ftp fans

So, uh, yeah. This is me and Mark Foster. No big fUCKING DEAL. (I look like a big nerd don’t talk to me about it please)

Honestly, seeing Foster the People on August 9th was the best day of my entire existence so far. To be able to see and feel and hear the music of the band that got me actually LISTENING to music in general, was absolutely mind blowing and heart wrenching and disgustingly incredible. I swear I’m not trying to brag, I’m just really excited and beyond amazed. Read if you would like!

We got to the venue at 10:00am, because I really quite obviously wanted to get front row. I met these two lovely ladies who had gotten there at around the same time and got to know them, and we all promised each other that we’d all help one another to get front row. I met up with my friend Shania whom I’d met online who was also a HUGE ftp fan, and we walked around the venue looking for something to do for, like, the next 8 hours. ‘Cause, you know, that’s a lot of time. We head down to where the tour buses are because we were hoping/worrying that the band would be there. And, sitting beyond the gate far from us, was Sean (the guitar player) and Mark, playing… ping pong. Shirtless. Yeah, uhm, I’m not gonna elaborate too much on that because none of you want to hear about me crying, but that happened. At that moment, Shania looks at her phone and goes, “Hey, doesn’t Roadie hide stuff around the venue for fans to find?” Me and Shania found one of the places and asked for a member of the staff (all of whom were absolutely LOVELY) to possibly go grab it for us. She did. We got Ponsi’s drum sticks. We cried for too long, man, too long. But it gets better.

We begin to walk up to where the line is, because we don’t want to lose our spots or piss anyone off, when Shania goes, ‘Oh fuck, isn’t that Mark?’ and, uh, he’s like, riding up to us??? In a gold cart??? Which I guess isn’t something you see everyday. I just, kinda, stare awkwardly because WOW Mark Foster is a living breathing human being, that’s so weird, and I wave and smile and he waves and smiles back. By this time my soul had already left my body, and Shania practically had to drag my ass back up to the line. Mark exits into the hotel that the venue has, and me and a couple other fans kinda sit in the shade near the hotel and the trees. We didn’t wanna harass him, just wanted to be near in case he… like… wanted to talk to us. So yeah, we kinda did want to harass him, but we were POLITE ABOUT IT SO WHATEVER. The fans I met were so lovely, absolutely beautiful people with great tastes in music, and they all knew how much this concert meant to me. Mark comes out, and one of the absolutely fantastic ladies I’d met in line practically screams “STOP LESGETAPICTURE” and Mark’s like, oh geez, yeah, sure thing, cause he’s so mellow all the time. I wait till everyone is done because I didn’t want to be a bother considering I had a letter to give him. When it’s my turn, I begin talking to him when the girl who stopped him is like “SHE’S BEEN A FAN FOR FOUR YEARS” and he asks where I was from, and I say Winnipeg MB, and he goes asks where that is and we tell him it’s like, right in the middle of Canada. He was really amazed that I had come so darn far to see him and was all smiley and stupid and I wanted to punch him GEEZ. Okay, so I get the picture (the one in this post obviously) and when everyone starts to kinda go away a bit, I look to him and say something like, I’ll try not to take up too much of your time, but you’ve really helped me a lot, so I wrote a shameless 6 paged letter. I told him he didn’t have to read it and he could turn it into fire kindling or paper airplanes, but he told me that he really appreciated it and that he couldn’t wait to read it.

I was really happy and all but like, didn’t expect him to actually read it until loooong after the show or something or even ever, but TEN MINUTES later, Shania says to me, “Sophie, Mark is tweeting.” She showed me her phone, and on his account he had tweeted this:

“@Magomuffinz I just read your letter. I’m moved beyond. You have an incredible gift with words and expressing yourself. A true poet and thinker. I’m so glad that you are here and that you have taken the sour grapes of past and are turning them into wine. Sanford Meisner used to use that as a metaphor for how artists take the hard things they’ve been through and turn them into beauty. I’m so glad you took the time to write this, and were persistent in finding me thousands of miles away. It lifted my spirits today. We all have things in our lives that we have to overcome. The size or weight or difficulty is relative - it’s the willingness to overcome that defines us. You are a true hero to me. Never think that what you are doing is insignificant. And please keep writing. You have a gift.”

I think I sat and stared at the sky for like, at least a good 20 hours, before I stopped being a crying mess. It was really beautiful to know that Mark had actually read what I had spent so much time writing, and that he knew how much he had helped me. And to know that MY words had inspired the person who got me into writing, was the greatest gift I could have ever been blessed with. Ugh. Oh my God. I can’t breathe even though it’s been 2 days since it happened.

So, after another 6 hours of waiting, it was finally time. We were literally front row, I was about two feet from the band, and straight in the middle. My friends were so kind and sweet for getting me there, I couldn’t imagine the concert without their kindness. The opening band, NONONO, was genuinely good, though they had a lil equipment meltdown so they could only play five songs. But when Foster the People came on, I was kinda, like, deported to a different universe? I was the happiest I had ever felt in my entire life. The opening songs were incredible, and I was dancing and singing and having a rockin’ time. But then. Mark Foster sits down at his keyboard, and I knew immediately that he was gonna play Houdini, which is my favourite song song on the entire record. I had written to him about how much that song had meant to me and why it was such a brilliant song, and he really HAD read my letter, because right before he turns to Ponsi to start the drums, he turns to me and POINTS and SMILES at me. Like, what the fuck? What the FUCK? WHAT FUCK THE FUkcK WHAT??? I honestly couldn’t breathe and the friends I was with were screaming and cheering oh my god, it was absolutely incredible. It was just proof that he had really read my letter and had appreciated what I had said. I couldn’t believe it. I realize it’s not that big a deal to you guys, but it was really big to me. And the performance of the song was STUNNING. The bridge part they changed it up into this weird rhythm and, ugh, UGH, WOW.

But yeah. Skip ahead to around ten songs later. The show was coming to a close. They came back on for an encore, and I knew that they’d only play two songs. It was the last song, which was Don’t Stop, and when the song finished everyone was screaming and clapping and going nuts. It was such a beautiful and kickass way to end the performance. Mark is about to leave the stage, when he picks up a guitar pick, kneels down RIGHT in front of me, and tries to hand me the pick. There were a bunch of hands that were reaching for it and he literally shook his head, put his hand underneath all the other arms, and hands it directly to me.

//shots in the distance

I honestly owe that man so much. I have never felt happier. I still have the guitar pick and am very scared that I will lose it, so it’ll probably remain locked inside a drawer for remainder of it’s/my life haha!! But really, that concert is always going to be a happy memory for me, and I thought I was going to be sad about it the next day, but in reality, I’m just happy that it happened. I hope Mark knows how much of an impact he’s had on my stupid lil brain and heart.



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