Props to those that have viewed & downloaded the new single. If you haven’t check the link below. http://youtu.be/dGIzOqH41eA

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2013 Twese Fashion Show at Rutgers University 

“Unique x FTYE" 


Next weekend at 1981 (Old Finn) in Manukau. We going back to the 90s, bring your 90s hairdos & outfits and we’ve got the music & venue covered. That’s us next Saturday tag your peeps if you’re keen! @frumthastablez #FTYes #90s (at Manukau City, New Zealand)


Watching #CampbellLive and they play our new single on the advert. Buzzy as. First time for everything moment once again. Thanks @JohnJCampbell for that @tv3nz you beauty. Check this out @hf_axeman @rayzedarelik_ @rezoloot @frumthastablez 🎥📺

#FTYes x #Axeman - #MeAndYou (at TV3)

Purple Diamond Productions presents @FrumThaStablez this #NYE at Shadow Bar. If you’re in Auckland and got no plans yet come welcome 2014 with us. Holla at me if you want your names on door list as you know cover charge is going to be a mofo that night. Is that us?
#FTYes x @PDPNZ #HorsemenFamily

2 Litre ice cream bowl and can only fit 3 of these. Late night snacks in the Stablez. Thanks to the Axeman for coming through. @FrumTheStablez EP is coming. #FTYes #soulfood