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our morning walks have just become excuses to sit at the beach (ft. my freshly dyed hair!!)


Straight-Edge Liner and Hot Pink Lips (Iggy Azalea Inspired Makeup)

Iggy’s one of my recent girl crushes, and I love her minimalist but strong makeup with very thick black liner, dewy fresh skin, sculpted cheeks, and lips that go from nude to retro red to incredible fuchsias and hot pinks.

Her eyes are quite small so the way she extends her liner thickly straight out and up is actually flattering for anyone who has similarly small eyes or eyes that are close-set.

There’s not a whole lot to her makeup look, but it makes big impact.

Main products used:

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction palette

Bobbi Brown Ink Liner (I accidentally reversed the label with that of the NARS pencil in the image above)

NARS Rue Bonaparte pencil (she almost always has a pale matte liner along her lower lash line to open up her eyes)

Givenchy Rouge Couture in 209 (you can swop this with red or nude; she wears those shades too)


OPIx Alice Through The Looking Glass the entire collection, all are found on my Instagram: samnailedit

Starting from the top: Having A Big Head Day(red), Mad For Madness Sake(hot fuchsia pink), What’s The Hatter With You(deep plum burgundy), Fearlessly Alice(electric lagoon blue), I’m Gown For Anything(lilac) , The I’s Have It(powder blue), A Mirror Escape(gold), Oh My Majesty! (pearl) @opi-products

😍 omg these are gorgeous!! submitted by stayg0ldenxx