if I were ever to try to push someone into the assassin’s creed fandem I would probably show them this video.

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@anon. She doesn't need a fucken gym or pathetic materials to apply because she is fucken beautiful and so is everyone else. If you got nothing nice to say than move along with your shitty life and find something better to do

^^ nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all

Sitting there in the office talking about the day then I see you. The way you move; smooth as a cat. Your perfect curves flowing as you walk. Fuck, I can feel my blood pressure rise as I picture you naked and wet. Then you catch me staring at you ‘damn it’ I think as I turn my eyes away. I can feel you smerk because you see how embarrassed I am. So what do you do? Yep, you make me sweat as you start working in front of me. Bending to the desk with that perfect ass in the air. Damn! Your breasts hanging in the perfect pose. You know what you doing moving your legs back and forth. Shacking that ass and swinging those fucken beautiful tits. I’m getting so hard watching you and… You know very well that I am too. I’m wiggling in my seat trying to give him room. Fuck, I have to grab him; I just can’t make the room. Ha! Your moving again this time I can tell that you can’t help yourself. I can sense you… Wet, nipples getting hard as you bite your lip. God I am deep inside you in my mind right now; wondering how you taste. What does your face look like when you cum!? Do you like a little tug on your hair and a smack on that ass!? If any one saw us now they too could feel that connection, mentally we are deep
In and… SHIT!! I’m gonna make myself cum just watching you!!

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Cause you're fucken beautiful. Just wow 😍

Im a horrible person in so many ways but thank you so much, you made my night ,you’re very sweet. 😳❤