Different Colors
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  • 日常のキャラクターソング その3

DIFFERENT COLORS (Full Ver.) — angela

Wake up!

Ansoku is dokka mukou Heaven is Sonnano anno?

Lonely Rolling Stones dattari Hard and Tough ni Hit and Away

Hell is yowaidake no Soul Burechatta sukini Knock Out

Honrai Hungry na netsu wo Enen Moyashi tsuzukero

Ne One chance datte Naiyori wa mashi darou

Feeling Blue datte Tokubetsu na Pride

Itaikara Tsuraikara Uekara

Mikudasareru tabini

Different colors My color Your color


Konomi saite Fuantei Miraitte

Kirihiraite ikumon darou?

Kataruyori Mayoi Arasoi

Butsukariau Kanashiki Guys

“Taisetsu na mono wa nanda?” Kougeki wa saidai no bougyo

There are many colors in this world Kagayaki tsuzukero

Kinichyoukan datte Dondake jizoku dekiru?

Feeling Blue datte Tokubetsu na Pride

Kowaikara Yowaikara Uekara

Mono iwareru tabini

Different colors My color Your color

Shinayaka ni Niramiau Guys

Itainara I’m gonna get you

Kowainara I’m gonna kick you

Itainara I’m gonna get you

Tsurainara I’m gonna kick you

Ne One chance datte Naiyori wa masashi darou

Feeling Blue datte Tokubetsu na Pride

Itaikara Tsuraikara Uekara

Mikudasareru Tabini

Different colors My color Your color


Konomi saite Fuantei Miraitte

Kirihiraite ikumon darou?

Kataru yori Mayoi Tatakai

Zensen ni tatsu Kanashiki Guys

Daily Vocabulary 3


恐れ (おそれ、osore) - concern, anxiety

範囲 (はんい、hanni) - scope

地域 (ちいき、chiiki) - area, region

前後 (ぜんご、zengo) - consequences, front and back


不安定 (ふあんてい、fuantei) - unstable, cranky

断続的 (だんぞくてき、danzokuteki) - intermittent

激しい (はげしい、hageshii) - violent, fierce


強まる (つよまる、tsuyomaru) - to gain strength

達する (たっする、tassuru) - to reach, to arrive at

Takayanagi Akane - SKE48 Official Ameblo - 2014-12-01 00:19

Takayanagi Akane *  Yukko, Thank you.

Thank you for your wishes in the comments m(_ _)m

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated~ (´;ω;`)

There were so many things going on from morning till the night like
“(AmebaStudio’s Takayanagi Akane Birthday) Countdown (SP Broadcast)” and “(Furuyanagi no) Fuantei (de ikimashou)” and all…

And I barely got the time to update my blogs (つд⊂)

Well then, once again,

On the 29th of November,
I have turned 23 years old!!!!

The End.


But regarding my birthday and all…

There are so many things that
I want to write about though

About my aspirations and all,
But before I write them on my blog,

But because I want to convey it to you myself

I will just hold back a bit more for now.

And that’s why,
Please let me talk about this today.

Kinoshita Yukiko-chan who was
supposed to graduate by the end of November.

About Yukko.

And now that Yukko has left a message
for all of you on her Google+,

And when I looked at the post,

I once again realised that it was actually her last day here…

And that’s why,
About that day’s stage,

Yukko was just the way she is
from ever since the start, till the very end…

(The pictures I took during the rehersals.)

She looks just so cool!

And so beautiful!

I really envy her~(´∀`)

My precious songs

She inherited it,
right till her last performance

I was really so happy.

Before Yukko came into KII,

2 years ago,
Actually in a Handshake Event’s Mini Live,

We had performed this song together

And that’s why,
Yukko would be reassigned to the same team as me,

And will perform this song

Would be something that I couldn’t have imagined at then at all. (^O^)

I feel that this song has also grown up along with us.

I’m filled with gratitude.

Thank you.

When everyone would be worried,
she would soon realise it.

And she quickly quickly cheered us all up, isn’t it?

There are so many times that
I have gained courage
because of that positive attitude.

I’m usually filled with negativity,

And that time Yukko really used to make me laugh a lot.

Saying “You’re being just too negative! (LOL)”

And I would tell her “It’s not something that you should laugh about!”

But I got used to Yukko’s nature and smile.

One of Yukko’s biggest charms,


And when was the stage was over,
Just for tonight, there was a

Yukko Performance Show!

It was seriously soooo awesome!!! (´;ω;`)

I would love to watch
Yukko’s dance again someday

Yukko’s dance looks so beautiful and has sharpness to it.
And so flexible as well.

It was really a dance which makes me feel good by watching it.

I feel that she has taught everyone from KII,
the charm of her dance.

I also understand that there must be girls who would want to inherit it as well,
And the cause of that desire must have been because of Yukko herself

Thank you.

We both entered SKE48’s senbatsu together in Aozora Kataomoi,

And I would have never thought that you would be in the same Team KII as me when you graduate.

I feel that
I can’t say anything about fate at all. (LOL)

Aozora Kataomoi is really so nostalgic

I don’t even have pictures of then

We were so fresh back then, right? (LOL)

Before we knew it, it has become 5 years already.

I was wondering what impressions she has about the time she spent in Team KII finally…?

I was a bit worried though…

And when Yukko with her carefree smile, said

“Team KII was the best team ever!” to everyone

It made me very happy. Thank you so much.

I want to thank you so so much.

Hoping that
I can watch Yukko’s bright self once again.

Thank you for all your hard work!!!! Yukko!!!!

(鳥 T y To)っ゛Churi