“Last night’s Four Corners showed the brutality and harm our young people are subjected to every day. It’s good that these things were caught on camera and revealed but imagine for just one second the abuses that happen out of sight.

When a child or young person is tortured the pain and damage does not end there. This torture becomes a psychological life sentence in the form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which has devastating consequences for the individuals, families, communities and society as a whole. Do they think they can torture kids and keep them in solitary confinement for days and weeks without terrible consequences?

Whitestream politicians love to go on law and order crusades, bringing in more punitive and draconian laws like paperless arrests and indefinite or mandatory detention, because it’s a vote winner and they want to sweep the damage they are doing under the carpet. Don’t think for a second this kind of thing only happens in dictatorships, or at Guantanamo or in offshore detention centres. The gruesome history of places like Rottnest Island is more than a lot of privileged people can handle and many would be happy for the genocidal status quo to stay in place, because they think it doesn’t affect them.”

From: Blackfulla Revolution


“2 years ago today, Ryan Stokes, an unarmed Black man, was killed by KCPD. Ryan was his mother’s youngest child and only son. One racist act can erase an entire legacy. ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ ‪#‎RyanStokes‬‪ #‎WhyWeFight‬ For more info, visit RYAN Stokes Speaking Truth to Injustice.” Via One Struggle KC

These screenshots are taken from this video of Ryan’s Mother:

This is one of many murders KCPD commits every year as well as their long history of brutality and war on the homeless. We are Ferguson. Everywhere is Ferguson.

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Sack the NT Government, sack the guards - lay charges now
Stop stealing children - build communities not prisons
Self-determination now!

The video footage on Four Corners of Aboriginal children being tortured in Don Dale correction centre have shocked the country. But this is the tip of the iceberg of the racist ‘child protection’ and prison systems that subject Aboriginal children to institutionalised child abuse across the continent on a daily basis.

Malcolm Turnbull and Adam Giles have announced a Royal Commission into the centre - but their own racist Intervention and “tough on crime” policies systematically breach the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (RCIADIC).

Countless inquiries have already been done. We already know the facts of this case. We demand justice immediately. The prison guards responsible must be sacked and charged. So too should the NT Government who have consistently demonised and criminalised Aboriginal children and bear ultimate responsibility for this abuse. Minister Scullion also must be sacked.

Across Australia, Black children make up 50 per cent of the prison system. More children are being forcibly removed today than at any point in Australian history - taken from their families and put into foster care or prison cells.

These emergency rallies will demand an end to the incarceration of children and self-determination for Aboriginal people. We need to build on the outrage and take forward the ongoing struggles against the racist police, prison and ‘child protection’ systems. #BlackLivesMatter #BuildCommunitiesNotPrisons

From: Blackfulla Revolution

When I say, “abolish the police,” I’m usually asked what I would have us replace them with. My answer is always full social, economic, and political equality, but that’s not what’s actually being asked. What people mean is “who is going to protect us?” Who protects us now? If you’re white and well-off, perhaps the police protect you. The rest of us, not so much. What use do I have for an institution that routinely kills people who look like me, and make it so I’m afraid to walk out of my home?

My honest answer is that I don’t know what a world without police looks like. I only know there will be less dead black people. I know that a world without police is a world with one less institution dedicated to the maintenance of white supremacy and inequality. It’s a world worth imagining.



The children of Walter DeLeon, the 48 year old Latino construction worker who was shot in the head by LAPD in Los Feliz, spoke out against the way LAPD has been trying to criminalize their father. Their lawyer, Caree Harper, said  

“LAPD (is) trying to make up a reason why they shot another unarmed man of color. Everything they say should not be golden. Every word that comes out of their mouth is not gospel.”

Walter DeLeon is still in critical condition. Please have him and his family in your thoughts/prayers. 

The video can be found here.