I used to hate the skin a have, I always thought it was too dark and I wanted so badly to be light skinned like the pretty little girls and boys in my class. Now I love my skin! My mother (earth) is mostly brown and I am obviously her child😍❤️😊

#blackout TPOC


I did an experiment with myself. In one picture I’m more like I normally am/feel. Im masculine and aggressive looking. In the other picture I got into a completely Femme getup complete with tight ass pants, a womans shirt, and about ten pounds of makeup.

My conclusion to this test is as follows: in the female getup I had fun and I thought that the person in the mirror looked like a total babe, but it wasnt me. I felt like I was wearing a cosplay. The Male getup, however, just made me feel comfortable. I didnt feel like i was bein deceptive, but rather I felt an ease like nothing was out of place or staged.

Experiments like this can help transgender and transquestioning people become more confident with their identities. Each person will feel something completely unique when going through this experiment, but the feelings can help you discover yourself and reassure yourself. If youre unsure about your gender, try this- it may help you.


I just came out to my grandmother as a transgender.
She took it so well, though. She’s okay with me being a boy. She said it’d take some time, but she’ll try calling me a boy.
I’m really happy she’s okay with this, and I hope every one of my followers can accept it too.
I’m still going to go by Eli, but I’d like for everyone to please use he/him pronouns.
Thanks, guys.
Ugh I’m just really happy.

remember if you are in the closet and you feel like your family would hurt you, cut you off or kick you out if you did. Stay in the closet if it’s the safest course of action. Make sure you are in a financially and emotionally place where you can be yourself.

If you are out to your friends and they are supportive warn them if they come over not to say anything and accidentally out you if that could be a toxic environment to you.

Emotional support is a wonderful thing but make sure your safe and have a place to go if thing turn bad.

There are far to many lgbtq youths that are homeless because of unaccepting families