i just wanna say compare this to everything liam has ever said about zayn and think for yourself.. that doesn’t add up that doesn’t make sense.. so I’d rather believe everything we’ve heard and seen all these years than one scripted interview full of bullshit… 

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Tell us another story, any kind please. They're always interesting

Alright then… A short one

So, not too long ago, I was driving around in the Camaro SS, and I pull up at a stop light, on the left of this Nissan Leaf… thing. Thing was highlighter green, plastered with all sorts of “Coexist”, environmental, & Obama/Biden stickers, and was being driven by this really slim looking white chick with multi colored hair. 

For some reason, she took an issue with me & the car. With how tinted my windows are, it was quite obvious she couldn’t see who was driving, and I guess she thought that the “SS” on side of the car meant Schutzstaffel instead of Super Sport.

She rolls down her window, and starts yelling at me so loudly, that I could hear her clearly over my music and the car’s loud exhaust. Calling my all sorts of “white trash”, “redneck”, “a gas hogging Nazi”, all sorts of shit.

So, after a few moments of her yelling, I decided to roll my windows down, and declare my blackness. She instantly shut right the fuck up, yanked her head back into her car & made a right turn with the quickness, nearly hitting another car.

The Lost City

It wasn’t art that inspired the teeth,
sought by determination,
bare with the debt
of God’s illustrious wrath.
We are still looking to smoother catalysts,
circles concentric,
an inlet on the Spanish coast.
Discernment is the distance afforded.
A temporary house of constellations,
governed by arbitrary drive.
Deleterious and restless mosaic maps,
figments of Plato’s thematic mind.

That peurile excuse for an “entertainment journalist” called Leanne Aguilera just agreed with a homophobe that questions for Lana from queer fans are trash; and claimed that Lana told her to ignore them.

The silly fool straight up tried to pit Lana Parrilla against her queer following, just to make herself look good on Twitter.


+ What in the everything that is holy & pure is this fuckery?? And who pays a barber to give them a pole-less aggressive dance? Naaaaa-Oh! No, no, no. Like why, for what, for what purpose or reason?


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So there I was in my kitchen, drinking an apple Snapple, nude, as one does, when it occurred to me, if there is some form of all seeing creator deity present, surely they must at least sigh when they see us going about life rather absurdly. Like, spose I was eating cold pizza whilst reading the comic section of the Sunday paper, skyclad in the conservatory. Not that I ever have! I’m left to think that an ancient being, surely an intellectual one with vast technologies, would see me as primitive or insane, perhaps even childlike, respectively. Of which I would have no choice but to agree by natural default.

There’s always the very contemporary thought that they too are unclothed beings, which then ruins the proposal entirely.