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would any of you ever date a girl with a double chin and stretch marks on her belly :(?

heck yeah!! like this post if you’d Absolutely date a girl with stretch marks and a double chin

also side note but stretch marks are fucken badass and beautiful like have you seen them?? they’re like lightning bolts or claw marks or tattoos and just Ahh

Love Affair Part 7

Beginning Love Affair Part 1

Warning: Cussing. Slight Smut.

Love Affair Part 7

Chapter 12

Some mornings, I heard the bedroom door slowing open and it slowing being close. That’s what Danny always did when he didn’t come home til the next morning. Like always, I’ll pretend I was asleep and he’ll crawl into bed. He would start kissing me and we would end up having sex. 

It was like that even when he came home late. Wake up, pretend everything was okay, have sex and trying not to cry as I go back to sleep. I always did that, but not this time. Because this time was the first anniversary he miss, our four years of marriage. 

“Your late.” I said in I heard the door open. “You miss our anniversary dinner.” He let out a heavy sigh. “I tried calling but I just got your voicemail. Where have you been?”  

He closed the door and sigh again. “I was out.” Danny said, walking over to the bed. “I was drinking with the boys. I had too many drinks so I stayed at Mike’s house. I know how you are with drinking and driving. As for my phone, it died on me and I didn’t have my charger on me.”

“So you didn’t bother using Mike’s phone or anyone else’s to let me know what was going on?” I said. Danny let out another side as he crawled into bed behind me. “It’s the least you could have done.”

“Your right, I should have called you.” Danny said, leaning down and kissing my neck. “I’ll make sure if something like that happens again, I’ll call you.” He started running his hand up and down my body. “How about..” He started grinding against me. “Some make up sex babe?”

I pushed him away from me and scoot closer to the edge of the bed. He pulled his hand back and I could feel him just staring at me. That was the first time I ever rejected him, the first of many to come. 

He let out a heavy sigh and got up. He left the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. After that, I started hating waking up in the morning to him. Because, he never fell asleep with me, he just showed up when he felt like it. 

Then he wanted sex after that and I hated it. Make up sex, more like pity sex. When I kept rejecting him, he was getting madder and madder about it. It was the point I had sex with him so he’ll calm down and stop throwing a fit.

Sex was a job, a job I hated to do. All because it felt so empty and meaningless. Meaningless sex, something that I never thought would happened when your married. Meaningless sex, something I never have to worried with him, with Negan.

Chapter 13

I felt hands running up and down my legs, caressing them. I felt lips kissing my neck as he moved in and out of slowing, gently. I started to moan as a pair of strong hands held me close. He started kissing my lips, making me slowing opened my eyes. I pulled back, looking at him, seeing that smile of his.

“Good fucken morning doll.” Negan said, as he started kissing my neck.

Babe.” I said, getting lost in his touch. “What are you doing?

“Giving you fucken wake up call.” Negan said, rolling on top of me. 

“Why?” I said, placing my hands on his shoulders.

“Cause I have a beautiful fucken naked girl in my bed. That I happen to love.” Negan said, smiling at me. “Now shut up and let me fucken make love to you.”

We laugh as we started rolling under the sheets, making love. I just absolutely love waking up to Negan. Rather it was in the middle of the night or in the morning, I just love waking up to him. I love waking up and seeing him, seeing the man I love. Seeing the man, that who loved me too. 

We kept making love, til our alarm went off. A course, that didn’t stop Negan.

“Negan come on. Babe stop.” I said, laughing as Negan kept kissing my face and neck. “Come on, we need to get ready.” I grabbed his face so he could look at me. He just had his shit eating grin on his face. “No more hankie pankie babe. We need to head to the courthouse, so we can talk to the lawyer.”

“The courthouse doesn’t fucken open till 830 and it’s only…” Negan said, moving the sheets off of us “7. So we have plenty of fucken time for some more hankie pankie doll.” 

He did a playful growl as he started kissing me again. “Negan.” I said, taking a old of his face again. “We need to shower, get dress, and get breakfast.” He let out a sigh as rolled his eyes. “Plus I don’t want to be limping while I walk cause of you.”

“But I fucken like it when I make you limp.” Negan said, as he pitch my ass. 

“Hey.” I said, pointing at him as he gave me a pouting face. “No more touching. We need to get ready.” I give him a quick kiss. “Come on. You can touch later.”

“I fucken guess” Negan said, in a teasing as he smile “Go hop in the fucken shower and I’ll start breakfast.”

“Alright.” I said, getting up and out of bed. Negan let out a whistle and I turn back around, shaking my head at him. “You need to…” We heard a nose coming from the living room. “Are you expecting anyone?”

We heard a guy’s voice calling Negan’s name as they walked down the hallway, towards the bed room.

“Fuck, it’s my baby fucken brother.” Negan said, sitting up in bed. “Eric! Just fucken give me a sec! I need to fucken get dress!”  The door started to open. I grabbed the comforter off the floor and wrap myself up.  “What the fuck dude?” Negan tuck the sheets around him. “What about of, give me a fucken sec, I need to fucken get dress, didn’t you fucken understand?”

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“Shit. My bad bro.” Eric said, putting his hand up for a moment. He turned to me and then back to Negan, smiling. “My bad”

“How the fuck did you get in here anyways?” Negan said and Eric showed him a key. “I told you to fucken use that in case of emergencies. Do you fucken have an emergency?”

“Nah. I want to see if you wanted to get something to eat. But I see now…” Eric said, looking over at me and back to Negan. “You already ate.”

“Oh my god.” I said, covering my mouth, trying not to laugh as I blush.

