Isn’t it heartwarming to know how private of a character Gray used to be; how he wouldn’t let others in and share things that pain or trouble him, yet here he is now all “talk to me bro…”

His approach is so caring and soft. I’m so proud of this boy’s growth.

And I feel like a certain someone has played an important role in this change. ^^

Chapter 424

Words can’t express how much I loved this chappie, it’s been a while since I enjoyed a FT chapter this much!!! So many thing about it were priceless!

Adorable Happy and Natsu being adorable

Juvia having another hilarious hallucination of Gray. So good to know she hasn’t reverted to her old gloomy self completely and she still has it in her!

YES YES gimme Natsu x Juvia friendly moments! A new brOTP is born today

Juvia bragging about living with Gray, allllooone

hahah Juvia, you’re something else!

Just…how….EXCITING IS THIS??!!

They must have shared so many things!

One seeing the other asleep on the couch and cover them with a blanket to keep them warm!

Preparing dinner together!

Running on each other while they’re changing! uwu

And do you really mean Juvia was wearing those tiny little clothes while they were practicing? Oh someone’s pants must have felt tight at the sight ^_~

I forgot how to breathe at this

lmao of course they wouldn’t sleep together how could I fall for that

TELL ME THIS IS THE FACE OF A MAN WHO HAS FALLEN INTO THE DARKNESS, I WON’T BELIEVE IT UNLESS MASHIMA PROVES ME WRONG! Look at his soft expression, he’s trying to brush Juvia’s worries away.

Protective Natsu is the best Natsu! *brOTP feels intensify*

I love how Lucy knocks Natsu on the fact that he left whenever she gets the chance!

Even Juvia can sense the tension in the air. Juvia-onee-san knows best, do what she says. But look how Juvia obviously still sees Lucy as a love rival hah, no

Juvia’s faith in Gray is invincible TuT
Nooo don’t cry baby girl, he’ll be back…right?

Natsu is the best friend in the universe, repeat after me, he is the best friend in the universe.

Let this brOTP sail for all eternity!

Dun dun dun dun…

Sabertooth, one year after last year’s GMG…


HOT DAMN!!!! This is too much for tis world, I can stare at him for hours and never get bored *doki doki* dayum, and I thought this guy can’t get any hotter *dies*

But come on now, even his hairstyle is like Silver’s, there’s no way he’s become evil! 

On Juvia’s weakness

There has been some confusion about Juvia being vulnerable against steam although she can turn to boiling water herself. I thoroughly enjoyed those two chapters, but I must say this was the one bit I didn’t like. First Mashima had Juvia lose a battle in the water that she would have normally nailed, then fall sick due to her own element in Avatar arc, and now this…  (- ︿ -) Anyway, I’m just as baffled about it as everyone, but I’ll try to explain why steam inflicts such damage on her.

First of all, it has become apparent enough thus far, but Juvia doesn’t always alternate between liquid and solid form. When we see her use her water body, it’s because she consciously activates it. This explains why she is immune to most physical attacks when she’s is on guard, but she is affected by said attacks if she’s taken by surprise, like when Raven Tail’s Nullpudding hit her during Hidden, or when Simon did the same at the beginning of ToH arc.

Now, steam works the same way. Juvia is not immune to extremely high temperatures just because she can raise her own temperature to a boiling point. That’s something she also needs to activate. Her normal temperature when she enters her water form is an intermediate one and if she’s hit with a jet of steam, it causes her water body to evaporate at the spot where the steam landed, which leaves her skin scorched when her body regresses to its usual form.

Notice here that Juvia hadn’t realized that she was hit by a steamy fist until the damage was done. She didn’t expect it, and she was taken by surprise.

 Also, it’s highly possible that boiling her water body is not something Juvia can easily do. When we saw her boil during her fight with Gray, she was triggered by her fury and immense jealousy towards Lucy. Perhaps she needs to be in a very perturbed state to do that, and that would further explain why the machine guy figured she’s weak against steam.

Still, Mashima could have chosen other things as her weakness instead, such as poison or electricity, to which Juvia has already shown vulnerability. Why he chose to go with steam then? I guess it was in order to save electricity for what we thought would be a fight between the machine guy and Laxus but turned out to be Ichiya comic relief LOL, and besides, a soldier that uses steam would be an easy match-up for Gray, given that they switched opponents afterwards.

This is nothing but my take on this contraddiction, but I hope it clears things up a little xD

*sees the fuss about Levy’s figure and how her body supposedly is not drawn by artists the way it is in the manga*

Not all petite girls are skinny.

Just because a girl is petite doesn’t mean she can’t have curves.

I’m 158 cm tall and around 50-52 kg. I’m considered petite. But my waist just pops from the sides. And let’s not talk about my tummy…Try to find a top that hides that thing…

To the point, just because Levy doesn’t have a generous bust like the rest of the females in FT doesn’t mean she has to be a walking skeleton. She always had a wide waist and luscious hips, and more so as Mashima’s art progressed. She’s pretty, petite yet curvaceous.

