So imma just take some time to make a post about this amazing beautiful girl who means the world to me. Dear Maya, I’ve been a really snotty friend lately and I realized that you are one of the most and only important people in my life and I should tell you that. I know that life has been world and shitty but I just want you to know that you have been there for me one hundred percent of the way so imma be here for you back. I have no idea what shit I would be in right now if I didnt have such an amazing girl like you to set me straight. Through the breakup you reassured me of what I deserve and made sure I was okay. I FUCKEN ADORE YOU in every imaginable darling. Your the one who makes me smile and laugh when I’m feeling like shit, and nobody’s ever going to take what we’ve done and feel away. You are my pickle, my love, my bestfriend and world. I want you to know that you are a hella strong girl, and I see how much you suffer and hold in. You don’t go unnoticed I promise, im here for you girly. Your a fighter and a lover lol, but yeah. Lol this is really cheesy but I Fucken love you so its okay. ❤ your my cutie . thank you so much love. Love, paoliee girlythingssfail

Ive laid in the bathtub for so long my dogs formed a search party and started scrathing the door haha fucken adorable basards.they hate the bathroom and getting showers.

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I love you a little bit too much that it concerns me sometimes

well I’m fucken adorable so🙅🏻 and thank you🌸 I love you too💚