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Lipstick Correspondences

I’m a big make-up junkie, in particular lipstick. There is usually intent behind the colors I choose. I view my morning makeup routine as a ritual. When I can properly dedicate time to it, I feel more centered and more like the “me” I want to be. And lipstick places a big part of this for me, so I thought I’d write up my associations with them incase other may find this useful in glamours or something maybe?

“My Lips But Better” colors - comfort, relaxation, peace, lazy Sundays
Corals - happiness, youth, sunny days at the beach
Oranges - confidence, adventure, action, energy, roller-skating
Mauves - mothers, family, baking pies
Rose pinks - self-love, growth, bath bombs
Nudes - stability, routine, discipline, grocery shopping
Browns - protection, security, coming in from the cold to a warm fire
Fuchsias and hot pinks - energy, friendship, fun, colorful cocktails
Blue-base reds - love, tradition, nostalgia
Yellow-based reds - passion, drive, dancing
Dark reds - power, strength, confidence, modern power suits
Wines and plums - luxury, abundance, decadent meals
Wild Cards (black, blue, green, true purples, etc.) - creative expression, honesty, individuality, abstract expressionist.

True Matte - strength, perseverance, stubborn
Semi-Matte - middle ground, seeing both sides
Shimmer - celebration, new beginnings
Metallic - innovation, progress
Sheer - nature, serenity

*Not a complete list. It’s missing shades I don’t wear like baby pinks, and finishes like frost, and satin (I thought on this for too long and I don’t associate this with anything).

“Baby Driver”’s use of color symbolism.  (SPOILERS BIG TIME)


A lot of people are praising the sound design in Baby Driver, which is a technical masterpiece in its own right, but there is also a lot to be praised about the color symbolism and symbolism in general with the character’s actions all throughout the movie.  My head’s been buzzing with all the use of color in this movie, please comment what you noticed which I did not! 

 Things I noticed: 


When Buddy’s wife Darling mentions “when my husband sees red, black is the last thing you’ll see”, or something along those lines, in the second half of the movie there are a TON of references to that.  In the end car chase scene between Buddy and Baby, after Darling’s death, Buddy clicks into his RED rage.  He literally sees the red from his wife’s blood, turning on his RED rage.  When he is chasing Baby around the parking complex, a red light looms ominously onto his face from inside the stolen police car he is creeping around in.  All throughout that scene he is illuminated with a RED light.  And he plans to make Baby see black from death, but BUDDY HIMSELF dies from falling and sees black for the last time in a twisted ending to his wife’s words.  He dies by falling onto a BLACK CAR, the one that fell off of the parking ramp.  He saw red from rage and died on black from death with more red fire engulfing him. 


When Baby is confronting innocent people to get out of a situation, three times the color purple/violet is for sure prevalent in some way.  The second time Baby steals a car from a random stranger to drive away, the black woman with the purse has a PURPLE car.  And the Nice Teller Lady whom Baby stops from entering the back of the building during the final heist attempt was wearing a purple jacket.  The first person that Baby interacts with was wearing a fuchsia/hot pink/purple dressy top. The purple may symbolize the physical manifestation of the calmness, kindness, and good heart Baby has which is entwined with his fast paced passion.  Purple is the combination of red and blue, red being passionate and bold and heated, and blue being peaceful and calm and cool.  So purple in essence is the combination of passion and calmness.  This ties in to the fact that Baby often thinks quickly and passionately during the adrenaline pumping chases, but doesn’t abandon his good nature and heart in those moments, and he takes the time out of his fast paced thinking to slow down and show peaceful kindness and good intentions to those he affects.  He takes the time to calmly address those people he was stealing from or helping out to give them peace of mind and safety, adding a blue nature to the dangerously red situations of those scenes.  Hence the purple similarities in those three instances.  (I also realize that the purple colors may be interpreted as more hot pink or fuchsia in nature, they were all more on the pinker side of violet.)


The similarities between Deb and Baby’s mom are abundant.  They both have golden blonde hair, they both worked at the same diner, and both of them sing.  Along with them both being blonde, the tape recording that Baby made named “MOM” has yellow tape for the label, and I think was either the only tape or one of the few tapes that had colored tape labels.  The yellow and gold associated with his mom and Deb symbolize the beacons of comfort and hope that they both are to Baby.  Deb also wears a golden yellow dress when Baby first sees her, as she is singing angelically.  She is seen as an angelic person through Baby’s eyes, and gold is often associated with divinity/comfort/happiness along with the color white.


