My history professor is a huge fucken nerd and it's adorable

He wears collared polo shirts with cargo shorts and dress shoes with long socks and has these big framed glasses and he’s engaged to a polish woman and makes us try to read his polish books because it makes him feel better about his own pronunciation (his fiancée just kisses him whenever he gets a word wrong because she thinks he’s cute so he doesn’t really learn as fast as he could lmao) and today on the quiz there was a question about who wrote a famous history text and one of the options was Bathilda Bagshot and then afterwards he told us he was gonna get good and drunk before he graded our quizzes so our grades would be better😂😂😂😂😂

Taiyama sexuality Headcanons continued/ Anonymous ask

I got an anonymous ask (more of a statement in this case) in response to my answer to what I think Taichi and Yamato’s sexualities are but it was in 2 separate parts so I’m putting them together here (I wish we could write more in the ask box):

Anonymous said:

I love how ppl have such different hc based on their views on love and experiances! My Tayama hc are so different lol. For me, Taichi is hetero with Yama as an exception while Yama had feelings for Taichi for a long time(blame tri)and is bi/undefinable. I can easily see Yama in one-night stands(before taichi) cause I see his shyness as centred around personal/emotional things rather than bodily ones. kiss but not tell kindof person. and I can only see Taichi making him blush(seems true in canon).  gabumon made Yamato blush too, but in all three seasons it was almost exclusively Taichi who Made Yama go red XD. I hc that it’s just that Taichi is the only one who knows Yamato’s buttons well enough to make him blush and because Taichi is the only one for whom Yamato has feelings strong enough to be willing to jepordize his “cool” and drop his guard. I don’t know how I feel about themhaving crushes though. Yama is loyal to a fault and will never stray but having the occaisional crush is human. 

My response:

It’s true experiences as well as the way you see the world can have a huge impact on how you view character sexuality. For example, as I pointed out in my reblog discussion between @ladamitadelaluna​ and myself on the original post, because I do not fully understand the concept of Pansexuality I am unable to Headcanon any character as said sexuality. It’s really fun to see different people’s views of characters and it can even shape your own view, for example, I can totally get behind ladamitadelaluna’s headcanon that Taichi is Demisexual (a sexuality I was not previously aware of) and could even see Yamato as Demisexual as well (although this was not my first interpretation of the characters’ sexualities, thinking on it I can certainly get behind it). 

My views of characters are always changing as I see new sides to them or read other people’s interpretations, and am especially flexible regarding sexuality as I subscribe to the belief that sexuality in real life is fluid and can change over time.

The concept of being hetero with an exception has always puzzled me because I just see that as being on the Bisexual scale, or it could also be Heterosexual and Bisexualy Demisexual… it’s a really interesting idea that I’m not sure how to interpret. I guess if we are using the Kinsey Scale it would put them at a 1. Would love to someday have a discussion with someone about this concept so that I can try to gain a better understanding of it. I’d also be curious to hear why you interpret Taichi this way? 

I can get behind Yamato being Bisexual but only if I link it into the Demisexual thing, he can love whomever as long as he has a very close bond to them, I can’t picture him ever having a basic crush on a girl… not sure why but I just don’t see it. I love the idea of Yamato having feeling’s for Taichi for a long time and I agree that Tri definitely makes it seem that way. I find it really interesting that you picture him as being able to have one night stands, I doubt I will ever be able to view him that way :P I honestly picture Yamato as kind of sexually innocent lmao. 

Regarding Yamato blushing, I remember Gabumon, Takeru and Jyou all making him blush out of awkwardness and/or shyness but I can only ever remember Taichi making him blush out of a sort of embarrassed anger. I actually cannot remember a single instance of Taichi making Yamato blush in the soft cute way he blushes with other people. I am referring strictly to Adventure and 02 though when I say this because it is true Taichi made him blush that one time in Tri out of awkwardness/ shyness/ all other headcanons people have for why he blushed in that scene.

Basically this:

Vs this:

The first one is Yamato getting embarrassed and lashing out at Taichi for mocking him while the other is Yamato getting shy and awkward. I see these two as very different blushes.

But I could definitely be forgetting something because I have yet to re-watch the series in its entirety since Tri was announced, so let me know which instances you are talking about. I do agree with the second part of your headcanon though, Taichi is deffintely the only person who knows how to really push Yamato’s buttons and he is also the only person, with the exception of Gabumon, who can get Yamato to drop his cool façade. If I recall correctly only Taichi and Gabumon ever see Yamato cry.

Yamato is absolutely loyal to a fault. He would never stray but I still really like the idea of him getting crushes on people. I just think it’s a really cute headcanon and I love it when Yamato acts cute.

