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bts reaction to you painting their nails while they slept

a/n- this is so cute!!! and i believe that nail polish is for any gender, but i also think that if the boys woke up with pink nail polish they’d still be a bit surprised haha 

Seokjin- He had fallen asleep without you one night, not even bothering to see if you wanted to join him. So, in retaliation, you decided to paint his nails pink as he slept. When he woke up and caught a glimpse of your work, he’d be shocked. Though he wouldn’t be upset. Instead, he’d try to rock the pink nails all day. “I think I look good with painted nails.”

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Yoongi- When Yoongi has days off, he sometimes finds himself drifting off into dreamland without much concern for anything else. You decided that instead of waking him up this time, you’d be a bit more devious and paint his fingernails pink. When he awoke- just as you finished- he’d be so confused but also giving you a playful glare. “You’re next!” i think this gif fit really well lol

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Hoseok- You quickly learned that Hoseok is a pretty good sleeper, so one day when you were feeling particularly mischevious, you got out your fuchsia pink nail polish and painted your boyfriend’s nails. When he woke up an hour later and noticed them, he’d come in and attack you in tickles, then give you a face. “I’m never sleeping around you again, punk!" 

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Namjoon- Namjoon had promised you that he’d stay up to finish the movie, so when his head lulled back against the couch you knew you had to seek revenge. So, you grabbed your favorite pink nail polish and carefully painted each nail. A little later when he awoke, he saw the nails and put two and two together. "You punk! Now I’m PinkMon.

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Jimin- You had just bought a brand new bottle of pink nail polish, so to celebrate, you tested the color on your sleeping boyfriend. While waiting for him to awake, you had fallen asleep. When he finally did wake up, he was shocked to see his nails a bright pink color. He spotted your sleeping figure beside him and decided to do the exact same to you- but as badly as he could manage. You woke up a little later and see the nails, giving him a death glare. “Don’t be mad, we’re twins!" 

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Taehyung- When he woke up from a quick nap and saw his pink painted nails, he’d smile and laugh and get up to look for you. As he went downstairs, he saw you sitting on the couch watching a movie. With a smirk, he plopped down onto your lap and took your hand in his, showing off his nails before looking at your own. "You did such a good job, baby! Now it’s my turn to try!" 

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Jungkook- Poor Jungkook was worn out from filming a new music video and fell asleep as soon as he was home. You came home and saw him snoozing on the couch in an old pink t-shirt, which gave you the brilliant idea to paint his nails. You were sneaky and managed to paint them all almost perfectly. When he woke up later, he saw his nails and was kind of terrified at how well you did without waking him. "How did you paint them so good while I was sleeping? Are you a ninja?”

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Bench/ paint box in italian plum swatch

this is a plummy fuchsia shade thats very opaque.. i used only one layer on all of my nails and dries quite quick, its slowly making it’s way up my must haves list, its a very flowery color and reminds me of tropical places when I see it, its bright but not overwhelming 

also have i mentioned its vegan <3 

happy 2015 loves <3

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Felicity reliezes Oliver does not come to her directly when he is back from LoA, but goes to somewhere else. She starts to yell at him, and he tries to calm her and apologize

Thank you so much for the prompt, this helped me smash through the walls of that darned writer’s block. I’d like to thank all of my (as of today) 418 followers. You are amazing! I hope you enjoy this, I really enjoyed writing it. Read on Ao3 or ff.net

She burst through the foundry door like a whirlwind, and was down the steps in a flurry of movement. Oliver resisted the urge to step back as Felicity stalked determinedly towards him, eyes blazing.

“You!” She hissed, jabbing one fuchsia coated nail into the muscle of his chest. “How dare you!” Oliver’s eyes widened at her fury, his brow furrowing in confusion,


“Don’t you Felicity me,” she growled, advancing such that Oliver was forced to back into the desk behind him, lest he be impaled by the deadly looking heels adorning her feet - something which, judging by her ire, he wouldn’t put past her right at this moment. He didn’t particularly feel like being stabbed again. She continued to edge towards him, her voice rising with each sharp word uttered. “You disappear off the face of the Earth, leaving me here with empty promises and ‘I love you’s, and all you can come up with is my name”.  


“Oh and let’s not forget the part where you were supposed to win!” She yelled, punctuating the sentence with another sharp jab of her finger, almost nose to nose with him by this point. He could hear the harsh rasp of her breath, as she struggled to breathe, yet plowed on. “You were supposed to climb up that godforsaken mountain and beat him! You were supposed to come back!” Her words began to run together, her breaths coming in short gasps. “You were supposed to come back to me, not leave me here…not..”

She cut off off sharply, the words ringing out in the sudden silence surrounding them. Oliver’s heart wrenched, as she whispered brokenly, “You weren’t supposed to die.”

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