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I know i'm late to the party but towards the anon about sexuality in japan, it is very much fetishized in media. If it was IRL, its pretty normal to have transvestites/transexuals on tv but usually they're mtf and pretty much never ftm. In Japan sadly, they are less accepting of girls coming out compared to guys. Anywhere, you'll see the typical butch/tomboy but that girl is almost always bisexual and not full on lesbian. (1/2)

Sometimes, the host of certain TV shows will ask girls jokingly if they were homo. Usually, it’ll go two ways: Girl say nononono i just like touching them/admiring them OR Girl will vaguely say yes and the host hastily moves on. But if you were homo or trans i don’t think they will give much of a shit. Japan’s style of ‘accepting’ is basically “it’s your business and not mine so i don’t really care” (2/2)

Oh good, so male privilege takes precedence how wonderful. But I’m glad that they’re kind of ok with it in a way, like it’s good that they have the attitude of ‘it’s your business not mine’ I would prefer less fetishisation, but what can ya do


FTM Social Transition in Japan Update 1

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So some stuff has been going on. Had to share. (And please pardon any weirdness. I recorded, edited and uploaded this via iPhone.)

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