fekudjunk a fube,
szeduljunk egyutt, nezzuk a csillagokat,
szivjunk olcso cigit,
es igyunk olcso borokat.
aztan csak meselj, mondd hogy szeretsz, tudni akarok rolad mindent, de mindent, 
a mi a kedvenc szinedtol, egeszen a legnagyobb titkodig.

cont.  —  @seabornisms.

[drafts | Lesley] I need a favor.
[drafts | Lesley] Can we meet asap? I’d go through your people but I want to set this up personally.
[drafts | Lesley] If the opportunity presented itself, how would you about possibly jumping s
[drafts | Lesley] Lesley, I’m putting together a team and to run President. Need a good speechwriter- my team is saying I can’t run and write at the same time. Figures. Any chance you’d be inte
[drafts | Lesley] I have a proposition. Write me an inaugural spec. I’ll give you an explanation and an offer once I s

[sent | Lesley] Free for a lunch meeting/call today? Sorry for skipping past your assistant.

( txt  »  s. seaborn )   Fube
( txt  »  s. seaborn )   Fine. Office until midnight