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Blond Skywalker genes, the secret’s out thanks to the little Matt the Radar Technician incident…


Percy Jackson Scenes Retold With Comic Sans

She glanced at the minotaur horn in my hands, then back at me. I imagined she was going to say, You killed a minotaur! or Wow, you’re awesome! or something like that. Instead she said, “You drool when you sleep.”

-Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief pg. 64

art: @cindersart


YEEY!!! Finally an update!! :D

Uurgh…how I hate drawing those backgrounds. It took me a whole day just to outlining everything, not included coloring it TwT

And I’m bad at perspective too…

Oh, right. I change Frisk balloon from purple to brown cuz well…she’ll not going to wear the same outfit every day, especially with Sans monitoring people fashion almost every seconds lol

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Cherik FTW comic strip 01

A random idea that came to my mind after re-watching XMA.

It’’s rare to see somebody actually gets into Charles’ mind XD 
So I added the idea of Pixar Inside Out’s “memory balls” into the story.


I will upload part 2 by tmr, cuz Tumblr won’t let me upload them all in 1 post Orz

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If you’ve been wondering where my derby comics went: I’ve been on a “break” (aka “shit I got no time for nothin!!”) since July and only very recently got back on track. It’s not like I have any more time now but life without derby just isn’t feasible I guess?

So here’s a very useful X-mas advice comic for the derby people among you. Or do you already have a gift for your derby wife/person of choice?


[EDIT] Cherik FTW comic strip END [Apology]

Edited the sensitive word, I’M SORRY GUYS!!! I’m really REALLY sorry and ashamed for not knowing how harmful the word is to many people ><”” 
Here I wanted to thank the Anons who kindly messaged me and tell me it is inappropriate to use the word. I’d tried to edit the post by changing the photo but it seems too late (old reblogs cannot be changed), so I decided to re-post the comic strip again.  

Just wanna say, I never want and ALLOW my artworks to bring sadness and anger to anybody… ;__;And  I’m really sorry it happened.

Lastly, my English is not fluent enough for me to express my feeling and thoughts about this issue. But I hope you guys understand that I really do not mean to hurt anyone by drawing this comic Q___Q!!!//// I promise I will be more aware of these sensitive words when posting any fanarts in the future, and PLEASE let me know if it happens again! ><

Thank you for taking your time to read this! :)))

—reupload this since the old blog will be deleted—

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