Summer dreaming

In preparations for yard parties that feel hundreds of year away, I bought some sweet lawn chairs this weekend.

Canvas back and seats. Found in a garage at a Columbia Heights “digger’s sale.” 2 chairs for $5

Love love love them. Now we just need some summer nights and you guys can all come over and sit on my fancy new old chairs. 


No one kicks off the holiday season quite like modern storyteller Anna Kruchowski. Over Thanksgiving, she and her family in Duluth make truffles. Lots of truffles. Thirty different kinds. Nearly 3000 this year. Hot Chocolate (Thai Chili Pepper), Peanut Butter, Grand Marnier, Egg Nog, Amaretto Apricot Buttercream, Pistachio Cherry, Kahlua Espresso, Kirsch Cherry, Peppermint, Bailey’s, Curry, Crystalized Ginger, Banana, Lemon Cheesecake … and many many more. They start at sunrise and work all day, usually past midnight. A 20-year tradition. Anna, have we told you recently how we love you? You’re bringing truffles to the office, right?