Happy NaLi Week!

Hehe this is only the first part of this fanart! Sorry I’m a bit late for NaLi week and I won’t probably make the other parts (I think there’ll be at least 3-4 parts argh) by the end of NaLi week :c AND I’M VERY SORRY, I REALLY CAN’T DRAW CHILDREN OTL

(will edit this post with the other parts once I finish them, and add a link to a full resolution on dA)


asfdjglghgs it’s 00:00 here ;A; And I always say I’m tired…

It’s an idea I got from reading a pretty good LoLu fanfiction (’//w//’)
Problem is that I don’t know if I should write it as a long fanfiction or a one-shot or a doujinshi????
Probably not a doujin because I suck. 
Just going to illustrate some moments but no doujin. I’d go for the one-shot tho

My English sucks gomen

Edit: Hurr, I drew Lucy’s stamp on the wrong hand. Fixed that detail plus some English mistakes