ftp projects



We have 17 Shetland sheep at Calypso.  They earn their keep by providing beautiful fleeces so that we can create wooly wonders.  Wool is a big deal at Calypso: Susan and her daughters are incredible fiber artists and have much to teach the FTP participants.   In the spring we watch Tom shear the flock, then later in fall we learn how to wash, dye, card, spin and knit the wool.  It’s incredible to be a part of the process from start to finish!   And to be able to visit & say hi to the sheep who’s wool you are wearing!!


The Art of Blacksmithing

Tom’s new passion:  making things in his smithy.  And how lucky we all are that he loves to share this experience!  Tom is eager to invite everyone to swing a hammer.  FTP participants get a thorough intro and the opportunity to practice and make some tools — blacksmithing and welding skills are extremely helpful to a self-reliant farmer.