fuc i did it

This is what my brother draws when I tried to defeat the Adamantoise 😂

I had to share this with you guys because it’s adorable and hilarious, lmfao.

This is how he presented the doodle to me:

Jr: -covering the top left corner of the page- You see the bros right? Here (in the bottom left)? Well here is Noctis, Iggy, Gladio, and Prompto fighting the turtle.

Me: Ok??

Jr: You see them all yelling Prompto?

Me: Yes???

Jr: -moves his hand away and reveals the doodle Prompto running away from the battle- Your sweet potato left his team behind because he was a chicken.

Then we both started bursting in laughter 😂😂.

FUC FACT: I did not beat the turtle. I’m only level 70 so I still need to improve 🙃.

Even in this simple doodle, you can see the personality in all of them, especially Prompto LMFAO. And yes… my little brothers are FFXV fans now because of me. #siblinggoals lol

admin regina 👑


OKAY BUT WHY ARE WE NOT MAKING MORE OF A BIG DEAL ABOUT THOSE FLOWERS. My extra beautiful lesbian daughter Lena Luthor is so in love it is breaking my god damn heart look at their skinny love what the fuck. This is deadass queer baiting can u imagine if mon el did that holy fuc k. I have a lot of emotions oh myy god and it wasn’t no bouquet in hand she had her office “overflowing “ with them. That is the gayest thing I’ve ever heard why is that not the gayest thing you’ve ever heard look its another Lena / Lexa parallel she’s literally doing the most extravagant shit for the girl shes pining over why won’t they let me live 

can i just say that moonchild is creepy as fuc

i just did s3m39 and look. i understand. there is a horde around us, that guy has a broken leg, he has to go. sad but nothing to be done.

but that hypnotism thing was creepy

i am almost certain that ginseng tea was drugged

and they keep bringing up the stuff runner 5 was injected with. And isn’t that the same stuff that makes people more suggestible? (is that a word?)

maybe i am being paranoid, i don’t know what is going to happen, but i am almost 96.8% sure it is going to end badly

um u know that moment after u pay for an online order bcus up until that point its was like haha wouldnt it be cute if i bought this like its too much money but i want to buy it and ur thinking that all thru the checkout process and then u hit order and ur like Fuc i just actually did that…pure distilled regret and terror