Oooh!  New GiTS things!


ロジコマ is the first plastic model!
ロジコマ 1 / 35 scale plastic model, is planned for September!
Includes the unassembled model figure scale Kusanagi Motoko and Aramaki Daisuke, and self-propelled mines.
Arm is by replacement and reproduced leg gimmick characteristic of development of manipulator, can replace the Gatling gun in the fuselage below the surface.
Moving to “eyeball” and “rollover” can also represent the adorable character of ロジコマ in the making.

Back container reproduce firmly until the internal detail, is also available by the replacement. Price: ¥ 3,800 (tax not included) * image is prototype. You may somewhat differ from the actual product.

Also, we painted for shooting.
For details, please click here.http://main.Kotobukiya.co.jp/PK/arise/logicoma.html