Freedom to Shoot!

Independence day Photowalk by


June 12, 2012 - #FTS2012


“Pieces of the Puzzle”


Last June 12, The JaywalkersPh held its 2nd official photowalk. The route for this walk is Quiapo-Binondo-Intramuros which was my usual route of my own photowalk before Jaywalkers Ph was created.

I can say it was a stress-free and fun-fun day. Saw the coolest people from the group, saw some familiar faces from my previous walks, and met new people. I can say that this walk was a longer route than usual which made it very tiring but at the end of the day, everyone was happy with the walk.

So again, thank you guys for coming! See you guys soon on our next photowalk!

Photos taken during the Freedom to Shoot Photowalk

Camera phone saved the day!

So…I’m the girl who had left her camera battery (accidentally) at home during the #FTS2012 (photowalk walang battery, anong klaseng kabobohan yun? HAHA) But then again, no battery loss can stop my screaming desire to shoot.yeah

Buti na lang, my phone didn’t let me down. It’s a humble Sony Ericsson S312 unit, with a 2-megapixel camera. And here’s some of my kind-of-pwede-na-for-me shots. (I desaturated the tone para madarama kunware) :

(sali na sa mobigraph..hehe)