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Here are a few of my merch stuff: @mamath (the boxfox),
@vivtanner (the deer wooden charm & moleskin sketchbook sticker)
@elk64 the goldfish charm that floats from my pocket
..the rest are gifts from friends etc (or artists I don’t remember, sorry!)

Cuidando a Iván y Epona (Caring for Colin and Epona).

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I want to thank you for giving me a new outlook on life. It it hadn't been for your story so many years ago that I fell in love with, I honestly believe I would be a completely different gamer, perhaps even a person, than I am today.

|| I want to _____ you.  accepting

“… I am… glad… to know that.”

          ‘Glad’ isn’t the word.
In fact, there is no word to describe how he feels right now.
To know that someone, somewhere, have learned with his and his friends’ story, and transformed their journey, with all that violence and pain, into something good.

A story worth telling.

                  A story to remember.

Knowing that he helped you, the Player, to be a better person, makes everything worth it.

Sebastian's Puns

Ciel: Sebastian! I want to sleep, so draw me a bath before I do so.

Sebastian: -snickers-

Ciel: What? What’s so funny? -frowns-

Sebastian: No- It’s- It’s just -chuckles-

Ciel: Tell me! That’s an order!

Sebastian: Okay! -giggles- Draw you a bath or sketch you a bath?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH -continues to laugh while slapping his knees-

Ciel: ….

Sebastian: -stares-


Sebastian: -wipes tears- Get it? Cause draws? Sketches? Eh? Eh? -wink wink- -nudge nudge-

Ciel: -points at door- Get out. Now. And give up on making puns.They’re worse than Bard’s cooking. And that’s saying something.

I believe the most accurate description of my digital art style is “messy af”

Kier lookin’ all dapper and dandy. Wedding??? Who knows?? ?????