imagine fubukicest: atsuya and yukimura do not get along. whatsoever. yeah, atsuya’s seen those looks yukimura gives shirou while he’s doing private practice, and he doesn’t like it. as a result, they squabble endlessly every practice and shirou has to sometimes forcibly break them up in order to get some semblance of order. while he expected he’d be taking care of middle schoolers, he didn’t think he’d have to babysit his brother either, which infuriates atsuya and gives yukimura just enough leverage to keep ogling shirou’s ass without being interrupted. most of the time.

imagine fubukicest: after the avalanche, shirou was badly wounded. atsuya tried to carry him to the nearest house, police station, store, anything– but it was too hard, so reluctantly he had to leave him in the snow to make it to anywhere(wherever that was) quicker. by the time atsuya had gotten to the police shirous’s pinky finger had gone black without blood circulation up to the second knuckle and the doctors couldn’t reattach it. it’s not a hindrance to shirou whatsoever now that they’re older, but whenever atsuya goes to hold his hand it reminds him how useless he really is.