“That was a good one huh?” Eric said, as he smile at me.

“Dude.” Negan said, throwing a pillow at Eric, to make him look at him. “Get the fuck out already.”

“What?” Eric said putting his hands out. “I’m just having a conversation. Speaking of conversation, did you talking to her and tell her that you love her?”

“Yes. Now fucken go.” Negan said, throwing another pillow at him.

“You know.” Eric said, looking over at me. “He is always talking about you, I mean always. Like he never shuts up about you. Ever since he met you at the lounge, he’s done nothing but talk about you.“ Negan cover his face as he turned red. “Telling us that he never met anyone like you before. How he fell in love with you when you guys first met. That he knew right there and then you were going to be his wi…”

“Eric!” Negan yelled as he throw a pillow at him. “Get the fuck out before I kick your ass man.”

“Alright. Alright.” Eric said, walking to the door. “I’m going. I’m going.” He looked over at me smiling. “Your a ten by the way, from what I can see. A ten.”

“Uhh,..” I said, confuse on what to say, as I hold the comforter tight. “Thanks?”

“You little fucken shit.” Negan said, throwing more pillows at Eric. “Get out.”

“How many pillows do you have?’ Eric said, dodging the pillows. “Why would even so many?” He looked over at me. “Is it for support during…”

“That’s fucken it.” Negan said, getting up with the sheets wrapped around his waist. “I’m beating your fucken ass.”

“Oh shit. I’m dead” Eric said, running out of the room and closing the door behind him. “I’ll start making breakfast. You two have fun. I promise I won’t listen in.”

“Sweet fucken baby Jesus.’” Negan said, sitting back on the bed. “Doll, I am so fucken sorry about that.” He looked over at me. “My fucken baby brother doesn’t fucken know when to turn that shit off.”

“I’m so glad I’m the only child.” I said, smiling about him. “What was he going to say, when you cut him off?”

“What do you fucken mean doll?” Negan said, getting a bit nervous.

“When he said, that he knew right there and then you were going to be his and you cut him off.” I said, looking down at him.

“The fuck if I know.” Negan said, giving me a nervous smile.

“It sounded like he was going to say wife.” I said, smiling at him. 

“What?” Negan said, laughing nervously. “No” I cross my arms. “Maybe.” I rise my eyebrow at him. “Shut up.” He laugh as he looked down and then back up at me. “Go take a fucken shower and I’ll help the little shit with breakfast.”

“Alright” I said, shrugging my shoulders. I went over to the bathroom and looked over at him. “I’ll just ask your brother later,when your not around.”

“Fuck my life.” Negan said, falling back on the bed as I close the bedroom door. “Eric! If you fucken talk, I’m fucken kicking your ass!”

Chapter 14

During breakfast, Eric was telling stories from their childhood. The ones that made Negan turn red from embarrassment and frustration. Every story Eric told, made Negan looked like a fool in the end. A course Negan would turn around and say what cause him to look like a jackass, which was Eric. 

Eric even brought up the time Negan got bite by the neighbors dog. The dog refuse to let go of his left pant leg, no matter what Negan did. When he started to climb over the fence, the dog still refuse to let go. Negan was almost over, when the dog fell down and ripped Negan’s jeans open, including his boxers.

Negan said the only reason that happened was because Eric had went over to the neighbors yard. Eric was set on trying to get a football that went over the fence, instead of waiting til the neighbors got home. He went for the football and the dog went for him. 

Eric was too short at the time, to reach the top of the wooden fence and pull himself over. Their older brother refuse to go over and help, so it was up to Negan to save Eric’s ass, again. Negan jumped over the fence and grabbed Eric. As he pushed Eric over the fence, that’s when the dog attack him.

Even though Negan correct Eric about what really happened, it didn’t stop Eric. He kept telling one embarrassing story after another. Negan got to the point he just smack Eric, upside his head.

“Little fucken shit.” Negan said, getting up and heading to the bedroom. “I’m going to hop in the shower and fucken hang myself with the shower cord.”

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Soon as the door close, Eric turned to me and started asking me every question in the book. He wanted to know more about me, since a lot of girls in Negan’s past had always did him dirty. So, I told him everything he needed to know.

I told him that I was in the process of leaving my husband, Danny. Which Eric, didn’t even know I was married. I can’t blame Negan for not telling him or anyone that part. It’s not really a good thing to bring up with anyone that your seeing a married woman. 

I started telling him about the problems me and Danny were having. That way he had a better understand and didn’t think I was some kind of tramp. As I continue to talk about Danny and how he treated me, the more Eric hated him.

Finally, I got to the main part that made me file for divorce. I told him how Ana called me up and told me she spotted Danny on the camera. That Danny has been going to her strip club for a few months. How he was taking women to dinner and admit he was cheating. 

Once I went to Negan’s, one thing lead to another and we got together. Soon as we became official we decided to keep our relationship under wraps. We thought it would be best til after the divorce was done, since we both didn’t know how Danny would react. 

For the meantime, I was going to slowing move my belongs out of the house and over to Negan’s. Once everything was moved out, serve Danny the papers. Then when the divorce was final, we were going to stop hiding. 

After I was done talking, Eric stayed quite for a few minutes. Too be honest, I think that was the longest he was ever quite for. Negan came out, looking over at me and back to Eric, who was looking at him.

“A married woman Negan?” Eric said, leaning against the kitchen counter. “Really?”

“Yea.” Negan said, leaning against the door frame. “Got a fucken problem with that little shit?”

