fubar st. louis


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So, I met Kyle David Hall, Life On Broadway, and Seven Minutes In Heaven at the Fubar in St. Louis. I was so excited. I also met Austin Jones and The Resolution. I had a flower drawn on my arm and I showed it to Austin. I told him how he helped me through my self harm issue. He smiled, said “that’s amazing, thank you so much,” hugged me, and took a picture with me. As I was walking away, he told me to stay strong. From that moment, I swore to never pick up a blade to intentionally hurt myself again. I am still keeping that promise. I told Kyle that’d I’d never be able to do what he does. He told me, “don’t say that, what do you wanna do?” I told him that if my singing career didn’t work out, which it probably won’t, I also want to be a counselor. So no matter what, I’m always helping people. He hugged me and took a photo with me. I told Timmy I loved him and took a photo with him as well.