Buddy, with his Red Rage, aims to make Baby see black by killing him.  In his rage he targets Deb, someone close to Baby, who happens to be wearing black as a part of her waitress uniform.  The black end result is seen in a different way.  Baby sees someone he loves being the target of maliciousness, and sees black on Buddy’s target, Deb.  Even before Buddy’s Red Rage, the group of criminals targets Baby’s foster dad, who throughout the movie wears dark colored clothing, possibly black/grey clothing.


Within the laundromat that Deb and Baby were hanging out in, in every single machine there was either red, yellow, or blue clothing tumbling about.  Each one had a specific color load too, no laundry machine had mixed colors, only one color was being washed in each machine.  I liked that scene’s aesthetics in particular because the patterned background of the tumbling colors, all moving in unison and with uniform placement, helps the viewer concentrate more on the characters than the surrounding location.  At least that’s the effect it had on me.  Even though the colors were vivid and heavily saturated, it added to and fit in with the popping stylized aesthetics of the movie, so it didn’t feel out of place.  The colors in the room reflected the emotions that they were likely feeling, like red passion/love/interest for each other, a sense of blue peace and calmness stemming from their sweet separation from their chaotic and complex lives, and the yellow glimmer of hope for new possibilities.  And then the end of the scene compliments the romance by zooming in on a laundry machine washing red clothing, with their dancing reflections accented by the red clothing, symbolizing the budding romance. 


 The instance of Baby’s parents being killed by a head on collision with the back of a truck is echoed back to in the final act of Baby Driver.  His parents died from the collision, which sparked the endless tinnitus and haunting flashbacks of his parents’ death.  His trapped hearing and mind is evident throughout the film, and can be resembled by his constant earbud-plugged ears.  Also from him being trapped and forced further into the crime business.  His trapped self bursts forth in the end and comes full circle when he kills Bats.  He literally kills Bats the same way that his parents died, by ramming into the back of a truck.  When the others scream at him “WHAT THE F*CK DID YOU DO BABY?!?!”, he replies “I moved.” with a cold stare.  That cannot have just a single meaning.  I think that he decided then and there that he had enough, and he meant the words literally and metaphorically.  That he killed a malicious person who caused chaos to others, which symbolized the death of his involvement with the dangerous individuals and their schemes and that he was done.  He moved forward in more ways than one.  And the same action from the beginning of the movie reenacted makes it come full circle. 

What else did you guys notice with symbolism and color in “Baby Driver”?  Please comment and share for a fun discussion about how awesome this movie is, or why you didn’t like it! 

Sapphire Variations List (update)

Ceylon Padparadscha Sapphire (red, pink, orange, peach)
Chatham Padparadscha Sapphire (red, peach)
Padparadscha Sapphire (peach, pink, orange)
Blood Orange Padparadscha Sapphire (fire, orange, red)
Sunset Sapphire (red, orange)
Batu Padparadscha Sapphire (red, orange)
Orange Sapphire (orange)
Peach Padparadscha Sapphire (peach, orange, pink)
Fire Sapphire (Yellow, Orange)
Honey Sapphire (honey, yellow)
Golden Sapphire (Gold)
Orange Star Sapphire (orange with white star)
Orange Yellow Star Sapphire (orange, yellow whit star sapphire)
Canary Sapphire (yellow)
Yellow Sapphire (Yellow)
Yellow Sapphire (Yellow)
Cab Yellow Sapphire (Yellow)
Star Cab Yellow Sapphire (Yellow)
Yellow Star Sapphire (Yellow with white star)
Lemon Sapphire (Yellow, Lime)
Lime Sapphire (Lime, Yellow, Green)
Golden Olive Sapphire (dark olive)
Olive Sapphire (green olive)
Dark Green Sapphire (olive dark green)
Star Dark Green Sapphire (dark green)
Parti Sapphire (blue and green)
Green Sapphire (green)
Dark Green Sapphire (dark green)
Star Green Sapphire (green)
Light Green Sapphire (green, light green, light mint)
Star Mint Green Sapphire (mint, dark mint)
Seafoam Green Sapphire (mint, dark green)
Mint Sapphire (Mint, Teal)
Teal Sapphire (Mint, Teal)
Aqua Sapphire (Aqua, Mint, Blue)
Peacock Sapphire (Teal, Green, Blue)
Blue Peacock Sapphire (Teal, Green, Blue)
Turquoise Sapphire (turquoise, teal, mint)
Blue Green Sapphire (blue-green)
Star Blue Green Sapphire (blue-green)
Sky Blue Sapphire (Sky Blue, Powder Blue, Blue)
Sri Lankan Blue Sapphire (Blue)
Indigo Sapphire (indigo)
Velvet Sapphire (indigo)
Indraneelan Sapphire (Blue)
Cat’s eye Sapphire (blue)
Perwinkle Blue Sapphire (Blue)
Burma Sapphire (Vibrant Blue)
Blue Sapphire (Blue)
Dark Blue Sapphire (Dark Blue)
Star Dark Blue Sapphire (Dark Blue)
Light Blue Sapphire (Light Blue)
Star Light Blue Sapphire (Light Blue)
Cornflower Blue Sapphire (Blue)
Kashmir Sapphire (Blue)
Star Sapphire (Dark Blue, Light Blue)
Navy Sapphire (Dark Blue)
Midnight Sapphire (Blue, Dark Blue)
Blood Blue Sapphire (blue, lilac)
Mayuri Indraneelan Sapphire (blue, lilac)
Winza Sapphire (Blue, Purple, Pink)
Violet Sapphire (Violet)            
Color Change Sapphire (Various)
Lilac Sapphire (lilac, lavender)
Lavender Sapphire (lavender)
Bicolor Sapphire (Various)
Rainbow Sapphire (Various, rainbow)
Purple Sapphire (Purple)
Star Purple Sapphire (Purple)
Dark Purple Sapphire (Dark Purple)
Light Purple Sapphire (Light Purple)
Star Light Purple Sapphire (Light Purple)
Light Blue Purple Sapphire (Light Purple, blue)
Blue Purple Sapphire (Purple, blue)
Magenta Sapphire (Magenta)
Powder Pink Sapphire (pink)
Light Pink Sapphire (light pink, pink)
Lavender Pink Sapphire (lavender pink)
Bubblegum Sapphire (pink)
Pink Sapphire (Pink)
Pastel Pink Sapphire (Pastel Pink)
Fuchsia Sapphire (fuchsia)
Hot Pink Sapphire (hot pink)
Star Pink Sapphire (pink)
Cherry Sapphire (Cherry, Red)
Pinkish Red Sapphire (Magenta, Cherry, Pink, Red)
Red Sapphire [Ruby] (Red)
Maroon Sapphire (maroon, red)
Raspberry Sapphire (maroon, red)
Star Red Sapphire (red)