“Surprisingly no. Her husband is an asshole. But, I got to important questions that I need answering and I need to know them now.” Eric said, looking over at me.

“If it’s to ask if I love your brother and if he loves me, it’s a yes.” I said as Eric’s face got serious.

“No, not that.” Eric said, shaking his head. “I can already til you guys are in love each other. You guys are like a couple of love sick puppies. What I want and need to know is this. One, would your friend Ana let me into her strip club for free? Two, would she let me get a few lap dances for free?”

“Eric.” Negan said, making Eric look at him. “Really?”

“What?” Eric said, looking back over at me. “So is that a yes or no?” Eric got hit in the head with a couch pillow, that Negan throw.  “Really?” He picked  the pillow off the floor and throw it back at him. “Who needs so many sex pillows?”

“That’s fucken it.” Negan said, running over and tackling Eric to the floor. “I’m beating your fucken ass now, you little shit.”

“(y.n). Get your boy. Get your boy.” Eric said, as he cover up.

“Roll around, you’ll be alright.  I said, grabbing Negan’s keys. “So, are we going or what?”

“Yeah. Just give me a fucken sec doll.” Negan said, grabbing Eric in a headlock “Say it you fucken little shit. Say who’s my bitch. Say it.”

“Fuck.” Eric, said trying to get out of the headlock, but he couldn’t. “Fine” Eric just laid there. “I’m your bitch. I’m your bitch.”

“That’s fucken right.” Negan said, kissing the top of his head. “I fucken love ya.” He let Eric go and got up, laughing. “Come on doll, let’s fucken go.” We went over to the door. “Lock up after us, little shit.”

“Wait. Wait.” Eric said. We looked over at him as he looked up at us. “Can I at least get a discount on the lap dances?” I grabbed a pillow off a near by chair and throw it at him. “Again with the sex pillows?” We laugh as we walked out and close the door behind us. “I”m hiding all your guys pillows!”

“I like your brother.” I said,  as we walked over to the elevator.  

“Good.” Negan said, he chuckle a bit. “You can fucken have him.” 

“By the way.” I said as we got into the elevator. “Your brother told me you.” He looked down at me as I looked up at him. “You said wife.”

Negan was quite til the elevator doors close. And then all you heard was…


Love Affair Part 8 

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Ankle boots are still boots, but what's crazy is that ankle boots are usually for women???

Y A THATS my point kinda like

yeah, i see cowboy boots every day. they have heels.

butI’m freaking out because jesse has heels on boots that are clearly not cowboy boots if you look at the damn things like

those very clearly look like ankle boots, and they got a Heel you feel me

jesse mccree just likes higher heeled boots

my boy likes heels

i love him

(and they are,,, thick heels yanno. like almost on gabe’s platform level. they’re chunky. i love him. what the fuck.)

(i say they’re not cowboy boots because he did NOT fit boots under whatever skintight shit he’s got on his beautiful fucken legs. those boots end at the ankle.)

Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 5

Beginning: Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 1

Warning: Cussing

Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 5

Chapter 8

“How can I be so fucken stupid?” Negan said, banging his head against the cabin. “What the fuck was I thinking?”

“It could have been worse.” Simon said, leaning against the cabin.

“Could be worse?” Negan said, looking over at him. “It is fucken worse man. I fucken asked Ally to marry and she just fucken looked at me. Fuck” Negan went back to banging his head against the cabin. “She probably thinks I just  want to fuck her. Fuck” He kept banging his head. “I’m such a…”

“…Dumbass” Ally said, banging her head on a tree. “What the hell was I thinking?”

“It could be worse.” Jr said, leaning against a tree nearby.

“Could be worse?” Alley said, looking over at him. “It is worse man. He asked me to marry him and I just looked at him. Fuck.” Ally started banging her head against the tree again. “He probably thinks, I think he just asked me just to sleep with me. Oh my god, he probably things I hate him now. Fuck.” She kept banging her head. “I’m such a…”

“…Jackass.” Negan said, pacing back and forth. “I just fucken told her I was tired and going to bed. Fuck, she probably thinks I hate her now.” He stopped pacing and looked over at Simon. “Can you shot me in the head? Like the side of my fucken head. My face is too fucken pretty to get fucken blown off.”

“You’re acting like a teenager right now Negan.” Simon said, crossing his arms and shaking his head. “I’m sure Ally is more grown up about this than you are right now.”

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Patrick muthafucking stump. Adorable fucker. Asshole when necessary. Beautiful fucken devil bitch. Has a rabbit kink. Was made with the DNA of some fucken tiger Cubs and a beautiful human male. Probably called dylan. Dylans a gr8 nam. So like Dylan held this bitch inside his liver for 7 weeks. Cause that's how pregnancy works. And then one day Patrick fucking came the fuck out of dylans liver like that alien from alien. And then he became a functional soul voice child and got adopted. Patrick.

That was a rollercoaster from start to end

The Devil You Know Part 2

The Devil You Know Part 2

Warning: Cussing. Violence. Mentions sexual assault. 

Chapter 3 Normal POV

A few men started to firing, nearly missing some of their own. The bullets either hit the walkers or bounce of the metal units, sending the bullet god knows where.

“Stop fucken firing dumbasses!” He said swinging his bat and killing some of the walkers. “Run! Just fucken run!”

Melinda throw a knife, striking the head of a walker that tried to get her daughter. “Baby drop the scooter and run now.” Melinda said, throwing another knife at another walker’s head as it came down the row. “Run!”

Her daughter stood there, frozen in place as fear took her over. Everyone started running down the narrow row towards the trucks on the other side of the gate. Melinda tried to fight throw the crowd to grab her daughter but she got knocked down by one of the men.

