books!!” (I eventually did.)

On the other hand, whenever I criticize “Game of Thrones” or point out its many internal inconsistencies, I am told to just shut up or stop watching.

I suppose part of that has to do with the fact that more people have read the Harry Potter books than ASOIAF (understandably I guess…. no shade to HP, but it’s certainly a much easier reading experience). But even still, it amazes me the amount of vitriol aimed at ASOIAF book-readers, as if we’re being completely unreasonable. After my first binge-watch of the show, I was certainly aware of the criticisms from book-readers, but I figured that was par for the course – ALL adaptations get their share of flack, it comes with the territory. And I avoided reading the books for so long because I didn’t want to become “that guy”; I wanted to hold on to my experience with the show and not allow the books to color my perception. But then, when I began to do more research on my favorite characters (Sandor and Sansa), I realized how much I was missing…. or rather, how much the show was missing. And that’s why I decided to read the books. And lo and behold, I realized that all the disgruntled readers were actually totally justified in their outrage

What makes it even more frustrating is the total lack of respect for how much the books & characters mean to me and therefore how personally upsetting the show is. When Sansa’s Rape™ aired, there were people who were so quick to jump on me and justify why it was “okay”. They were TELLING ME THAT I SHOULD BE OKAY WITH ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS GETTING RAPED. Or that I should just “accept” it, cuz what are ya gonna do. Like, how insensitive is that?? Whether or not you actually feel that way is besides the point – can you at least show a little courtesy in not immediately trying to stomp all over my legitimate feelings about this just because YOU don’t think it’s a big deal?? How is it that Star Wars fans are allowed to be mad over the fact that George Lucas changed his own canon to make Han not shoot first, but I’m not allowed to be mad that a couple of greedy producers raped one of my favorite literary characters on their TV show adaptation for no logical reason? (Incidentally, the arguments for both controversies do not stem from a change in events but from a change in the central character’s core values and development!!)

Sorry for the rant, but I’m just so sick and tired of being treated like I’m overreacting and that I should just shut up and accept the show for what it is, when even it’s OWN INTERNAL LOGIC doesn’t exist!!! I mean, if you are okay with that, if your own standards and expectations do not extend beyond “ZOMG DRAGONS!!” or “HOLY SHIT I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT JUST HAPPENED!!”, and if you truly believe that what you witnessed in Season 5 is not only acceptable but even SUPERIOR to the books… well, then, congrats, you are the exact person that D&D are writing for now. Who needs logic and consistency anyway, right?

Hm. Did an intern fuck up? Is Zayn going to be back for Vancouver? Is this meant to whip the fanbase into a by now predictable frenzy and incite a Twitter trend that will have Zayn’s possible return fresh in people’s minds?

If that is the case, will we receive a new demo out of it, or perhaps a surprise NB single featuring Zayn?

Will new team use the opportunity to drag Modest in the media, a la April 10? None of the above? All of the above? Stay tuned, folks.


According to “Science” this is the most beautiful woman in Britain. 

Beauty “science” is RACIST AS FUCK and needs to stop. Why is this a news story? Why does this need to even be acknowledged/celebrated? Gross. 

Attn: anyone interested in learning about some serious boyband fuckery

The Backstreet Boys’ Documentary Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of airs tonight at 9pm EST on VH1.  Give it a watch.  I’m finally watching it on iTunes now so we can discuss after!

*David Attenborough voice* 

… in the wee quiet hours of the TwitterForest we find an example of the common variety pallens penis caput capitis, of the genus indignus fragile masculum. When feeling bereft in its mentions it seeks out denizens of worthier merit (invariably of the swen family) to insult, hoping for attention in lieu of talent; then blames its ego on its pregnant mate:

[note: both swen and non-swen fandom calling him out]

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Dumbest shit you have heard and seen at gun shops and ranges? Nice iron btw

Where to start…

- “(Fill in the blank round) was built to wound while (fill in the blank round) was built to kill”

- “Birdshot/rock salt is a great choice for home defense”

- “You don’t even need to aim a shotgun!”

- “You can’t hunt a deer with an AR, it’ll blow it up!” 

- “All you have to do is rack the action and criminals will just run away! Don’t even need to load it!”

- “.50 cal can kill just by flying near someone!”

- “Them plastic pistols are illegal cause they can pass through a metal detector.”

- “.22lr is the deadliest round and kills more people per year than any other caliber”

- “AKs were built to be able to fire any NATO spec round out of their chambers” (as in firing 5.56/7.62 NATO out of a 7.62X39 chamber)

- “You don’t have to maintain (fill in the blank) gun”

- “Marines and soldiers keep a loaded .45-70 in the back for stopping vehicles”

- “If you can’t down em in “x” amount of rounds, don’t bother at all”

- Countless stories from “SEALs” and “Green Berets” that sound like a Call of Duty level. 

- Wife: “What does the number 1911 mean?” Husband: “It means it costs 1911 bucks!” (Seriously)

As far as seen, I’ve witnessed quite a few people shoot themselves during a draw. Also, fucktards handing a novice something like a 12 gauge shotgun with magnum loads, a larger caliber rifle, or some crazy ass revolver, without any sort of instruction.


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