ftwyn asked:

13, 30, 42

13. Something I really, really want. I really, really want a career in musical theater. I would prefer to be on stage, but directing or even running a theater would be viable second options for me. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch.

30. My favorite animal(s). Dolphins, because they are so effing smart. Dogs, because they are fun and loyal. And jam-addicted hedgehogs.

42. What I did yesterday. I got fired yesterday. Thanks for bringing that up :P Then I watched THoB (again), TTSS, and drank a goodly amount of tequila. My life is the BEST.

ftwyn asked:

79, 67, 87?

79. Oh goodness the last concert I saw was Electric Six and that was last halloween I believe. But I’m going to say that is a mini concert and say that my last big mega amazing concert was Muse. 

67. I don’t like peanuts or sunflower seeds! I’m a very picky eater and am really almost grossed out by the smell of peanuts soo. If I had to choose I’d go with sunflower seeds. 

87. I have won one contest and that was with my friend Bianca and it was for my school’s drag ball competition (same thing right? haha i’m counting this) anyway we won best couple as we were dressed as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. :D