imagine fucking up so badly you get exiled into space

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What did sollux do wrong (assuming the "asking if groping aradia to get updated on her appearance thing" was him being socially awkward and not with any bad intent)

Well, while it wasn’t exactly undeserved, he did start the second duel with Eridan. He also coded the virus that blew up Karkat’s computer, which…I can’t really think of a benevolent use for a virus like that. :P And he can be kind of a dick.

But in fairness, by Homestuck standards, a lot of the characters who fucked up pretty badly are still not really that bad. So compared to a lot of his fellow characters, he’s done very little worth bitching about.

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First of all, marriage can’t be about both love and partnership – not without a radical redefinition of ‘love’, which hasn’t happened.

Second, ARH said something interesting on Twitter a while back: one of the social-constructionists’ arguments is that men are thought of today as the sex-crazed sex – and there are evopsych arguments for this and so on – but in certain periods of the past, women were. If this is true, and if it’s true that stereotypes have some basis in reality, what are men today doing wrong?

Third, read Nietzsche, and notice that what he’s saying boils down to the common sentiment that the USA is better off with an enemy to motivate it not to fuck up too badly. If you’re Volkmar Weiss, you’ll take that one step further: rising material conditions remove genetic selection pressure, which allows deleterious mutations that would have been culled in a harsher environment, which dooms the rising civilization on a biological level. But if you’re just Nietzsche, and you say that hostile conditions demand the ability to survive, and their removal also removes that demand, leading inevitably to radical individualization, atomization, lack of discipline and coordination, and an eventual collapse into mediocrity, which is presumably incapable of sustaining the conditions that gave rise to it…


What Douthat is saying is that some systems are more human-shaped than others.

It should be obvious that humans are bigger than any system – but, even though there’s no system that’s even close to perfect, some systems have better fit over their population.

Let’s say you have one society that tries to make all its women sexually dominant and all its men sexually submissive, and another society that tries to do the opposite. Neither will work perfectly, but it should be obvious which one will work better: men tend to be dominant and women tend to be submissive.

Now, what do the dominant women and submissive men do in that second society? Maybe they go underground. Maybe they leave. Or maybe they fight the rest of the society. How would they go about that?

They might just say they ought to be left to do their thing in peace.

Or they might not.

They aren’t born with the knowledge that men tend to be dominant and women tend to be submissive. Maybe they’ll do studies and find that out, or maybe they won’t. But it wasn’t true for them, so they’ll be suspicious of it – their society tried to make them into something they weren’t. For all they know, they’re just lucky to have realized it, and to have had the ability to recognize that what they were told was false. For all they know, their minds are typical.

What Douthat is saying is that there was some system that existed sometime in the past that was more human-shaped than Marcotte’s vision for the future. Gavin McInnes has said the same.

The conservative argument is that the cultural inheritance that the past hands down to the present is more human-shaped than most reforms proposed in the present – because there were reformers in the past, and, absent major breaks in the continuity, past reforms have had time to be tested for their fit: those that worked were kept, and those that didn’t were discarded.

The progressive argument against that is this: there are harmful institutions that can reach fixation, like canary-carrying miners, subsistence farming, and kuru-causing cannibalism. If that’s at all valid, it’s not because of its examples: canaries and subsistence farming are problems of insufficient technological advancement, and kuru could very well be more historically recent than the First World War – the consensus seems to be that it only emerged in the 20th century.

(It doesn’t help the progressive case to admit disease as an argument against something. What was the prevalence of kuru among the Fore? Was it above or below 20%?)

Marcotte and Douthat disagree on which system is more human-shaped, and therefore on what the default opt-out life narrative should be.

I’d be interested to see more research on correlations between digit ratio and support for feminism.

Thanks for the effortpost. I think the love/partnership split could do with further discussion, and I think the question over which sex is more sex-crazed has flipped back and forth in different places at different times, and may not actually reflect major differences in behaviour.

