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Things you said after recovering from illness. Silverflint

I thought about this prompt for three days, and then I went ahead and wrote angst. Sorry? To be fair, Silver does canonically cry over Flint so!
Set between 3x06 and 3x07 I guess?
Hope you like this!!

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- Think about young Victor who liked painting his nails
- And he likes doing it by himself just fine but…he always kind of wished he had friends to do it with too. He could paint their nails and they could paint his nails and it would be fun!
- But he was kind of a lonely kid, had a hard time making friends
- Loads of people wanted to be around him because he was this amazing prodigy, but few people actually cared about him as a person, not just the rising star athlete
- He wasn’t really close to Chris at this point, and even later when they did become good friends, they weren’t often in the same place
- Switzerland is far away from St Petersburg
- So Victor doesn’t have anyone to paint nails with
- But he’s got Makkachin! And Makkachin is a good doggo and sits still and lets Victor paint his nails sometimes!
- ‘Look, Makkachin! We match!’
- It’s not exactly what he wanted but it’s okay. Makkachin is a good friend for a lonely kiddo.
- But then Victor grows up and stops painting his nails as much
- He still keeps his hands perfectly manicured and all
- But he’s trying for a more mature image and painting your nails with bright fuchsia polish or glittery stuff or little rainbows maybe doesn’t look so mature.
- So he kind of gives it up, along with his daydream of sharing that hobby with someone.
- Until Yuuri comes into his life!
- And they fall in love and move in together and everything is great
- And when they’re both needing some relaxation time, Victor suggests a Deluxe At Home Spa Day!
- Which includes taking a nice hot bath together with bath salts or bubble bath or bath bombs or whatever they want
- (Victor is ridiculously well stocked on pampering products)
- And then face masks! Massages!
- And to finish off, a mani-pedi!
- Victor only had clear polish the first time they did this, but the Yuuri suggested in passing that it might be fun to do different colors sometimes
- So of course Victor goes out and buys pretty much every color and variety of nail polish known to man
- The next time they do it, he gets to show off his old skills
- He’s a little rusty, but he still remembers how to do cool stuff like gradient nails!
- He loves touching Yuuri’s hands. And he loves having Yuuri touch his hands, loves watching Yuuri make that adorable face when he’s concentrating on doing Victor’s nails, loves the casual intimacy of it.
- It’s even better than he ever daydreamed about.