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So here I am, a fucking 12 year old li’l kid, fucking up EVERY-FUCKING BODY’s
plans, shootin’ off in the middle of nowhere, tyrin’ t’fucking draw more undead fucks ,
all because my daddy couldn’t keep his fucking eye on me! But I’m pretty fucking
adorable so I think the big mans gonna fuckin let up on me, but boy was I fucking wrong

The Signs as The Wonder Years Lyrics
  • Aries:I just want to sell out my funeral.
  • Know that I fought until the lights were gone.
  • Taurus:I lost track of the time zones and I'd call but you know
  • I'm running on empty
  • The late nights and the long drives start to get to me
  • I'm just so tired
  • Gemini:I can't believe I ended up here again
  • watching this terrible band play songs I hate in the basement.
  • I can't believe that I got stuck here again
  • while the kid with the dreads tells me he's smarter on acid.
  • Cancer:I've got my heart strung up on clothing line through tenement windows in mid-July.
  • Leo:Expect me standing tall, back against the wall,
  • 'Cause what I learned was
  • It’s not about forcing happiness;
  • It’s about not letting the sadness win.
  • Virgo:I’m not a self-help book; I’m just a fucked up kid.
  • I had to take my own advice and I did.
  • Now I’m waiting for it to sink in.
  • Libra:The kids in the graduating class
  • Have got their eyes set west
  • And California on their lips
  • But I left some blood there that I'm never getting back
  • Scorpio:The devil's got a rifle on my front porch
  • With me in his sights
  • He knows I came looking for a fight
  • Sagittarius:My body feels rejected and I can't say that I blame it
  • My heart keeps saying stay young
  • My lower back seems to disagree
  • Capricorn:I hate the way I get when I can’t handle bad news. It feels like I’ve been an asshole for months.
  • All I’ve got left are these handfuls of fuck you and man, that’s never enough.
  • Aquarius:I spent my life weighed down by a stone heart,
  • Drowning in irony and settling for anything.
  • Pisces:I spent this year as a ghost
  • and I'm not sure what I'm looking for
  • I'm a voice on a phone that you rarely answer anymore

Crimpshrine - “Fucked Up Kid”

You’re just a fucked up kid and no one ever
Gives you a break, just a fucked up kid but
How much more can you take of the constant
Rejection looking for love and affection.
But no one will look at you, laughed at by
Your peers when you tell them your ideas,
They’re just taking out their insecurities
On you…