help an ignorant fashion slut pt 2

OK so since everyone was so helpful with the shoes, I have a new conundrum: I want to buy some of these bitchin’ mermaid tights, but I can’t choose which color :O

silver tights:

  • will go great with all the black and white stuff I own (a lot)
  • maybe not so bitchin’ with the colors tho??

pink tights:

  • fucken adorable and matches with all the pink stuff I’m getting!
  • super light pink might not actually be visible on my dead-corpse skin

gold tights:

  • GOLD BITCHES! am I a dragon or a mermaid WHO KNOWS
  • don’t actually have anything to match with this, they’re just cool as shit

there won’t be any last minute save here where I can get all three so I actually really do need to make a decision here, pls help