And have you seen her belly? Dayum it’s so flat and melds perfectly with her waist. The sexiest belly in FT if you ask me.

And for the record, I haven’t seen art of her where her figure is exaggerated. It definitely exists somewhere, but it hasn’t fallen in my notice. This can only mean that the wonderful artists in this fandom do a great job at staying loyal to her original design.

Let it go - 413 Days edition

The sky is dark in Magnolia tonight
Not in mood for anything
It’s a day of isolation
Won’t show my face at the guild
My teacher died like many years ago
but it’s still haunting me
and I can’t move on

Juvia comes up
She holds a scarf
What anniversary she talks about?
Conceal don’t feel, don’t let her know
I have to go

Let it go, Let it go
I can’t deal with it and I know
Let it go, Let it go
I turn my back and hit the road
What a random day
she chose to celebrate
I don’t need a scarf
The cold never bothered me anyway

Now I know I was kinda harsh
but I’m out of it today
I’ll apologise tomorrow
and I hope she’ll be okay

Temperature drops, it starts to snow
I feel the chill right in my bones
I recall the scarf, and Ur at once
I have to fetch that back!

There I go, There I go
On my knees, seacrhing in the snow
There I go, Put it on
A smile forms as I walk
Dunno how, but the pain is gone
The damn thing is warm
and it made my day after all

The next day comes and I go apologise
Juvia was happy and I never meant to make her sad
Unexpectedly she pulls out a body pillow thing
with a stamp of her, in daring lingerie!

Wait a sec, what is this 
What’s the deal with Juvia’s gifts
Just hold on, hey hold on
Don’t push that thing on me
Like hell I need the damn pillow thing!
In 40 chapters or so
I’ll be shoving my face in your chest anyway 

Not to sugarcoat it but

Since the chapter came out I’d been waiting for the raw to see if Juvia really said that she doesn’t want to see Lyon, though it seems Cruncyroll gives pretty much the same translation. So, I know that this wasn’t the kindest remark Juvia could make but personally I’m not taking it that seriously nor do I think that she meant it in a hateful way. 

Lyon is one of my most favorite characters in FT and I adore him to pieces but to be fair, he’s made Juvia uncomfortable on several occasions in the past and he’s even treated her like a price (which I found hilarious, but apparently Juvia didn’t find it as funny). Besides, she probably also doesn’t like the fact that there’s this tense atmosphere between him and Gray because of her, and Gray’s comment that he’ll get to see Lyon’s ugly face did seem like he might be in for a challenge. So it’s not that weird for Juvia to say that she’d rather not see Lyon, which was probably to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Mind you, Lyon is the only person aside Gray for whom Juvia uses the -sama honorific, which shows that she has in fact a lot of respect for him, be it because he basically is a brother to Gray or whatever. And I just can’t imagine Juvia hating the person that shared one of Gray’s sorrowful secrets with her.

Well...we definitely didn't see that coming

It practically came out of nowhere, Levy came out of nowhere…BUT it was good and it was Gajevy so…


I always wanted Gajevy to be the first of the big 6 to become canon. Because Levy and Gajeel are more of supporting characters so them becoming canon wouldn’t be like, the highlight of the story that must be kept for the end or something and it would be nice to have them around as a cute dorky couple  with a dose of tsundere Gajeel! Well not that it’s canon now, but after THAT, it made a huge-ulra-mega step closer to canonship, for they’ll have to thank each other when they get the time and who knows what might happen then!

You got us there, Mashima. When he first tweeted about the romantic chapter I had doubts about it referring to Gruvia, because I really thought that he planned to develop Gruvia little by little, as he had been doing until then -and if you ask me that would be the wise thing to do, but I’ll get to that later- but then he kept bombing us with those amazing and heart-wrenching Gruvia feels so there was a point I (and most people I think) really bought that something massive was going to happen between Gray and Juvia romantic-wise, and then the Kyun tweet made me believe that this moment would be in this week’s chapter, while at first I had thought it would take some chapters before we get an interaction. 

And the next chapter’s title is “Steel”, which means it will be about Gajeel and possibly about Gajevy, so it’s becoming more and more likely that the romantic chapter will be for them. Then again, it might not, Mashima is a big fat troll after all, we can never know for sure. However, just when we were making speculations about Gruvia (mostly), Nalu and even Jerza, now Gajevy entered the game for good.

This Gajevy moment felt a liiittle out of place to me at this point in the manga but I’m glad it happened nevertheless -hooraay again hehe. And to be honest, I won’t be disappointed if we don’t get something really big for Gruvia of the caliber that Mashima let us believe. It’s my otp and although I live for the day that Gray will open up to Juvia for real, I very much enjoy the thrill and the anticipation for it and I’d like it to keep going for a little longer. Gruvia had a big boost in this arc, which we certainly took delight into, but I’d like Gruvia to happen later on in the future. Not that I won’t die in happiness if it happens very soon, it’s just that I want more of Gruvia teasing :P