Black Sapphire (Black)
Gray Sapphire (Gray)
Star Gray Sapphire (Gray)
Light Gray Sapphire (Light Gray)
Light Gray Star Sapphire (Light Gray)
Star White Sapphire (White)
White Sapphire (White)
Brown Sapphire (Brown)
Honey Brown Star Sapphire (honey brown)
Brown Star Sapphire (brown)
Mekong Whisky Sapphire (orange brown)
Cognac Sapphire (Orange Brown)
Chocolate Sapphire (Brown)
Champagne Brown Sapphire (Brown, Champagne, Peach, beige)
Rosey Brown Sapphire (Brown, Champagne, Peach, beige)
Sri Lankan Brown Sapphire (brown)
Champagne Sapphire (Champagne, Peach, beige)
Peach Sapphire (Peach)
Beige Sapphire (Beige, Peach)
Black Star Sapphire (Black, Golden)
Purple Gray Star Sapphire (gray purple, lavender)

Dude, here we have more than 100 sapphires

If i forgot one tell me for make this list the most complete possible!


Straight-Edge Liner and Hot Pink Lips (Iggy Azalea Inspired Makeup)

Iggy’s one of my recent girl crushes, and I love her minimalist but strong makeup with very thick black liner, dewy fresh skin, sculpted cheeks, and lips that go from nude to retro red to incredible fuchsias and hot pinks.

Her eyes are quite small so the way she extends her liner thickly straight out and up is actually flattering for anyone who has similarly small eyes or eyes that are close-set.

There’s not a whole lot to her makeup look, but it makes big impact.

Main products used:

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction palette

Bobbi Brown Ink Liner (I accidentally reversed the label with that of the NARS pencil in the image above)

NARS Rue Bonaparte pencil (she almost always has a pale matte liner along her lower lash line to open up her eyes)

Givenchy Rouge Couture in 209 (you can swop this with red or nude; she wears those shades too)

andyourbirdisgreen  asked:


🙌🏻 something you can’t live without
my phone / the internet

🌸 favorite flower
i actually dnt like flowers cuz bees hkgdhjkgf but aesthetically speaking uuhhh lily of the valley?

❤️ 5 people you love
@blackfeint @andyourbirdisgreen @jpeg-ghost @fracturedflower @dappermandibles

🌈 favorite color
muted green / dull red !!

✖️ 5 things you hate
seafood, my enemies, anime, overwatch, hot pink / fuchsia

🔮 where do you see yourself in 5 years
emo answer: dead

real answer: hopefully with shit figured out and a good social circle

🍎 favorite fruit
honeydew / cantaloupe !!

🌊 ocean or pool