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Wonder Woman and Subverting Born Sexy Yesterday

The awesome born sexy yesterday video is putting that trope on the forefront of everyone’s minds, which is great. Critique away!

I just wanted to point out a few of the ways Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and the writers subvert the worst aspects of the trope.

I’ll try to be as vague as possible but SPOILERS:

1. Diana is not embarrassed by nudity of any kind. Yes, her outfit is revealing. BUT one guess as to who gets naked in this film. Hint: it’s not the person the trope usually applies to.

2. Diana is untouched by a man by virtue of the plot – she’s never even seen one before. But the film makes a point of calling out her knowledge of sex. It even heavily implies that Diana takes charge of her own pleasure, be it via self-pleasure or bisexual/pansexual Diana ftw!

3. Steve is her guide to the outside world, but so is Candy. Steve is her guide to the outside world, but never once is Diana abnormally impressed with his insights or his teaching moments. Ice cream vendor, though? He should be very proud.

4. The born sexy yesterday trope is predicated on the idea that a woman falls in love with the first schlub she sees and worships him. That emphatically does not happen. In fact, it’s a running gag that Steve is trying to convince Diana that he’s above average. Only when he proves it to her – through his kindness and his bravery – does she fall for him.

5. The thing that happens in the middle? Not the “prize” saved for the hero’s reward like it is usually is in the Born Sexy Yesterday trope.

So, yes, Diana is a fish out of water. Yes Gal Gadot is a stunner. But those two elements are not what make born sexy yesterday such an egregious violation of female agency. Wonder Woman does not exist to be taught by a mediocre man who she holds up as god’s gift than for no other reason than that he’s breathing near her.

Instead, she learns and teaches equally in reciprocation with a true partner–aka my favorite feminist fantasy trope.


what business have you? — charlie quigley. curly-haired cherub. i used to magic sweeties from your ears. do your remember? — what do you want? — your mumma has taken something that isn’t her’s. — she’s no thief. — no, she’s the worst kind. she’s a people thief. sees someone she has need of, snaffles them away, never to return. where’s she taken emily? — mumma doesn’t know or care where emily lacey is. — when did your mother ever let a dog lie? she feeds on vengeance like maggots on a corpse.

For every single man who belittles, condescends, discriminates, patronizes, underestimates, or generally demeans Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser.

A.k.a. every man Claire comes across in the 20th century.

This is for you:

(Except Joe of course. You go, Joe.)

I can’t wait to see Claire prove every single one of you  w r o n g .

I had the biggest urge to draw this while I was listening to this song Breath and Sound ;u; and I must say I quite like how this came out!
It’s been a while since I drew humans properly… and I need to draw them more! They are fun to draw!

Anyways, it’s Lance and Keith from Voltron: The Legendary Defender cuddling <3 klance ftw


I don’t know WHY THE FUCK no one in the damn fandom gushed over or even MENTIONED this moment from the Legacy game! I didn’t even know of the existence of any Spitfire in the game aside from him comforting her after Tula’s death! But then I found out from Bio that THIS fucking scene exists!

And like, WALLY FUCKING WINKS AT HER LOOK AT HIS STUPID FACE OH MY GOD. This is like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and no one ever even talked about it!! Shame on you Spitfire fandom for leaving me in the dark over these two precious babies!



Finally finished _(:3」∠)_ very belated monthly Kanadian Day comic, as voted from this poll.

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It’s Not A Phase

Draco played by the incredible @space-marauder

While Studying in the Slytherin Common Room, Pansy is vying for Draco’s attentions.

Pansy: Seriously? Nothing?

Pansy: Okay, Pansy, time to step outside your comfort zone

Pansy: Oh come on, I’m wearing a damn cape made out of lace.

Pansy: I had to talk to Lavender Brown to get this cape.