Removing selection pressure also allows more benign mutations to flourish, and can allow a species to branch out and colonise new areas; when selection is too strong, you are confined to a particular niche. You would expect that humans are currently diversifying at a genetic level due to improved healthcare, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. (The alternative: sharks and crocodiles, very stable, but not very interesting).

There still seems to be that flip-flop between individual happiness and overall social flourishing. eg. stay in this assigned role for your own good, or for the good of humanity. Ideally both would coincide, of course! But if many people are insisting that these roles are not good for them personally, it is unlikely that they are all wrong. So it comes back to sacrificing some people for the good of society, and that’s a difficult trade off to make in explicit terms, even if you can prove it is actually necessary.

Maybe it would be helpful to focus on an issue that affects more people than gay marriage, such as encouraging women to have children in their mid-20s instead of late-30s, by changing the incentives that are currently in place?

the neopets thing is weird as hell because like. on one hand I feel bad for the kids on the site having to deal with jerks writing gross stuff everywhere. but at the same time it’s amazing to see a 15-16 year old site known for being child friendly to the point of overbearing (discussing homosexuality is against the rules for fucks sake) devolve into this trainwreck. I could be wrong but as far as I remember back in the early 2000s Neopets’ filter was so tight that you could barely get away with talking about saxophones. How did this happen, who fucked up this badly, it’s fascinating

official statement from the neopets facebook

i sincerely doubt it wasn’t a result of something about their moderation team because HOW DO YOU FUCK UP THAT BADLY but they’ve actually said something about the matter instead of staying completely silent


Don’t Bother Giving Teen Wolf Good Ratings: It’s a Waste of Time!

As Teen Wolf unfortunately draws closer to being on our televisions once again, some of you may still feel the urge to watch, but you don’t want to support the show and the team of arrogant writers.

Well, you can definitely do both!

Teen Wolf, as a TV show, is dependent on ratings (among other things) to keep itself afloat. Without good ratings, the show flops.

A show like Teen Wolf definitely doesn’t deserve your viewership/ratings any longer because they have fucked up the show so badly. They’ve pushed you away as fans. They have even pushed away most of their original cast members.

So, how does a show get ratings?

  • It gets ratings when you tune into the show when it airs a new episode.
  • It gets ratings when you record it on your DVR.
  • It gets ratings when you tweet about it (and extensions of it).

How do you avoid giving Teen Wolf viewership and ratings?

  • First, DON’T TUNE INTO THE SHOW WHEN IT AIRS! This helps them out, and you don’t want to do that!!!

There are many wonderful live-streams that you will be able to find when the episode airs live. Just make sure that you don’t accidentally use a stream that helps the show out.


They get ratings from this too. If you miss the episode and still want to watch it, find another way to do so.


Again, they receive ratings from this. Last season, they even tried to say that the DVR ratings were the best they’ve ever had…then passed along a sheet of FAKE ratings to popular TW blogs to spread the lie around the fandom.

There’s even records of them DM'ing fans on Twitter and attempting to reassure them that ratings were “perfect”, despite the fact that the trustworthy Nielsen ratings proved otherwise.

  • Fourth, DON’T TWEET ABOUT THE SHOW, CHARACTERS, CAST MEMBERS, SHIPS, EPISODE TITLES, ETC. on or around the time a new episode airs.

This is how TW collects most of its social media ratings. You DON’T want to contribute to giving them ratings in this category. Especially since they have a history of using fans to get them popularity via social media.

If you’re planning on live-tweeting during the episodes of Teen Wolf, don’t tweet and mention anything teen wolf related (hashtagged or not) an hour before, during, and an hour after a new episode airs. You don’t want to give them ratings. 

REMEMBER: even if you mention/tweet any of the terms listed below without using a hashtag, they still count in MTVteenwolf’s book! 

