ftp doodles

anonymous asked:

I miss your ftp doodles!

But why would you miss them? They never left, they’re still on my blog, haha!

If you meant you miss me drawing Foster the People, that’s a different story. Drawing is impulsive for me so it’s hard to say what I feel like drawing when. And I’ve been a bit out of it as far as bands lately so I haven’t been doing much of that kind of art. 

Plus the ftp fandom is dead at the moment… I’m sure with new stuff coming up I’ll draw them again eventually~

anonymous asked:

Hello dear! I hope you're having a good day! Aaaand my birthday is in like half an hour... what if maybe you could make me a quick FtP doodle? Like tomorrow or something? pretty please? either way have a nice day love! xx

Sorry that I’m lame and for some reason fail miserably when I attempt drawing band members these days but. Shuffling Mark. Have a lovely birthday then!