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Thank you very much for attending FTS: Independence Day Photowalk!

We hope you guys had fun! See you next time! :3

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Camera phone saved the day!

So…I’m the girl who had left her camera battery (accidentally) at home during the #FTS2012 (photowalk walang battery, anong klaseng kabobohan yun? HAHA) But then again, no battery loss can stop my screaming desire to shoot.yeah

Buti na lang, my phone didn’t let me down. It’s a humble Sony Ericsson S312 unit, with a 2-megapixel camera. And here’s some of my kind-of-pwede-na-for-me shots. (I desaturated the tone para madarama kunware) :

(sali na sa mobigraph..hehe)

Freedom to Shoot 2012 in GIFs (9-14)

It was windy that day, and since it was the Independence Day, there are too many flags that are posted everywhere in the Capital. Here is one of them flags.

Pasig River remains to be Manila’s main arteries. If there is a river where Manila started, it should be the Pasig River. Pasig river provided the sediments that make up the lands of today’s Metro Manila. Pasig River also provided the first steps to trade and transport between Manila, its surrounding provinces and even the world. I just really hope that the Pasig Ferry makes a comeback really soon so people could trace our history in the route of the fictional Bapor Tabo.

Calesa competing with modern transportation modes. If you travel in Manila through a calesa back in the old days, you are considered to be of the upper class. Some old Manila Residents still use Kalesa even though jeepneys are abundant in the city. Seeing Calesas plying Manila is already a rarity in the old downtown Manila.


The Climb.

Entering the Span.

As long as the city moves and changes around you, you can never really consider it dead for now. Once it stops evolving and moving, it is already dying or dead.

Freedom to shoot

It’s been 6 days since the Independence Day Photowalk organized by JaywalkersPH was held and this is the only day I got to upload some of my shots. It’s so nice to be with the coolest photographers in tumblr especially for me as an amateur one. Such a great and wonderful experience!

Pardon my pilit shots. Hahaha. Anyways, first day of class today and it’s so boring. 

What’s new? Hell days. You know.

Have a great week everyone!