For anyone who missed it on Thunder Bay on the Celtic Thunder Cruise, someone recorded the hilarious craic of Celebrity Heads featuring our fave guys

My dad is the best dad. He just sent me a college care package full of all sorts of AWESOME winter shit. He sent one right thick winter jacket, amazing winter explorer boots, a bushel of socks, some touques and a face mask, tons of thermal long underwear, some moose meat, moose steaks, and some moose roasts. Like how fucking awesome is that. BRACE YOURSELF WINTER IS COMING? I AM BRACED BRING THAT MINUS FIFTY SHIT ON. 

So there’s this page called “Only in Thunder Bay” on Facebook. It’s so fucking rude that they had to shut it down but it’s back again thanks to people actually liking this shit. Basically it posts homeless drunk natives passed out on the streets and people can send in their own homeless native photos.

But, it doesn’t stop there. It posts prostitutes photos publicly on there too with their full name.

It posts teenage native girls who they think have “fetal alcohol syndrome.” And I mean, people send in photos of these teenage girls on their own Facebook and laugh how it looks like they have FAS.

It has so much shaming I can’t believe it. And it’s back by popular demand.

Why can’t they understand hate isn’t helping any of these natives live better? Like imagine seeing yourself on that page, a 13 year old girl on Facebook and have a bunch of people saying you look like your parents drank too much, typical native, etc.

I am just so fucking pissed.


jeanpaulderoover @ussmusic getting crazy here in #tbay. What a show!

BB: Human Kebab flip, whaaaat!
I found this on instagram. It’s pretty awesome.