“Out of my fucken way kid.” The man said, shoving her daughter down and stepping on her hand as he went through the crowd. “Out of my fucken way.”

“Mommy!” The daughter yelled as she grabbed her hand. “Mommy!” 

“Baby!” Melinda yelled as she push herself up and shoving through the crowd. “Mommy’s coming!”

“Travis! You fucker!.” The man with the bat yelled as shoved through the men and picked her daughter up. “Don’t worry, I got you princess. Haul ass doll.” 

They ran as more walkers started coming around the other side of the storage units. Everyone scatter as they got outside the gate. Melinda climbed into the nearest truck and turn around to him, as he lifted her daughter up to her. 

“The fucken keys are in the ignition.” He said, as she pulled her daughter in the truck. “Sit in the back princess” She crawled into the back as Melinda started the truck up.

“Negan.” They turned and saw Simon. He started firing at the walkers, but ran out of bullets “Shit.”

He turned around and started running up to the truck, with walkers closing in on him.

“Fuck.” Negan said reaching his hand out for Simon. “Hurry your fucken ass.”

Simon grabbed his hand, as walkers started pulling on him. Negan started punching, while Simon kicked them off. One of the walkers was about to bite into Simon’s shoulders. Melinda throw a knife, missing Simon, but hitting the walker in the head. She reach over and helped pulled Simon inside the truck.

Negan slammed the door as Melinda got into the back seat and Simon got in the driver’s seat. Melinda pulled her daughter close as the walkers started swarming the truck, causing it to rock. There was too many of them to try and drive through, they would end up getting stuck.

Mommy my hand.” She said, grabbing it tight as she cried.

“I know baby. I know.” Melinda said, wrapping it up with her bandanna. 

“Fuck they are everywhere.” Negan said as they looked around as not only the truck they were in was surround, but the others were too. “Any fucken ideas people?” 

Melinda took her backpack off and started looking through her backpack. She pulled out pipes and fuses, that she had them filled but they still were missing the key ingredient. Melinda started looking around the truck and in the bed, she  saw what she could use. She opened up the back window and the snarling of the walkers got louder. 

What the fuck?” Negan said, as him and Simon turned as Melinda try to climb out the back window. “Where the fuck are you going doll?”

Mommy.” She said, grabbing a hold of Melinda’s arm, making her turn back to her. “Don’t leave me mommy.”

“Baby, mommy be right back, okay?” Melinda said touching her face. “I need you to stay strong, can you do that for me?” 

“Yes mommy.” She said nodding her head. 

“I love you.” Melinda said, kissing her forehead and then she looked at the men. “Don’t let anything happened to her.” 

They nodded and she went through the window the with pipes. She started ripping one of the bags opened as walkers kept trying to grab her. 

What the fuck is she doing with the fertilizer?” Negan said as he watch her. 

“Mommy making a bomb.” She said as she started scooting down between the seats. 

“A bomb?” Simon and Negan both said as they looked at each other and back to her. 

Melinda scoop everything in and shook it up. She started searching for her lighter, but she couldn’t find it.

 “Shit.“ Melinda said turning to them. “I need a lighter.” 

Negan started searching his pockets and grabbed his lighter out. 

“Got it.” Negan said reaching over to the back window. “Here doll.” 

She went to the window and grabbed the lighter. Melinda lit all three fuses at once and throw all three pipes in different directions. 

“Get down!” Melinda yelled as she cover up in the bed of the truck. 

Negan and Simon duck down as the bombs went off. The explosions shock the vehicles and sent walkers up in the air. The fire started drawing the walkers to it. 

“Doll?” Negan said, turning around as she climbed back throw the window. 

“I”m fine.” Melinda said. She looked back and saw the walkers coming back at them “Go. Go.”

“Simon, get us the fuck out of here.” Negan said, as they strapped in.

“I’m on it.” Simon said as he hit the gas and they sped off down the road.

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Chapter 4 Melinda’s POV

A Couple Of Hours Later…

“Her hand isn’t broken, but it’s going to be swollen for awhile. She does have minor cuts and bruising on her, but nothing to worry about.” Carson said as he looked over my daughter. “She’ll be just fine.” 

“Thank you.” I said as Carson finished wrapping her hand up.

 “Hey princess.” Negan said walking in with his hands behind his back. “Guess what I found for you.” 

“A toy?” She said trying to look behind Negan’s back. 

“Yep.” Negan said smiling as he showed her what he found. 

“A scooter. Thank you.” She said smiling up at him. “But wait. What’s the catch?” She cross her arms. 

I turned to Negan. “Nothing is ever free in this place Negan.” I said crossing her arms. 

“Damn you guys fucken look, sound and fucken act alike.” Negan said smirking as he laid the scooter on the bed. “This time, there’s no fucken catch. It’s to make up for what fucken happened back there. Also, you guys get a room to your fucken selves. Usually got to earn points for that shit, but you earn more than enough points, saving all our asses out there, doll” 

“Thank you. But I still want your men’s head for knocking her down.” I said putting my hand on my knife. 

“You don’t fuck around do you doll?” Negan said looking at my hand and then at me.

 “The most dangerous thing in the world if a mother trying to protect her young. You and your people should do well to remember that.” I said, tightening my grip on the knife. 

Negan jester his head to me to move over to him, by the door. I walked over to him as he rubbed his face. No doubt he was thinking of what to do.

