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leonhartani  asked:

What are some headcanons you have for Bert? <3

*Crunching hands* You don’t know how much I like this kind of asks, honey.

I have headcanons for both, the original story and AUs: 

Original story: 

-When he takes confidence with someone, he becomes very outgoing with that person, also showing his more comical side 

-When he’s not reading to distract himself he does ab-crunches and push-ups, usually with his torso naked ((because he’s a sweating machine, as we all know))

-Loves to repeat dessert in his dinners 

-He’s very popular among the girls of the 104th, but he doesn’t know it because he’s so innocent 

-When he sees that someone makes fun of Annie or treats her badly, Bertholdt confronts that person even if it’s only with words. When he does it he looks like another person (((cofcof Annie loves when he does that cofcof))) 

-He’s one of the few guys in the 104th who’s already bearded, and he sometimes lets his beard grow a little 

-He has an incredible talent for music 

- He´s very expressive with his gaze. When he can´t say in words to Annie how much he loves her, he just has to say it with his gaze. That makes Annie fall in love

Some AU headcanons: 

-When Annie gets pregnant she sometimes relaxes lying on the couch. Bert is a talented pianist, and plays the piano for her and the baby. 

-He was a time being youtuber wtf 

-He was very, very shy with Annie when they started out as a couple. Over time Bert became so confident that he didn’t stop doing nonsense to make Annie laugh (((and works very well))) 

-He’s. A fucking. Geek. Of video games

 -The day of his wedding with Annie was about to be hospitalized because he drank too much alcohol lol. Most of the guests at the wedding recorded videos of him dancing on the tables, Reiner was very proud of his drunky bro 

-Is an exemplary father, he’s totally devoted to his children, and his children adore him for it 

-When sexy time comes, Bert sometimes acts being rude and dominant, Annie goes crazy every time Bert does it and they enjoy A LOT 

-Bert loves Annie’s family so much, and Annie’s family love him too so that her parents consider him as a son