Now presenting the hottest doctor in video game history, GABRIEL CUNNINGHAM FROM TRAUMA TEAM.

this man. this man is perfection. he breaks the 4th wall, talks to a robot named roni, HES HAS A PONYTAIL, he’s voiced by the guy  that did Roy mustang, his son is fucken adorable, he says sheesh 90% of the time and hes a fucken doctor.

what more can i say but PLAY THE GAME.


Oke, I don’t have the resources for a power point so this is why you should consider shipping OP and Prowl.

*Size Difference? We gots that.  *Their actual relationship goes from Standoffish to trusting each other and looking out for each other and exchanging meaningful looks. Seriously.  * Optimus can learn from Prowl’s appreciation of organic life and his grounded views to counteract his own insecurities. * Prowl can learn from Optimus’s enthusiasm and well, optimistic outlook. * Optimus can learn to let down his guard and open his spark to love again, eventually seeking out ninja affection and flustering Prowl because he isn’t accustomed to someone wanting him like that. * Optimus doesn’t find Prowls ideas or temperament annoying. *Prowl thinks Optimus’s try hard attitude is really cute. *At the end of a long day of saving people from silly villains they can covertly meet up and smooch and touch each other. *Fighting extra hard against Decepticons to make sure the other is okay. *Fucken adorable babies. 

I am tired but yeah, thank you for your time. Please consider this ship. 

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👀👀👀 call me Out. or call me In. whatever strikes ur fancy

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-would fuck jimmy in the monster pants
-fuckening adorable……
-the monster pants…………………….