“How about fucken this doll?” Negan said looking at me with a serious face. “You get one fucken shot.” He held up one his fingers. “One fucken shot at the fucker that knocked princess down. No weapons of any kind though. Just your fucken fist or your foot. But you only fucken get one shot and one shot only doll.”

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“One shot is all I need.” I said with an evil smile

“Fuck doll.” Negan said smiling. “You look fucken beautiful when you smile like that.” 

“Don’t ever say that to me.” I said as my face harden as I shook my head. “Don’t ever say I’m beautiful.” Negan gave me a confuse look as I walked back over to my daughter. “Soon as she’s better we will leave.” 

“That’s going to be awhile doll.” Negan said in a harsh tone. “Remember, you got  to earn some points to pay back for her care. Plus food, water, anything you fucken need while your fucken here. Unless..” He started rubbing his face.

 “Unless what?” I said looking back at him as I rise my eyebrow. 

“Unless you want to become my fucken wife. Both of you guys will be fucken taken care of and won’t need to worry about fucken points.” Negan said smiling. I kept looking at him with a straight face. “If your not still with your baby daddy that…” 

“He’s dead.” I said cutting him off which surprise him. “He’s dead..” 

“Mommy.” She said tugging at my shirt and I looked down at her. “But daddy… “ I shook my head and she stopped talking.

I looked at Negan as he rise his eyebrow, questioning what was going on.

“I told you before in the truck Negan. I would work off for her care and what we need, before you even asked me to. I’ll do what we agree on, I’ll gather supplies and my daughter will help clean the mess hall. Once we pay back what we use, we’ll take off.” I said as he stepped closer to me. “Is there a problem with that?”

“Is there something I should fucken know doll?” Negan said, leaning his face in close to mine. “Cause I could have fucken sworn I saw fear in your fucken eyes for a moment there, when I mention your fucken baby daddy.” He looked deep into my eyes as he study me. I stayed still as possible, but I already knew, he saw what he was looking for in my eyes. “What the fuck did he do to you doll?”

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“Boss.” A man said, coming into the room “Everything is ready, when you are.” 

“Thanks Dwight.” Negan said, keeping his eyes on me. “We’ll fucken talk about your baby daddy later doll. But for now, you and princess come with me, so you can get your fucken one shot.”

 Chapter 5 Normal POV

“Alright everyone.” Negan said as he walked over to the rails and placing his hands on them. “Time to shut the fuck up and listen up.” Everyone went quite.

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“As you fucken know we found a fucken sweet spot today. We also found these two….” Negan said turned to them “Come here doll and princess.” They walked over and stood next to him, as he turned back to his people. “This is….”  Leaning over to Melinda.

“Melinda and Zoe.” Melinda said placing her one hand on Zoe’s shoulder and the other on her knife. 

“Melinda and Zoe” Negan said, nodding his head. "We were fucken talking when a bunch of dead fucks showed up. I do mean a whole shit loud of them, so we had to bail out. Now some fucken asshole, not only push down doll here and a few other men, but he also fucken push princess here” He pointed at Zoe.

“He pushed them out of his fucken way to save his own ass. But he also do something fucken else to Zoe.“ Negan said, looking down at her. "Show them your hand princess.” She held her hand up to them. “This dickless fucker, fucked up her hand.” Zoe out her hand down. “Now doll here.” Negan pointed at Melinda. “Gets one free fucken shot at this fucker. So Travis, step fucken forward." 

Travis moved through the crowd and stood a front of everyone. 

“Normally, when someone fucks him, they get their fucken ass kicked by me or a fucken men I selected. But I felt Travis here, needs to get his fucken ass handed to him by a chick. Now you fucken know, we are suppose to be fucken grown ass fucken people. We fucken follow a set of fucken rules, to make this shit fucken run smooth. All of us fucken work together to keep this fucken shit going. Because we are the ones that bring fucken civilization back to this fucken world. We do this, because we are fucken what people?” Negan said.

“We are the Saviors.” They said in unison.

“That’s fucken right.” Negan said, nodding his head. “We are the Saviors.” 

“Like I said so many times fucken before, we follow the fucken rules because they keep us alive. But fucken Travis here, broke one of my fucken rules. Never harm a child. Now since he fucken did that, he needs to fucken pay. I know I usually handed it a certain fucken way, which I fucken will, but like I said, he needs his fucken ass handed to him. I know some of you are fucken thinking, but they are not one of us Negan. We shouldn’t care or fucken do anything about it? But, Melinda fucken saved all our asses out there today and she already fucken volunteer to get supplies for us. Hell, Zoe here said she’ll help clean up the fucken mess hall and she has a fucked up hand. They agree to all of this shit, without me fucken even asking them to. I don’t fucken know about you guys, but that fucken makes them saviors in my fucken book.”

They nodded and mumble, as they agree with Negan.

"Now this that fucken said. Doll?” Negan said turning and smile at Melinda. “Time to fucken take your fucken shot. But fucken remember.” He held up one finger. “One fucken shot." 

"And remember, I said I only need one. ” Melinda said smiling back as Negan chuckle. She looked over at Zoe as she looked as to her. Melinda took out her knife and put it in Zoe’s holster. “Use this if you need to and stay with Negan”

 "Yes mommy.“ Zoe said nodding her head.

 She turned and ran to the railings, jumping on them. Melinda push off of the top railing, launching herself into the air. She flipped forward in the air as she went down. Melinda landed perfecting on my feet as the crowd push back and mumble to each other. 

 "Fucken A.” Negan said, laughing as he lean up on the rails. “Did you fucken get bit by a radioactive spider or some shit doll?" 

"Your funny Negan. ” Zoe said leaning against the rails next to him.