  1. DON’T mention the name of the show and network (I.e “teen wolf”, “TW”, “MTV”, “TWPR”, “PR”, #teenwolf, or #tw)
  2. DON’T mention character names [neither first, last, nor both] (I.e “Stiles”, “Derek”, “Stiles Stilinski”, ”Derek Hale”, “Hale”, “Deaton”, “McCall”, #Stiles, or #StilesStilinski) 
  3. DON’T mention ship names (I.e “Stalia”, “Stiles and Malia”, or #Stalia)
  4. DON’T mention episode titles or hashtags that mtvteenwolf sponsors during certain moments. (I.e “Creatures of the Night”, #creaturesofthenight, or something like #GoodbyeAllison during her death)
  5. DON’T mention the names of cast members (I.e “Dylan O'Brien” or “Tyler Hoechlin”)
  6. DON’T mention names and terms closely related to the show. (I.e “true alpha” or “Roscoe the Jeep”) 

If you want to live-tweet, just remember to use terms and names that most likely won’t be used towards giving Teen Wolf ratings. You can use nicknames for characters and for the show, just as long as the nicknames aren’t widely popular and haven’t been canonically used and won’t contribute to ratings. 

For those of you who want to use “Train Wreck” as a tag when talking about the show, DON’T USE THAT TERM ON TWITTER, because they’ve most definitely put 2 and 2 together and will indeed use that to get views.

As we all know, Teen Wolf has become a monstrosity of a problem. With the gross way that the TWPR team has treated fans, the insulting writing and characterizations of once loved characters, the baiting, and the lies, they do NOT deserve your viewership! 

There are so many other shows in the world that are doing everything right, but Teen Wolf is NOT one of them. Good ratings ought to be set aside for the shows that deserve them. And again, Teen Wolf just doesn’t deserve them. Not after everything they’ve done. 

In closing, avoid giving Teen Wolf good ratings at all costs. 

Stay smart.

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The reason we want you te see that show is because we wan't to see your heart get crushed under the sad drama that happens. Like how it happend to us. SHARE OUR PAIN.

Lol i dont rly get that kind of feelings from shows that easily

Only certain stuff, like Jurassic World– even then it wasnt sad tears it was just uhh nostalgia of a Jurassic Park fan

One thing that DID fuck me up badly and made me cry really hard was Presentable Liberty tho…jesus fuck..never again


Dean x Reader One Shot

Title: Dinner’s Less-Happy Second Cousin

Summary: Imagine having had plans to have dinner with Dean–in which you would confess your feelings–but he stands you up and completely forgets about dinner until the next morning… (the sadder version of this one, as per unconscious review-request from @porcelaincomic)

#I SAT THERE READING LIKE ‘OOOHHH SHIT OH MAH GODF DEAN U EFFED UP’ #'Well I suppose you’d know if you weren’t busy fucking bar girl.’ F U CK U FU #CKED UP D E AN #I kept reading and it had a happy ending #which is nice #BUT COULD U IMAGINE IF IT WAS A BAD ENDING WHERE DEAN FUCKED UP BADLY HOLY SHIT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. (via porcelaincomic)

Ah, yes. If it is Dinner’s less-happy, second cousin that you request, I shall deliver. Based on this imagine by hiddenwritingsintheworld, the happier version of this fic can be found here.

Word Count: 3,200

Your stomach dropped when you heard Dean’s feet on the hard floor, when your ears tuned in to the sound you’d trained yourself to recognize, and even though your back was to the doorway, you knew it was him.  You knew it was him as he walked across the kitchen, pulled out a stool, sat at the island.

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Didn't John fuck up so badly by causing jade to die and Dave had to time travel to stop John being an idiot and left rid to stop existing. Would rose still exist and be all alone or stop existing

Terezi convinced John to go see his denizen early on and he tried to fight him and died. He couldn’t bring Jade in to the Medium so she was killed by meteors. That Dave then time traveled back and stopped John from going to see Typheus. The doomed Rose ceased to exist but her dreamself merged with Rose prime’s dreamself.