GOT7 JB and his homophobic comments.

First off, I’m Korean, so non-Korean fans, especially those who can’t even fucking understand or read Korean: stop making excuses for Jaebum for his comments given during the Celebrity Bromance with B.A.P. Youngjae. 

Jaebum was clearly bothered by the fact that he and Youngjae, two men, were at a couples café and he literally says “this is a place no two men should come to.” There is NO mistranslation, he says it bluntly and even the Korean graphic caption that pops up on the screen written by the show producers or whoever has the words “TWO MEN” and “SHOULD NOT COME” bolded in red. 

He’s not shy about how uncomfortable he is being seen as a couple with Youngjae because they’re both men. The fact that he keeps mentioning they’re both men and men should not be there in the first place and even asking the waitress if she thinks it’s weird or strange that two men are there filling out the questionnaire shows how he views this as abnormal. This is homophobia, toxic masculinity and heteronormativity at work.

I’m telling you, as a Korean person, that this is not a mistranslation, stop excusing what he said and realize that he fucked up and his comments and reactions are harmful and oppressive to those who are part of the LGBT+ community. If you’re a fan, you want him to be a better person and not to be a discriminatory piece of shit, right? Then stop shielding him. 

I don’t think he deserves death threats, that’s inappropriate in my opinion, but I don’t think it’s at all over-the-top for fans to be angry or disappointed in him and tbh, even hate him, especially if said fans ARE LGBT+ themselves. Sure, not everyone maybe offended by what he said, but leave those people who are hurt by his words alone and stop turning it against them as if they’re reading into it too far or attacking JB as if he hasn’t said anything wrong. 

i just wanna say compare this to everything liam has ever said about zayn and think for yourself.. that doesn’t add up that doesn’t make sense.. so I’d rather believe everything we’ve heard and seen all these years than one scripted interview full of bullshit… 

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Tell us another story, any kind please. They're always interesting

Alright then… A short one

So, not too long ago, I was driving around in the Camaro SS, and I pull up at a stop light, on the left of this Nissan Leaf… thing. Thing was highlighter green, plastered with all sorts of “Coexist”, environmental, & Obama/Biden stickers, and was being driven by this really slim looking white chick with multi colored hair. 

For some reason, she took an issue with me & the car. With how tinted my windows are, it was quite obvious she couldn’t see who was driving, and I guess she thought that the “SS” on side of the car meant Schutzstaffel instead of Super Sport.

She rolls down her window, and starts yelling at me so loudly, that I could hear her clearly over my music and the car’s loud exhaust. Calling my all sorts of “white trash”, “redneck”, “a gas hogging Nazi”, all sorts of shit.

So, after a few moments of her yelling, I decided to roll my windows down, and declare my blackness. She instantly shut right the fuck up, yanked her head back into her car & made a right turn with the quickness, nearly hitting another car.

no offense but thinking zayn is upset with liam for any of this is like thinking liam was upset with zayn for the z*rrie engagement stunt