 "Your face is funny.“ Negan said smiling down at her.

 "Hey.” Zoe said nudging him. 

“Alright.” Negan said laughing a bit. “Let’s watch mommy.” Negan picked her up and put her on his shoulders. “Come on doll. Show us what you fucken got.

"Go mommy. Kick his butt” Zoe said. 

Melinda dropped my jacket on the floor as she circle Travis. He clench his fist as he charge at her, full speed. Right there, was his mistake. Once he got closer to her, Melinda jumped in the air. She did a spin kick,her steel toe boots connected with his jaw. Travis spun around as fell to the floor and Melinda landed back down. 

“Holy fucken shit.” Negan said as he came down the steps with Zoe. “Simon.

Simon made his way throw the crowd and kneel down by Travis.

“She knocked him out. But that’s not all she did.” Simon said, moving a side as he lifted Travis up. “She broke his jaw.”

Everyone stepped back and cover their mouths, when they saw Travis’ jaw was flapping around.

“Fuck me.” Negan said, putting Zoe down as he walked over to Travis.

Melinda ran over to her an turned Zoe around. “Don’t look baby.” Melinda said, cover her eyes. “Don’t look.”

“Fucken A, doll.” Negan said laughing as Melinda looked over her shoulder at him. “You guys know what she fucken said to me before we came out here. She fucken said, “The most dangerous thing in the world, is a mother trying to protect her young.” So I fucken advice you all, not to fuck with princess cause doll will fucken come at you with fucken razors blades and lemon juices.” 

Negan laugh, as Melinda’s face harder. She turned away as memories started flooding in. Memories of her skin getting cut into with razor blades and lemon juice being poured on it. 

Now in this test my love, you need to overcome the pain.” He started slowing cutting into her flesh. Then he started putting lemon juice on it. She started moving around as the pain worsen. “I guess we need to start again.” Another cut was made and more lemon juice was poured in. “Now don’t move or we’ll start again.” She didn’t move. “Great job my love. I think it’s time for your reward.” He stood up and smile down at her.  

She looked up at him, pleading with him. “Please, be gentle this time. Please”

"Okay, my love. But just this time and for a few moments.” He started undoing his pants as he lick his lips. “Your so beautiful Melinda.” He grabbed the back of her head, bringing her close. “So beautiful. Now, open wide for me.”

“Doll.” Negan said, making Melinda snapped out of it and turned to him. “Did you fucken hear me?”

“My apologies Negan.” Melinda said. “I was focusing on Zoe.”

That’s fucken alright doll.” Negan said, walked over to them and kneel a front of Zoe as he remove Melinda’s hand from her eyes. You okay princess?”

“Yes.” Zoe said nodding.

“Good. Now, I want you to go with my friend here Arat.” Negan said, waving at a brunette with blonde highlights to come over. “She’s going to take you to the mess hall to get something to eat.”

“If I wash the dishes, is that enough points for my food?” Zoe said.

Negan smile. “This one is on me princess. I want you to get something to eat while I show mommy something. Can you behave yourself for Arat?” Negan said, looking at her.

Zoe looked up at Arat and looked back at Negan, nodding. 

“Good.” Negan said, kissing the top of her head as he stood up. He looked over at Arat. “Take fucken care of her and be nice.”

“Got it boss.” Arat said, holding her hand out to Zoe. “Come on kid.” Zoe took her hand and waved at her mom goodbye.

“What is it that you need to show me?” Melinda said and Negan turned to her.

“I need to fucken show you how things fucken work around here doll. I need you to fucken see what fucken happens when you don’t fucken follow the rules.” Negan said, holding his hand out. 

Dwight came by and place the barbwire bat in his hands. Melinda stepped back, placing her hand on her other knife, making Negan chuckle a bit. 

“Don’t fucken worry doll, I won’t fucken use her on you. Unless, your in to that fucken kinky shit.” Negan said, giving her a wink. “I wanted to fucken properly introduce you to my fucken number one girl in my fucken life. This, this is Lucille and she is awesome.” Negan tighten his grip on the bat as he licked his lips.

“Let me fucken tell you something about Lucille here, doll. She gets fucken thirsty, o boy does she get fucken thirsty. My fucken girl loves to fucken go to town and get fucken shit face. You know something doll, I think she’s fucken getting thirsty right now. So what do you fucken say doll? Want to buy my fucken girl a drink?” Negan said, smirking.

The Devil You Know Part 3 

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IMAGINE: Negan running into a female version of himself….

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Master List


“I said get on your knees bitch!” Ben yelled.

“I bet your fucken mom heard that shit all the time.” Was the reply he got back.

Ben raised his hand in the air to strick.

“Ben! Calm your fucken shit man! Maybe fucking please would fucken help out here.” Negan said, walking up swinging his trusting Lucille around. “So sexy, would you fucken please get down on your mother fucken knees.”

“Mother fucker, I just met your fucken ass and your already fucken want me down on my mother fucken knees. Shit, as least buy a fucken girl a mother fucking drink first.” She said, smiling at him.

Negan kept a straight face and everyone started to look at each other, then back to him. He place Lucille on his shoulder and walked over to the girl.

Everyone seem to get nervous. Negan wasn’t one to ever hit a woman, but they never seen or heard of a woman talking back to him like that. The he did something no one expect.

Negan started busting up laughing. “ Fuck girl. I fucken like you. What’s your fucken name?” Negan said, offering his hand.

“(Y/N). And who the fuck are you?” She said, shaking his hand.

