There isn’t a day that passes me by that I don’t think of her and how she won’t be mine. I can’t begin to express how painful it is to finally come to terms with the fact that Olivia Pope, the woman who I’ve fallen in love with who I thought loved me too, truly doesn’t want me. 

For so long I believed that she was just going through her own issues but I guess I was kidding myself. Now it’s time to get back to reality. The reality is Olivia Pope will never be mine because she doesn’t want to be mine. I’m just another pawn in her game. 

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Okay you probably answered this a long time ago but when exactly do you think S.S. Terry set sailed? Do you think they jumped right into it? Are there any fanfics that depict the events as it's theorized to have happened? xx

Many, many theories on Terry, so I preface this by saying this is merely MY opinion bc everyone has their thoughts… but I think Tony was smitten with Kerry for quite some time prior to getting cast as FTGIII, just thru their social events. Then working together on set in those up close and personal scenes and it just happened. The moon and stars aligned and they could not help themselves. She was single at the time and young and why not! He’s hot AF and in a dead marriage and he was willing. I think the relationship started casually and quickly got away from them - love happened… 

They are magical in a way we rarely see in a lifetime. The fact that millions can see and feel this says something…

(Shameless plug, but since you asked… I have started a FF called ‘Still’ that is MY thoughts on how Terry came to be. It doesn’t start the reader at the beginning so you have to bear with me as the chapters unfold!)

Companion Post to and Excerpt from Shattering Expectations- Chapter 113

“His mind and heart had joined together in a chorus.

She is your Soulmate.

She is your Partner.

She is your Companion.

She is your Best Friend.

She is your Wife.

She is your Equal.

She is your Livvie.

Respect her, cherish her, protect her, fuck her, make love to her, make her happy, and keep her happy so that she’ll never, ever go away forever…make sure that she doesn’t go away forever, Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III.

You will break if she goes away forever. Don’t even pretend otherwise.

This is no you without Olivia Carolyn Pope (-Grant) in your life, in your heart, in your arms.

So, be a man. Be a good man. Be a smart man and never make her feel like she has to go.

And if she ever feels that way, talk to her about it and if talking doesn’t work, then you chase her to the ends of the Earth if you have to.

Never give up on her.

Love her.

Love her until you can’t anymore.


I swear that when our lips touch, I can taste the next 60 years of my life.

Rudy Francisco, Love Poem  

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Prayer circle for #Olitz to BE together & to STAY together and to THRIVE together all  thru #5candal and beyond!

I am and am not ready. I’m ready for #Olitz but I’m still waiting for the kick in the teeth. I got trust issues…

I'm gonna intercept the Olakers and Fitz Haters and throw it right back: I am fully aware of FTGIII's flaws. I am fully aware that Olitz has some destructive elements to it. I am fully aware that he turned Captain Creeper into the human version of Thorngate to begin with. I am fully aware that he is married (to a hellion...) and that Liv has the right to choose to not be with him, to move on with her life. I know all of this. But riddle me this: who based his entire courtship game on a lie, who persued her under orders, who put her in the damned hospital with a potentially fatal injury (I know it wasn't but head injuries are nothing to mess with), who filmed and turned over their sexual encounter to her father with nary a blink? And riddle me something else: how the deuce did he get into her apartment to 'save her life' in the first place? Who? Tell me who and then give me a legitimate reason to want him around on the show and in Olivia Pope's life. Go ahead...



I’m dead again. I’m Tumbling from Sheol right now! Look at this! Look at them! Look at how happy they look and just…this is yes. This is YAAASSS. I am DEAD. Not only will Fitz get to see his Livvie in an awesome gown again, he’ll actually get to touch her this time and just…the smiles, the peace within their eyes, just…just…yes. I am Trumpetnista, I am a Gladiator in a Hoodie, and I approve of this message.  Bring on all the good ass Olitz. BRING IT! WE’VE EARNED IT!

My latest Twitter Feed- RE: the #5candal #Olitz promo of WIN and those who refuse to accept the inevitable...

1.  Some are trying to say that it’s Joke in that bed but I says no. STEP OFF HATERS! That’s FTGIII all the way and #Olitz is alive in #5candal!

2.  I mean, c'mon! There’s no moobs, there’s the nose and brow shot that is distinctly our FTGIII AND Liv was on her 8th orgasm! #Olitz

3.  FOH with that non-sense! That’s Liv and Fitz in that bed, breathing heavy and looking happy! #Olitz #5candal #ByeJake STEP OFF, HATERS!

4.  Y'all mofos had the lion’s share of Season 4 and most of the seasons before it. #5candal is the Year of #Olitz! GET OVER IT AND SIT DOWN!

5.  I mean, let’s be real here. The Creator caught hell and high water for what she did to #MerDer. She’s got to leave #Olitz alone for a while.

6.  And knowing her as I’ve come to, she’ll find some way to bust #Olitz up by the Season Finale so I’m going to enjoy what we get now! #5candal

7.  Your chumpian is still in #5candal. He’s just not on Liv. Shouldn’t you be happy that he won’t be playing second fiddle anymore? C'mon…

8.  The Creator isn’t going to get rid of Ballard easily. I’ve accepted that. Leave #Olitz alone and give him a new person to rut with. #5candal

9.  Look, it’s Fitz in the bed with Liv. It’s Fitz in the relationship with Liv. It’s #Olitz in #5candal. Stay in your lane and let us have it.

My thoughts on the Sneak Peek (skip if you don't want to be spoiled)

I’m pissed that Mellie has to be a factor in anything (although I can understand the necessity because whether any of us like it or not, she’s crucial to handling Olitz coming out) but what gets me, what sucker punched me right in the feels is the way Fitz laid it out there with the whole ‘you pulled the fire alarm’ thing. Even though Olivia is withdrawing from him (again) and may be blowing things out of proportion (again), he still loves her and wants her protected if the WWIII shit hits the fan. The way he said 'you’re dead’, the way he looked at her and his voice cracked a little…

I fucks wit FTGIII forever. I really, truly do…

Look, Olivia..honey…I know you’re scared and I know you’re in damage control mode but I'ma need you to slow down, take a breath, and actually listen to what FTGIII’s trying to tell you and what he wants. Apparently, he’s your new Client and you’re supposed to listen to your Client, aren’t you?  Still, I’m with the person who compared this to 1x07 all over again. When Mellie gets involved, Olitz gets shafted and we end up looking at unnecessary interlopers for at least one third of the season.

I’m definitely not looking forward to that, especially since we’ve gotten a downgrade from Senator Puddin’ Pop Clingy to Captain Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Creeper.