Please remember to include transmasculine & non-binary & other identifying people with vaginas in the fight for reproductive rights, we need this stuff too! 

Trans Problems
  • trans person: *transitions as a young child*
  • cis people: they're too young to make that decision! their parents are pushing it on them!
  • trans person: *transitions as a teenager/young adult*
  • cis people: they're looking for attention! you just don't know who you are yet!
  • trans person: *transitions at 40/50*
  • cis people: they're just having a mid life crisis! get a grip!
  • trans person: *transitions as a elderly person*
  • cis people: their mental health is deteriorating! clearly their family isn't giving them enough attention!
  • trans person: *decides not to transition*
  • cis people: wtf! clearly you're not really a trans! stop lying!
You are Still a Transboy Even if

you wear makeup

you wear feminine clothes

you don’t want to go on T

you don’t want top surgery

you don’t always pass

you don’t own a binder

you still shave

you go by she/her pronouns for safety or personal reasons

you have a high voice

people call you female

you don’t want to pack

people still call you by your birthname

you have a large chest

you use they/them pronouns

you don’t want bottom surgery

you don’t own a packer

you have long hair

you don’t want a binder

you cosplay female characters

you’re not out to family

people use she/her pronouns

you’re not out to friends

you have wide hips

you still go by your birthname

you’re not out at school

You know yourself better than anyone else. No matter what, if you identify as a boy, then you are a boy

social things trans ppl suffer through

- when someone glances at u and then turns to have another long, long, look
- when someone’s face drops when they look at u
- “thank u ma'am, oh no it’s okay sir don’t worry, ma'am-”
- kids asking their parents why that girl has long hair, why that man’s wearing a dress and then mum shushing them and giving u a look of contempt
- announcing that ur gay but everyone’s like “so u like? girls? boys?”
- feeling like you’re passing and comfortable until u open ur mouth
- ^ someone acting normally around u until u speak and they look at you like Oh
- not knowing whether to introduce yourself with Mr or Mrs or Mx because wtf will this person im talking to react like - having ur guardians/parents’ family over and tHe BIg COnFuSioN
- a parent who really doesn’t want to tell any of their friends that their “precious son/daughter” is no longer what they were
- being looked up and down for a good 10 ten minutes before the person moves on
- not being able to breathe for a MINUTE without someone asking you what gender you are what genitals you have why you dress the way you do etc
- not being able to “just keep your head down and ignore everyone else” because people want to make it Very Clear that they don’t like whatever’s going on with your gender

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Hey quick reminder that:

Wolverine is 5'3
Genji Shimada is 5'5
Prince was 5'2
Lucio is 5'2
Bruno Mars is 5'5
Robin Williams was 5'6
Gandhi was 5'4.

Trans guys don’t always get the privilege of being conventionally tall but there’s plenty of both real and fictional men who weren’t towering giants either, and they’re still fantastic. Great things sometimes come in small packages, and you’re not any less manly for it.

(also still really gay)

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what she says: 

what she means:

Though we recognize that the LBGTQ+ community makes up a lot of the Youtube community and content, we will be limiting the vocality this community has. We appreciate all of the work you’ve done to make Youtube an inclusive, diverse and vibrant community, but the gay agenda has become too powerful and we believe that we’re the sole cause of it, which is why we have decided to implement Restricted Mode on LGBTQ+ content. Please, though, let it be known that we are not silencing the community, we are only placing age restrictions because being a member of the LGBTQ+ is inappropriate, gives false information, and may be damaging to younger viewers, who benefit the most from the videos put out from this community. This is being done with the intention of protecting a select few, but god forbid anyone gets worked up over trans people asking to be able to use the bathroom that they identify as without being persecuted or harmed. After all, why should we grant such special rights to such a miniscule group in the vast majority?


I hope trans boys and their boyfriends are having a good day.

I hope trans boys and their girlfriends sleep well tonight.

I hope trans boys and their nb sweethearts eat really yummy food and spend a lot of time together today.

I just really want trans boys and the people they love to be happy. That’s all.