British stately home Chatsworth House commissioned design studio Raw Edges to create a piece inside its 19th century sculpture gallery as part of an exhibition of seat furniture named «Make Yourself Comfortable» at Chatsworth – A great opportunity to apply their Endgrain signature.

Endgrain by Raw Edges are those stunning curved wooden benches and stools “grew” from a gridded floor of dyed timber installed in the sculpture gallery.

Hindus Wearing White for Mourning

@mountaindave asked:

I’ve been trying to do some in-depth research (on the internet) on why white is the colour of mourning for Hindus (for my book) but I can’t find anything that isn’t written by a white person and the only thing I found was an article from an Indian magazine that didn’t go into much detail. I would ask my friend who is Hindu but she’s sick of having to explain parts of her culture to people and I don’t want to rely on her for research into Hinduism as that doesn’t seem fair

Could you phrase this question in the form of a question?

The short answer is death has a millennia-old association with ritual impurity for the blood family of the deceased and as white is a color associated with purity, wearing white was traditionally part of the purification rituals expected of them for a period after the death.  Over time this just got graded down into wearing white while mourning, as few people still observe all the purity strictures from so long ago (such as not going to temples or observing any religious rituals except for funerary rites, not giving alms, not attending parties/marriages, etc.) but just dressing in white is easy enough so it stuck around.

~Mod Nikhil