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So in case anyone gives a shit (jk I’m just excited), this is the pairing that will HOPEFULLY produce my next girl!!

GCh Wildblue Essential (top two)
GCh Avatar’s Unwrap the Chocolate Bayshore

I also feel the need to clarify this as well: yes, I’m getting a show line BC next.


So first of all, I have a REALLY good relationship with Aero’s breeder, who is half of this pairing. She is a behaviorist. She’s been doing this MUCH longer than I’ve been alive. I really trust her opinions. I am happy to trust her to pair me with a puppy because she knows what it’s like in my house, my struggles, my goals, etc.

I want to do agility, rally, and dock diving with my next dog as well. Could a working line or sport line BC do those things? Ofc!! So, that’s irrelevant.

In my very anecdotal experience, show line collies seem to be a little less… edgy. I mean that in terms of bad quirks, NOT performance or drive. Some people try to say that show line BCs act like Goldens, which is absolutely not my experience. Are they different from other lines? Yes! Do they retain a lot of the same characteristics? Yes! Are they the same breed? Yes! Can you throw them in a USBCHA trial and expect them to win?… meh, you’re better off trying that with a working line dog. I know that they differ, you’re right! But at this point in my life, I don’t NEED a working dog. I don’t have stock, I don’t plan to get stock.

The existence of one type does not negate the other. Also, 90% of BCs in AUS/NZ are what we know as “show line” since that’s where they originate from- but I don’t see anyone persecuting owners from the Southern Hemisphere.

Anyway. I like these dogs and I love my breeder. I would be happy owning a working line too! In regards to my current needs, a show line dog is what ever so slightly fits my needs better. End of discussion.