Everybody wants Armin Chapter 2

Summary: In which all the guys are in love with Armin and fight to get him to like them back.

Notes: Written for arminxjaeger who kinda gave me this wonderful idea. Originally it was supposed to be a one shot but its gotten so long I decided to break it down into chapters. Im going back and forth with this and Addicted(gonna start the next chapter soon!!) I’m coming home from vacation tomorrow, but I start work again on Friday, so writing might be a little slow still!

Chapter warning: smut. Very poorly written smut. Because I cannot write smut at all. BUT I TRIED. I TRIED SO HARD.

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Annie Leonhardt.

I’ve been receiving a lot of these messages lately and I think it’s time to assemble the Annie defense squad.

Um, where do I start?

Annie Leonhardt does not think that she is better than anybody else. She refers to herself as “scum”, yet she admires every single one of her comrades, no matter how foolish they may seem to her:

She greatly admires those who do not “get swept along with the flow.”

She apologized. Annie fucking apologized when she saw the chaos the titans had caused, but was then told by Reiner

that “apologizing won’t change a thing” and “it’s too late.”

Annie decided to help rescue Eren after Armin asked her to do him a favor. Even though Annie never considered herself a “good person”, it made her extremely happy that Armin was able to see something good in her and she decided to support them, which caused even more pain for her because

she was tricked. She thought that Armin had lied to her.

Back then, when she has had the chance to kill Armin,

she didn’t.

Annie doesn’t think of herself as strong or brave either:

She admitted that she was scared, yet you can still see her saying that Eren is pretty brave because even though he is reckless in her eyes, he is willing to take any risk and even sacrifice his life if it’d be a step forward for humanity. Annie has always loved other people’s courage because she has never had anything in her own life that was worth fighting for.

If you are a manga reader you might as well possess some knowledge about the “warriors”;

Bertholdt, Reiner & Annie. The titan trio.

As the warriors they were born to be they are obliged to carry out their mission and return to their hometown, no matter what. Which was also the promise Annie had made before she left her father:

Those were the last words she has had in her mind before she crystallized in order to protect her body. She thought that she was a dissapointment.

They are on a mission. The titan trio is on a mission and they are not allowed to fail.

But Annie DID fail, in her opinion, when she couldn’t kidnap Eren, and wasn’t able to escape afterwards… She cried. She literally cried in her titan form because she thought that she was a complete failiture.

Not to mention that Reiner and Bert killed off 30% of humanity. If you think Annie is a bitch for killing one dozen soldiers but you don’t resent what those two did, you are fucking sexist and do not deserve my attention anyway.

I love all three of them, but I am sick of people hating on Annie when Bertholdt and Reiner did the exact same thing. Annie is 15 years old and does neither deserve that kind of fate, nor all the hate she’s getting.

Furthermore: We are in no way obligated to justify our love for a character.

Have a nice day.