“I’m Negan. Nice to fucken meet you. Usually I fucken bash one of you or your friends fucken heads in and force you to give half your shit. But I think I’m fucken feeling fucken nice today. So fucken join us and join me for a fucken drink, and I’ll fucken spare you guys.” Negan said, with a big grin.

“Negan? O your the mother fucker I heard about with all those fucken chicks. Man should have fucken said something before I shook your mother fucken hand. I might have fucken got something.” She said, winking at him.

Negan laugh again and put his arm around his shoulder. “Men this is a mother fucken woman right here. Not fucken scared of fucken shit and has one hell of a sense of humor. Don’t fucken mess with her or her fucken friends here. You fucken do, I’ll fucken fuck your fucken ass up, with Lucille.” Negan said, with a firm tone and raising Lucille in the air.

“Lucille?” She said, looking at the bat.

“Yes. And she is fucking awesome, (Y/N).” Negan said, swinging Lucille around.

(Y/N) laugh, Negan looked offend but before he could say anything (Y/N) spoke up.

“These fuckers here, said I was fucken crazy to name my wonderful and beautiful weapon of choice.” She said. She pointed at one of Negan’s men. “Hey fucker. Yeah you fucker, I’m pointing at you. Had my fucken shit over.”

He walked over with a large wooden mallet that had cravings of smiling faces and diamonds on it. Then there were craving at the end of it saying, “Your Face Here.”

“This is fucken Harley. Name after my fucken favorite DC COMIC character. And she is fucken awesome.” She said, placing the mallet on her shoulders, smiling at him.

“Did we fucken just become best friends?” Negan said, smiling back at her. “You know (Y/N), this is a start of a fucken beautiful friendship. Come on let me fucken get you that fucken drink.” Wrapping his arm around her again and leading her to his truck.

“It better be some mother fucking whisky and not some pussy ass drink.” She said, about to get in his truck. He spun her around and she looked at him in confusion.

“Fucken marry me woman.” Negan said, getting down one knee.

“Leave all those bitches and I’ll fucken think about it.” She said, smiling down at him.

“Fucken done.” Negan said, turning back to his men. “You guys can have your fucken bitches back. I just fucken found the girl of my mother fucken dreams.”

Negan turned back to her and smile.

(Y/N) laugh and nodded. “Alright fucker, you fucken win.” She looked over at her friends that were getting up. “Nathan. Eric. Sorry we’re no longer fuck buddies.”

Negan looked up at her. “What? A mother fucken girl got fucken needs too, shit.” She said, smiling at him.

Negan busted up laughing, he got back up and picked her up. He carried her in his arms and looked at his men.

“So boys say fucken hi to my new and only fucken wife. And you fucken fuckers, you fucken try to get fucken back at (Y/N), I’ll fucken bash your fucken heads in.” Negan said, laughing when they looked down.

Negan put her in the truck and he got in. “You fuckers, go fuck off while I fucken take my wife on our fucken honeymoon!” Negan yelled, as they drove off.

“What the hell just happened?” Nathan asked out loud.

“The hell if I know.” Ben said, as they all walked off.

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Just a short on for you guys ☺

New Beginnings Part 12

New Beginnings Part 12

Warning: Cussing. Smut.

Chapter 31 Reader’s POV

“It’s snowing?” I said looking out the window. “It can’t be snowing, it’s still summer time.” I took a good look outside and that’s when it hits me. “This isn’t the sanctuary. It’s the cabin that my in laws own. That means…”

“So Negan?” I turned to see Owen soaking in the bathroom.

“Yeah.” I said giving him a small smile. “Are you mad?”

“A course not babe.” Owen said shaking his head as he smile at me. “I told you a long time ago if something ever happens to me, I want you to go on with your life.”

“I know it’s just…” I said letting out a sigh as I look down.

“The whole wives and Lucille thing?” Owen said. I looked up and nodded. “He’ll come around babe, he just needs time, you both do. Once he does, everything will be okay. But know this.” Owen reach over to the table next to the tub and grabbed a bottle of beer. “When it’s your time and we meet once again, we’re getting back together. So Negan is shit out of luck when he comes to the other side.”

I laugh as he just smile at me. He opened the bottle of beer and started drinking it. He waved me over to come and join him. I got undress and got in the tub. I laid up against his chest as he started talking to me about old times. Back when we were teenagers, dreaming of big dreams.

“Doll?” I shook my head, refusing to wake up. “Doll? Dollface come on, wake up.”

“You should go.” Owen said, kissing my cheek.

“I don’t want to.” I said turning my head and looking up at hin.

“It’s okay babe. I’ll be here when you need me again, I’ll always be here when you need me.” Owen said, leaning down and kissing me. “I love you babe.”

“I love you too.“I said giving him a kiss. He felt someone tickling my feet. "Stop it.”

I opened my eyes to see Negan smile at me as he rubbed my foot.

“Fuck, finally got your lazy ass up.” Negan said, winking at me. “Soon as I started talking you fucken knocked out on me doll. Am I that fucken boring?”

“Sorry.” I said, smiling as I lean my head against the tub. “Guess I’m more tired than I thought.”

“It’s okay doll.” Negan said, kissing my foot. “I just love giving you shit.”

“I know you do.” I said closing my eyes again and he tickle my foot once more. “I’m up. I’m up.”

“Fucken better be.” Negan said, chuckling at bit. “Come on, let’s get out of here and fucken dry off.”

Negan stood up and I started to smirk, seeing he did leave his boxers on like he said he would. He unplug the drain plug and grabbed me a towel. He offer me the towel and his hand to help me up as he turn his head away.

