Thunder Bay talks racism: What is it like to be white?

Whites rarely reflect on how their skin affects them in their daily life. But at a recent event in Thunder Bay hosted by The Agenda on the Road, people did. And what someone said about the white experience is sure to shock some.

Facebook Page Posting Photos Of 'Dirty' First Nations Sparks Protests
“If this page was deemed racist by Facebook, it would have been shut down," says the creator, who defends the active page.

Thunder Bay Police are investigating a series of Facebook pages that have been widely criticized as racist and offensive to First Nations.

Police say they were alerted by city officials about a Facebook page called “Thunder Bay Dirty.” The page posts photos mainly of aboriginal people on the streets.

“The remarks are derogatory and extremely offensive,” the Thunder Bay Police said in a statement.

“As a community, we cannot tolerate the use of social media to express extreme racism.”

But police say it’s unclear whether anyone will be charged in connection to the Facebook pages.

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So there’s this page called “Only in Thunder Bay” on Facebook. It’s so fucking rude that they had to shut it down but it’s back again thanks to people actually liking this shit. Basically it posts homeless drunk natives passed out on the streets and people can send in their own homeless native photos.

But, it doesn’t stop there. It posts prostitutes photos publicly on there too with their full name.

It posts teenage native girls who they think have “fetal alcohol syndrome.” And I mean, people send in photos of these teenage girls on their own Facebook and laugh how it looks like they have FAS.

It has so much shaming I can’t believe it. And it’s back by popular demand.

Why can’t they understand hate isn’t helping any of these natives live better? Like imagine seeing yourself on that page, a 13 year old girl on Facebook and have a bunch of people saying you look like your parents drank too much, typical native, etc.

I am just so fucking pissed.

Holy shit I have over 2100 followers now. Shout out to everyone for that. In other news, me and Michelle are moving to Kitchener near Toronto in about a month. So scared, haven’t lived in any place new in like 4 years. But I’m also fucking pumped! Gonna be going to school to start a business and shit. This new chapter is gonna be exciting cause I’ve always lived in the north so them southern living is gonna be totally new. 

I arrived in Thunder Bay, after a long night try to sleep in the bus. Or at least, I reached the beautiful industry area, including the famous coffee store “Robin’s Donuts”, where the rich people of the area meet and drink the best morning coffee of Canada…


so in my hometown the police are finally looking into all these racist ass facebook pages people have been making, and hopefully will get some consequences. there were also multiple posts made where they took pictures of native people around town and put downright degrading descriptions on them, but I don’t want their pictures spreading more since they’ve been humiliated enough.

anyways, we don’t have a racism problem in Canada, right?