Let it go - 413 Days edition

The sky is dark in Magnolia tonight
Not in mood for anything
It’s a day of isolation
Won’t show my face at the guild
My teacher died like many years ago
but it’s still haunting me
and I can’t move on

Juvia comes up
She holds a scarf
What anniversary she talks about?
Conceal don’t feel, don’t let her know
I have to go

Let it go, Let it go
I can’t deal with it and I know
Let it go, Let it go
I turn my back and hit the road
What a random day
she chose to celebrate
I don’t need a scarf
The cold never bothered me anyway

Now I know I was kinda harsh
but I’m out of it today
I’ll apologise tomorrow
and I hope she’ll be okay

Temperature drops, it starts to snow
I feel the chill right in my bones
I recall the scarf, and Ur at once
I have to fetch that back!

There I go, There I go
On my knees, seacrhing in the snow
There I go, Put it on
A smile forms as I walk
Dunno how, but the pain is gone
The damn thing is warm
and it made my day after all

The next day comes and I go apologise
Juvia was happy and I never meant to make her sad
Unexpectedly she pulls out a body pillow thing
with a stamp of her, in daring lingerie!

Wait a sec, what is this 
What’s the deal with Juvia’s gifts
Just hold on, hey hold on
Don’t push that thing on me
Like hell I need the damn pillow thing!
In 40 chapters or so
I’ll be shoving my face in your chest anyway