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Rehearsals complete!  Karasuno!!! (x

They’re singing a children’s song that goes, “Rock, paper, scissors, what should we make?  What should we make?”  Then they modify it with, “Scissors with your right hand, scissors with your left hand, and we found someone cute!  Yeah!!”  Where their idea of “scissors” is making an L-shape with your index finger and thumb, then putting them together to make a frame.
Kenta then says, “Today’s third-year video is presented by all of Karasuno!  We’ve safely wrapped up rehearsals.  After this, we’re all going to work hard to bring you a good show.”
Fuchi starts shouting because Ryoutarou starts biting his shoulder.  
Then they do the song again and Kenta adds, “When I take off my hat, I have hat hair.”  

random theories about junji ito manga

Mainly about the very, very creepy, but yet disturbingly hypnotic Ms. Fuchi (from the Rumors, Fashion Model, The Secret of the Haunted Mansion and The Souichi Front stories).

Warning: Levels of crackpot varying from theory to theory. Keep your tinfoil hats on at all times.

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そこは狂った夢の淵~選択される定め~ (Soko wa kurutta yume no fuchi 〜Sentaku sareru sadame〜)

Continuing the Operetta Due loves their yandere-themed CDs party, a sequel to そこは狂った夢の淵 has also been announced. ( • v • ;;)

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

“After being tainted twice, you can no longer go back.”

Ever since her childhood, the heroine has been in the care of the 間宮 (Mamiya) family.

She was loved deeply by her step-brother, 定継 (Sadatsugu), and raised into a proper and compassionate young woman, but…

One year later, through Sadatsugu’s various methods, the heroine is now married to Sadatsugu.

On her own, the heroine tries to escape from from her house-arrest-like newlywed life, but…

Can she return to normality even though her heart has been tainted…?

CV: 三楽章 (Makino Hideki)

Release Date: November 30th, 2016.