“Such a gentleman.” I said, giggling a bit as I stood up and wrapped the towel around me.

“Be grateful doll.” Negan said picking me up and carrying me to our bed. “Cause I don’t do fucken gentleman.”

“I know.” I said kissing his cheek as he sat me down on the bed. “And I am grateful.”

“Good.” Negan said, kissing my cheek. “I’ll give you fucken privacy.”

“Okay.” I said nodding my head.

He grabbed his clothes and went back to the bathroom to get change. I grabbed my clothes and started to get change myself.

Afterwards I went out to his balcony that oversee the whole sanctuary. I let out a sigh as I looked down. It’s been a week since me and Negan kiss, and I couldn’t be happier. But still, something felt off about the whole thing.

Every time we kiss and things got tense, one of us would back off. I don’t know if it was the whole wives, Lucille, or Owen thing, but there was something there. Something that was holding us both back.

I felt like he was hiding something from me, always felt that way since we first met. But it grew more a couple days ago when he came back with tons of supplies and weapons.

He told me they had a run in with another group, they defeated them and took what they had. I felt he was telling the truth but still, I felt there was more to that.

“Enjoying the fucken view doll?” Negan said as he walked up to me and snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Always” I said nodding my head. “It’s a nice tonight, even with the storm rolling in.”

“Yeah it looks fucken beautiful. But still think your more fucken beautiful.” Negan said, kissing my cheek and wrapped his arms around me. “Munchkin finally asleep?” Placing his hands on my stomach.

“Yeah finally.” I said, placing my hands on his. Negan kiss my neck, making me let out a small moan and making him chuckle. “Not funny, Negan. You don’t know what its like to be pregnant and…”

“And what doll?” Negan said, kissing my neck again and making me moan. “You’ve been in the fucken mood forever, haven’t you doll?”

“Yes.” I said shaking my head and laughing. ‘Let’s go to bed.’

“O well go to fucken bed, but we ain’t sleeping dollface.” Negan said picking me up and cradling me. “I think it’s time I fucken take care of you.”

“Negan I don’t think we should.” I said shaking my head.

“Don’t fucken worry doll.” Negan said carrying back to the bed. “Just relax and let me do all the fucken work.”

Once we got to the bed, Negan moved around so I was straddling him. Negan took of his shirt and toss it aside. He looked up at touch my face gently as he smile at me.

“You really think we should? I mean, I don’t know if I’m ready to, you know.” I said, looking away.

“Don’t fucken worry doll.” Negan said moving my face back to his. “I don’t fucken need to be inside of you to fucken take care of you.” He moved his hands to my hips and started to rub them. “Any time you need me to fucken stop I will.”

“Okay.” I said nodding my head. He learn my down on him and I could feel how hard he was. “Negan.” I locked eyes with him.

“Ignore everything else doll. No one else fucken matters. It’s just fucken me and you right now, just me and you.” Negan said as he started to kiss me.

He slowing started to move my hips as he moved his. I broke the kiss and started to moan as he kept moving his hips. Negan started to kiss my neck as I place my hands behind his head.

“Negan.” I said, moaning as I moved my hips on my own.

“Fuck doll.” Negan said taking my lips for a moment before he broke the kiss. “You sound fucken beautiful when you moan my fucken name.” He thrust his hips up, making me moan his name louder. “Fuck, real beautiful. Keep moaning for daddy doll.

Moan louder at his words. I never had Owen saying anything like that to me. He always whisper sweet and loving things to me.

Negan, was different. Yes, he whisper sweet things, but he spoke with more seduction. Whispering to moan more louder for him. Whispering all the thing he would do to me.

"That’s it doll. Just fucken imagine me deep inside of you.” Negan said as he started to sit up. “Imagine me fucking that wet gorgeous pussy of yours with my hard cock.”

I moan louder and moved my hips after. Negan started to lower the strip of my dress down, exposing me. He started kissing and sucking the top parts of my breast. His hands traveling all over my body, caressing me.

“Cum for daddy doll. Cum for me.” Negan said, placing his hands on my hips and moving me faster. I felt my body tense as I got closer. “Say my fucken name when you cum doll. Daddy wants to fucken hear it.”

“Negan. Negan. O fuck.” I said, making him chuckle as he grind against me faster. “Negan.”

“That’s right doll, say my fucken name.” Negan said pressing his forehead against mine. “Cum doll, cum.”

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” I said throwing my head back and digging my nails into his shoulder. “Fuck. Negan.” I started to release as my body started to tremble. “Fuck. Fuck.”

“Fuck is right doll.” Negan said, chuckling as he buried his face in my chest and groaning. “Fuck.”

I started breathing heavy as I tried to catch my breath. Negan slowing moved his hips, making me ride out my release a bit longer. My body rested against his chest as I finally calm down.

Negan held onto me as rolled us over so I could lay on my back. He kiss me gently as he gently stroke my cheek. After awhile he broke the kiss and looking down at me, smiling.

“I told you I didn’t fucken need to be inside of you to take care of you.” Negan said, smirking as he wink. I smile and did a weak laugh. I started to yawn as my eyes started to get heavy. “Get some fucken rest doll. You both fucken need it.”

“What about you?” I said curling up to my pillow. “Who’s going to take care of you?”

“That’s why I fucken hands for doll.” Negan said, making us both laugh. “Good night doll.”

Goodnight.” I said as he lean down and kiss me. “See you in your morning.”

“Always.” Negan said kissing me again before heading off into the bathroom. “You fucken own me.” We both laugh as he close the door.

New Beginnings Part 13 coming soon

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