Fic Update: Any Four Walls: FUBAR

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As soon as the bad turian lady came and collected Tyrra—without acknowledging Rose in her little hidey-hole of blankets under the desk—Rose started the game of hide-and-seek she’d been itching for. She was really good at hide-and-seek. This time, she wasn’t looking for a hidden person, but a hidden panel or vent or something. She knew that, in a spaceship, all the air had to come from somewhere. Air came through vents.

When Joker explained it to her back on the Normandy, he had her hold out her arm. With the flat of his hand, he brushed his palm down her skin. “This is like the outside of the ship. Nothing gets in, right?” She nodded. Then, with a fingertip, he traced the blue-green lines underneath, running all the way from her wrist to her elbow. “Inside every ship, you’ve got the guts. Life support, circuitry, electronics, all kinds of important stuff. That’s what keeps things running. They’re all connected, and most of the time, you don’t pay attention to them. Only when something goes FUBAR, uh, wrong, do you have to worry about what the veins and arteries are doing.” Then he’d showed her all kinds of cool maps and pictures that showed not just the room with all the bunkbeds that she slept in, or the big room that was her mom and dad’s, or the one with the star map in it, but all the squiggly lines that meant power and air and even toilet waste, since apparently peeing into space wasn’t a good thing.

Tyrra’s room definitely had air, it definitely had power, and it definitely had a bathroom. Rose started there first, because it was small and because she’d have a good excuse if the bad lady came back right away for some reason, like when Mom always forgot something in the mornings when she was taking them to school. Usually her coffee cup. She always went back for the coffee cup. It was one Rose and Tyrra painted themselves, with their handprints and hearts and some kind of weird turian butterfly things and Earth butterflies, too.

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