For trans guys or just anyone who’s insecure about being shorter than others, I recently got these pad things to put in my shoes that make me a few inches taller and dude it’s awesome to not be the shorter dude anymore! 10/10 I can now reach the top shelf of my pantry

Hey this might seem like a no-brainer to most people but let me just say, because 17 year old me really needed to hear this, it’s not too late to transition. It’s not.

I had only ever met or heard of people that started transitioning physically and socially when they were 15 or younger. I thought that at 17 I was already too late. If you’re 16 or 25 or 50 or 76 or 84 it’s not too late.

Like I said, probably a no brainer to most but I was actually really scared about this when I was 17, 18, 19, especially since I didn’t know when it would be completely safe to come out and I wasn’t sure if I’d be in the closet till I was out of college so yeah thought I’d say something in case someone needed to hear it. You’ll be okay. You can wait. It’s okay if you realized/came to terms with your transness after your mid teens, twenties, thirties.

As long as you’re still breathing it’s not too late.

They’re shutting off my gas in winter.

I got a heartbreaking call this morning that my gas is about to be shut off because we owe too much on it. Because of miscommunication between the tennants of the house and prior roommates moving out on bad terms, no one had been paying the gas bill, and the previous tennant tells us that he had been getting billed for the past 6 months, but only told us now that its about to be shut off. This week.

We need about 500$ minimum so we can prevent it from getting turned off. We owe more than that, but thats just to get us until we get paid again and we can finish paying it.

Its January. We have at least 2 more months of below freezing temperatures. We will die. We have animals that will die. We cannot do this.

My paypal is

Yes. I messed up. I am owning up to this. Its already ruined my credit to the point where i can’t even get a loan to cover this. Ill be selling my car, trapping me where i live, but itll help me survive and eat. Im already not doing that. I’m down to maybe a can of beans with chicken every few days if i can afford it. I’ve been trying to sell art, sell my services, babysit, walk dogs, anything i can do. Im realizing i can’t do this anymore. I can’t handle it. I give up. The few boxes of pasta i have left have bugs in them but i can’t throw them out. It’s food.

Anything will help. Please.

If you want to send me food too, message me for my mailing address. I wont just post it.

having periods is not a women’s thing

having uterus is not a women’s thing

giving birth is not a women’s thing

you are completely valid if you’re a woman who doesn’t have/do these things

you are 100% valid if you’re a man who has/does these things

you are super valid if you’re a non-binary person who has/does or doesn’t have/do these things


so there is a new tag on twitter and it’s making me absolutely angry

not only does it not make sense because ”trans” doesn’t look like anything specific- transgenders/transsexuals just look like people- but it also makes all trans people look bad.

it’s full of non-dysphorics who claim that they represent us and that this is what we all look like.

it’s just gonna strengthen the popular assumption that we are all just a bunch of emo kids who “”decide to be trans”” as a sign of rebellion and not because we have dysphoria

also don’t fucking tell me that trenders don’t exist. you can see them, right there