The U.S. is falling behind on trans identity laws
Painting a full picture of the legal gender change landscape, this approachable article explains laws in the US - including per state and per document regulations - and in other countries.

“There are simply no serious arguments in favor of creating unnecessary barriers to accurate identification — no one undergoes the financial cost and social stigma associated with being transgender in order to commit fraud,” Buchert told Fusion.

[Colombia], Denmark, Argentina and Malta also allow transgender people to change their sex on government issued identifications without getting medical approval first. Ireland is poised to do the same later this month.

Dear Cis People:

Just let me introduce myself at parties. They asked who I was. I had my name halfway out my mouth. You must have not heard me because you cut me off, talked over me and practically shouted my wrong name at them. If you can’t get my name and gender right, just let me tell them.

so happy to finally meet @gorillashrimp today :) such a sweet guy! his journey so far is incredible and I’m so glad his road trip has led him to amazing people and places! #brothers #ftm

So apparently my grandparents caught on that I am transgender, and I am completely shocked and appreciative of their reaction to it. 

My mother told me that my grandfather was saying how anyone who thinks being transgender is a choice are “uninformed assholes.”

Also, my mother began to talk to them about how it is difficult to use my pronouns and my name because, 

“She’s been [bio name] for Twenty years.”

And then my grandpa responded,

“But really he hasn’t. He’s been Ben since he was about 6 or 7.”

I’m so shocked and touched and emotional about this.

Day 09

Today I walked and sunbathed by the pool and hung out with a friend for a couple of hours. I think I may have over done it tho, cause I’ve had blood and a couple blood clots in my catheter. Not gonna lie, it scares the shit out of me to see, but my mom explained how these balloon catheters work, and it makes sense that it’s normal to have blood in the urine for 6 weeks after surgery. I would totally say that the catheter has been the worst part of this whole experience.

I have only taken ½ of 1 pain pill all day (it’s currently 7:30 pm), as opposed to a couple days ago when I was taking 2 every 4 hours. So I can totally feel my arm tingling and pain in my crotch. I enjoy my arm tingling cause it reminds me that I’m healing. On the other hand, my crotch feels like I took a dry washcloth and stuck about half of inside of me to just chill. As of right now, I can not feel the phallus, but I don’t expect to for a while,

Thank you for all your texts, messages, and for keeping up with my journey. It makes me feel like were all going through this together – a tap on the shoulder or extra strength when I need it.

hey im george :) 22 from the UK! pre everything & just here looking for some fellow trans friends!! as i know next to none! follow me and ill follow you back <3 (: