nightmareoverdose  asked:

First name: Brooke/Nickname: Shirou/Age: 16??/Gender: Non-binary?/Sexual Orientation: Gay af/Nationality: American/Relationship/status: Taken/Likes: Musicals, Inazuma Eleven, Someoka motherfucking Ryuugo, Heathers, Hamilton, Slime, Me (im joking jfc im a twat), Somefubu ofc, Occult team, papa's fucking freezeria your like level 20/Dislikes: Goufubu we all know this, Fubukicest, any incest, pedophillia ships, needles, anything to do with GouFubu, GouFubu and last but not least, GouFubu

you won i applaud you and also my blacklist came up for like everything you mentioned in my dislikes so thats exactly accurate

but you forgot goufubu,,,

and im 15 but close enough so i applaud you

imagine fubukicest: kudou separates shirou and atsuya after a heated fight b/t kudou and atsuya over putting shirou on the bench(“he sprained his ankle, atsuya, what don’t you understand”) and forces them to sleep apart for the night, seeing as how they’re literally tied to the hip. in the end kudou has to lock the door from the outside on both of their doors because atsuya is having a mental breakdown and literally screaming “you can’t separate family, he’s my brother, my only brother, let me out” and slamming his whole body against the door all night and shirou is trying to run to his door and unlock it by asking to go to the bathroom sweetly and then knocking down anyone in his way. in the end they’re even more inseparable in the morning and kudou’s plan has Completely Backfired

imagine fubukicest(is real): atsuya is absolutely obsessed with shirou not leaving him because of the car accident and he detests his parents for leaving them alone when they were younger. so, slowly but surely, he makes shirou’s friends stop talking to him and makes sure that shirou only walks home with him and only makes plays with him and only eats lunch with him and only sleeps with him. he’s so obsessed with it that one day he sees shirou talking to another teammate after practice and he starts crying cause he’s so scared shirou’s gonna leave and shirou has to console him and really, in the end, shirou loves his brother more than anyone else so he would’ve done those things regardless.

imagine fubukicest: atsuya and yukimura do not get along. whatsoever. yeah, atsuya’s seen those looks yukimura gives shirou while he’s doing private practice, and he doesn’t like it. as a result, they squabble endlessly every practice and shirou has to sometimes forcibly break them up in order to get some semblance of order. while he expected he’d be taking care of middle schoolers, he didn’t think he’d have to babysit his brother either, which infuriates atsuya and gives yukimura just enough leverage to keep ogling shirou’s ass without being interrupted. most of the time.

imagine fubukicest: after the avalanche, shirou was badly wounded. atsuya tried to carry him to the nearest house, police station, store, anything– but it was too hard, so reluctantly he had to leave him in the snow to make it to anywhere(wherever that was) quicker. by the time atsuya had gotten to the police shirous’s pinky finger had gone black without blood circulation up to the second knuckle and the doctors couldn’t reattach it. it’s not a hindrance to shirou whatsoever now that they’re older, but whenever atsuya goes to hold his hand it reminds him how useless he really is.

imagine meta!fubukicest:  fubuki has forty-two fubuki atsuya cards from the inazuma eleven tcg. it’s one of the only cards he collects, and he treasures them with his life (and even keeps one under his pillow, which he kisses every night). he finds the act of counting them one by one relaxing for him and carries them around everywhere. one day, he accidentally doesn’t zip up his backpack all the way and all of them fall out and he’s utterly mortified picking them up and embarrassed on the verge of tears. since then, people have offered giving him their atsuya cards, but he refuses to take them because he feels like they’re pitying him.