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“That Prince you serve is a pretty bit of porcelain, but he’d look nicer with a few chips.”

I did this. I hate myself for it. But I’m gonna keep doing it.

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From the Wreckage - Chapter 3
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: All ages
Universe: Prime, Mid-War Cybertron
Characters: Knockout, Wheeljack, Perceptor, Springer
Status: In-Progress

Summary: Mid-War Cybertron: After his transport ship crashes, Knockout finds himself in the company of three of those infamous warriors: the Wreckers. No lone Decepticon could hope to escape that situation alive, so Knockout will just have to be something else. Like an Autobot.

Author’s Note: It’s back! And I’m gonna be way better about updating this (and all my other stories) But this one in particular because the Wreckers are my favorite, and this is the only story I have at the moment with them in it.

A little bit about them that I didn’t mention before: Wheeljack is young here. A rookie in the Wreckers team, really. He hasn’t quite made buddies with Bulkhead yet. Perceptor is, yes, a femme as you noticed last chapter, because I like to swap pronouns for some bots and she seemed like a good fit for that. And the third Wrecker to make an appearance I didn’t make that many changes to because he’s already great.

Anyway, enjoy! Thoughts and criticisms are encouraged and appreciated!

Since I got kind of back into the groove at the start of this month, I wanted to update something once a week. Didn’t manage it this last one though.

Even when I write a LOT, sometimes it doesn’t add up to much because I have SO MANY works in progress (and also oneshots I want to do as you can see) but I hope to update FtW this weekend. That’s my goal 👍


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We can do this for our boys. Taeyong mostly cries out of self-deprecation and guilt. Let’s make him cry out of joy, again.

We can do this.