I Hate College: Reason #2094

Fake environmental friendliness.

If your “Green” institution forces you to print on more than 20 pieces of paper per week, it should be stripped of its title and the President/CEO/Leader-type should be tar-and-feathered. Then knee-capped.

Just because the school doesn’t use paper does not mean that the school is saving paper.

From the Songbook - Little Tornados

From the Songbook – Little Tornados

Originally written January 1, 2010

“I’ll be the man with the broom /If you’ll be the dust of the room /And there’s only so much you can hide/Before I corner you/Last day of magic/Put the whole ride through/
The eye of the storm/In a single room/My little tornado/My little hurricano”
Last Day of Magic – The Kills

An old cowboy rides off into the sunset. Behind him, his life in all its glory has…

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