Me: *quietly removes myself from a situation bc I’m getting overloaded*

Parents: What are you doing in your room?! Come back down and spend time with us! >:( *tone of voice makes it clear that it’s not a request*

Me: *comes back down, gets BEYOND overloaded, snaps and yells, gets really nasty (not on my own accord, mind you)*

Parents: Woah, what’s the matter? Why are you getting like this?! Watch your attitude!! >:(


so anyway my main romance was gonna be vetra from the start tbh but wow bioware it took you three games to let manshep hook up with kaidan and now you get a perfect opportunity to continue progress where you left off and you

take a step back

just a big fucking step back

so big that you fell off the cliff behind you

glad to know where your priorities are

How about yall stop spreading any kind of rumours of Tarjei? Like? The boy wants nothing to do with social media for a reason and yall just can’t seem to know when to shut up about his personal life. Even if you know something, just keep it to yourself. It’s not your business.


So several thoughts

  • I sure am glad that THIS was the pay off to a six issue crossover. It was totally worth it
  • Who the fuck does this even satisfy really? For everyone who was against this because Jesus Christ there is a significant age gap between these two (i don’t care if he’s 17 and she’s 18, when she’s a college student and he’s nowhere near that that’s a big ass year) this still goes into fucked up territory. Its one thing if they hooked up when they were older but a kiss at this age is just gross to me. 
  • For anyone supportive of this relationship you got ship teased big time for no pay off. A ‘possible future where they hook up’ but you don’t SEE them as a couple is all you get. So if you thought this would be an interesting relationship to explore romantically going into the future you got short changed cos there ain’t no romance to be found.
  • Alternate universes, possible futures and dimension hopping madness with a cartoon pig. You know all the typical everyday stuff you would find in two series trying to be like Spider-Man!
  • You know I get the argument that we should have takes on Spider-Man who aren’t white or aren’t male for the sake of representation. Okay cool…but when they are not taking part in Spider-Man style storylines…is the representation they are providing the best possible really? I mean you want a poc Spider-Man or a female Spider-Man okay…then put them in stories which work and make sense for the core philosophies underpinning Spider-Man. Street crime+real life domestic issues+introspective examinations of emotions and identity. No fucking dimension hopping possible future shite.

my school’s so annoying cause you can’t wear nail polish or your own clothes or dye your hair or wear bracelets or wear eyeliner or anything they call “unsubtle makeup” and we can only have one piercing on each ear and no other piercings and I’m like????? Bro???? How do I express my love for Queen in this environment???? You want me to fucken sew Brian’s face onto my regulation kilt???? Ride to school on a scooter with Roger’s face on the front?????? I don’t fucken think so. 


i normally like to share pics of the new room after the move but right now it’s a complete and utter disaster, so check out my new favorite spot to write once the weather cools 

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there is no point blogging about this at all because it doesn’t deserve it and you either already know or don’t care so i feel stupid even taking the time and energy to write this down but honestly the most disturbing thing in the aria/fitz disaster which is wall to wall disturbing so this is a strong statement, the most disturbing thing to me so far is the idea that if he takes this job at haverford hollis and is no longer her teacher they can have their relationship ‘out in the open’ like it did not occur to a single person that a relationship of any kind between a twenty-two-or-three-year-old and a sixteen-year-old might be problematic, not least legally, or that it is not okay for college faculty to sleep with sixteen-year-olds, LIKE, the problem is not just that he is her teacher! not only can he never un-be her teacher, like it is not any less bad for a high school teacher to sleep with his student when he is no longer her teacher, not only that, but HE WILL STILL BE A PROFESSIONAL ADULT AND SHE A MINOR, what the fuck are you trying to legitimize!!!!!!

I’m so fustrated. Why am I so fucked up? Why does my head not work? Why is everyone my age capable of being happy, yet I am stuck isolating myself and unable to establish connections? I can’t open up to people. I just can’t. It hurts me everyday to know I am worth less than the people around me who get to live their life knowing they are good enough to fill a void in someone else. Am I just not good enough? Do I just not matter?