Like look at this picture, look how fucken adorable this kid is!!

filthy-rat  asked:

my buddies don't really get why i'm so into junkrat, so maybe you could explain your love of the trash rodent for them. bonus points for gifs and pictures, go :>

Oh boy, where do I even begin with this one? Lol. So this may come as a shock, but when I first got into Overwatch, I actually hated Junkrat. I despised the boy and the mere sight of him disgusted me. I remember when Junkensteins Revenge rolled around this time last year and whenever I saw him in his little intro video I’d always say ‘SHUT UP NOBODY LIKES YOU’ *sigh*

So anyways, once I started playing the game more myself (I was a Dva main at first, shocker I know.) I kinda got bored with hating him so I was just meh about him. My boyfriend (who also hated Junkrat at first but now has almost 30 hours with him and a golden frag launcher) mentioned to me that I would probably be a good junkrat and I got SOOOO OFFENDED. I was like ‘I don’t wanna be Junkrat! Gross, why would you even say that?!’ 😂😂

So fast forward a few months (at this time I was playing overwatch on my boyfriends account cause I was too cheap to make my own) it’s the year of the rooster event. My boyfriend got his friend into Overwatch and they we’re about to play together for the first time and he said he was a Junkrat main. Lol, me and my boyfriend both gave each other disgusted looks and was like JUNKRAT? EW! He said he just loved shooting bombs at people while laughing about it. Later that night, I was watching them play and as expected our friend picked Junkrat. And it was kinda weird because I had never actually gotten to see him so close before, like before junkrat was always just doing his own thing, but this junkrat was saying hello, doing emotes and always following my boyfriend around in game so it was kinda like 'hanging out with junkrat’ if you will…and for some reason I found it ADORABLE. His 'gday mate!’ was the cutest thing I had ever heard in my life (bless you Chris.) As I kept observing the game I found myself focusing less on the game and more on this Junkrat guy. The first thing that stood out to me was how loud he was. The whole game was just nothing but Junkrat laughing and that really started to grow on me. So just in like one game I had already started to warm up on him. It was very fast. I wouldn’t say it out loud but I was like 'ok maybe this guy isn’t so bad’…

My boyfriend played a lot of mystery heroes and whenever he got junkrat he would kill himself so one day I was like 'hey give me your junkrat turn!’ So I would start being his junkrat and like even though I wasn’t good with him at first, I found myself falling in love with this character. He was so fun, so unique. One day as I was playing I realized I didn’t know what any of his emotes were, and was like 'hmm what even is his emote?’ And it was the puppet one and after I saw that emote it was over. The transformation had begun. HOLY SHIT THAT WAS THE CUTEST THING IVE EVER SEEN!!! I thought to myself. I couldn’t get over how insanely adorable it was. Every weird, strange little quirk about this character was just amazing to see. After a few more weeks of playing Junkrat on my boyfriends account I started getting good, like really good. I was getting POTG left and right and racked up 20 hours in a matter of days. I realized I had found my main. Then I made my account and I even named it after him (I wanted to call it trashmouse, but that taken I threw in 'lady’ and made it ladytrashmouse so people knew I was a girl lol) 😂Like, it’s so insane how quickly I became so fascinated by this rat. I wanted to know everything about him, and then came the part where I started thinking he was cute. At first I was in total denial and like 'no way I can’t think this trash person is cute…I found myself googling him in my spare time, reading all his wikis and bios, I got all caught up on the comics and lore and found myself unable to get him out of my head. Finally, I realized what happened.

Shit, I’m in love with him.

Where to begin? I sincerely adore him and everything about him. So many people think I love him ironically. I totally get that he’s not 'conventionally attractive’ but that’s what I love about him. I love how tall he is, I love how long his face is. I love his crazy brownish/orange eyes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his hands and his adorable little fingers, even his robot hand and he singed fingertips. His body is just 👌🏻👌🏻 and his smile is so pretty and just UGHHH. I love all his quirky little voice lines and antics. Don’t even get me started on 'The Plan’ oh goodness…I just love him. Call my cringey, creepy whatever I don’t fucken care. I adore Jamison Fawkes and everything about him. (Blah, blah, blah he’s a not real fictional character what the hell is wrong with you, etc, etc…I’ve heard it all) Sorry it’s such a long boring story but I have a lot to say about the characters I’m passionate about, especially that junk boi 💕

Now presenting the hottest doctor in video game history, GABRIEL CUNNINGHAM FROM TRAUMA TEAM.

this man. this man is perfection. he breaks the 4th wall, talks to a robot named roni, HES HAS A PONYTAIL, he’s voiced by the guy  that did Roy mustang, his son is fucken adorable, he says sheesh 90% of the time and hes a fucken doctor.

what more can i say but PLAY THE GAME.

anonymous asked:

omg I loved that sara/ sanvers prompt so much! Sara would 1000% flirt with alex and make her blush and it was just perfect

Right?!! Those prompts were fucken adorable.

piiess  asked:

Kratos and zelos for the ask meme :)

kratos; your favorite stationery

I really love pens, pens are great. And so are dotted notebooks. I fucken adore dots.

zelos; your favorite studyblr accounts

I rlly like @artstvdies (cus she’s my frend), @hadestudy (the url alone is enough and hooo my god the content is A+), you ofc, @armcnia (my vld buddy with amazing content), @lavietudier (one of my first friends here), @einstetic (rlly pretty stuff and a rlly nice person), and everyone in the @lgbtstudyclub network, they’re all sweethearts.