for anyone who is going to team acceptance

Alright, so I’m obviously pretty fucking disappointed right now. We all are. :/ Condolences to everyone who got their hopes up, and this is just a friendly reminder that we’re all here for each other through it.

Honestly, I’m really pissed that they rushed Beth’s death and gave her that ooc clavicle-stabbing-with-scissors bullshit, but I will honestly say that the writers HAVE delivered exactly what Beth would have wanted in the season finale.

I think part of the reason why they fucked up so badly with her and Tyreese’s deaths is because they had limited screentime and wanted to basically rush things to Alexandria so that they could meet the Negan quota by season 6. Now I’m not saying this is in any way a good excuse for the injustice they gave both characters, but still, that was probably half of the reasoning.

Now not all of the observations team delusional have made have been for nothing. Take, for instance, the music box. That symbolized Beth, and when Daryl fixed it, it showed that he was willing to offer the world something that Beth had showed him, even in her death. And I think that the writers purposely showed Carl and Judith watching the music box for that very reason. Beth was hope, and love, and goodness. And in this very episode, she shines the brightest even in her death. When Glenn rises above Nicholas, when Maggie grabs Gabriel’s hand, when Rick shows Alexandria what kind of man he is, when Carol sticks up for Jesse and Sam, when Michonne lovingly reaches out to Rick. She is here. She is strong, and she made it She made it in their hearts, and that music box playing was just a reminder that this episode was partially for her.

And let’s not forget about Aaron and Eric. Aaron is a mirror of Daryl, and Eric is a mirror of Beth. He told Daryl directly that they were the strong ones, and belonged recruiting on the outside. Both Aaron and Daryl helped Beth and Eric with their ankles. And on top of that, when Aaron first reached out to Daryl to become friends, he used the line “serious spaghetti” when Daryl had used “serious piggyback” when talking to Beth. This was on purpose. Daryl sees the good in Aaron and Eric, and he sees himself and Beth in both of them. Beth is not dead. Beth honestly lives on through characters like this.

Yes, her death was fucked up and ooc. But Beth would probably want team family and even us to be looking on the bright side. Like she said, we don’t get to be upset. We’ve got jobs to do. And our jobs are to see what this family has become, and carry on her legacy. Hell, write fan fictions. Draw her. Cosplay her. Remember her. Because she was a badass character that brought some much needed female representation to the TV screen.

There’s a lot of hostility towards TWD and the writers, and I kind of get where it’s coming from. But this finale honestly hit me with all kinds of emotions. I just LOVE Michonne, Glenn, Daryl, Aaron, Carol, Maggie, and even Morgan. And that speech about Alexandria paired with the music box Beth reference and seeing Sasha get help and Glenn rise above practically everything filled me with hope. And that’s what Beth stood for.

Also, try to remember that even though Noah did die, Beth still saved people. By taking action, she broke up Grady for good. She saved future Noahs or future Beth Greenes from the wrath of that place. She is the reason why Dawn Lerner is dead. Daryl pulled the trigger, but SHE is the one who saved everyone.

Anyways, I’m still gonna write my fan fic about Beth being alive lmao. And I’m still 110% a Beth fan. But I’m going to try to move on to team acceptance. Love you all and shit.

I’m out.

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