This is my SCANDAL OTP. These are my k'nuckleheads and our Olitz. These people, both separately and together, drew me into the show. These are the most relevant characters. This is the only ship that matters. 


Ms. Rhimes and her enablers may have selective, destructive amnesia when it comes to these two but I don’t. NEVER FORGET. NEVER, EVER FORGET!


Although my Baby Boy has a lot of good moves in his arsenal of UNF, my hands down favorite is still the Pelvic Press of DESTINY. Here’s hoping that we get another one very soon and there’s some wonderful Olitz citrus involved in the process!


This is one of my favorite non Olitz scenes from the show. Not only is Fitz shedding his FitzVader, the white t-shirt (other than it being the sex…) made me think of Liv’s white hat. At the core, Fitz is a pure man and seeing him without the suit, the POTUS swagger, and hearing him be real (especially in front of The Artist Formerly Known as Millicent) was just fabulous and I give the credit to Mr. Goldwyn and his razor sharp acting chops. Keep getting it, baby boy. I can’t wait until you’re back on my TV.

Happy Tuesday, y'all.

I'm gonna intercept the Olakers and Fitz Haters and throw it right back: I am fully aware of FTGIII's flaws. I am fully aware that Olitz has some destructive elements to it. I am fully aware that he turned Captain Creeper into the human version of Thorngate to begin with. I am fully aware that he is married (to a hellion...) and that Liv has the right to choose to not be with him, to move on with her life. I know all of this. But riddle me this: who based his entire courtship game on a lie, who persued her under orders, who put her in the damned hospital with a potentially fatal injury (I know it wasn't but head injuries are nothing to mess with), who filmed and turned over their sexual encounter to her father with nary a blink? And riddle me something else: how the deuce did he get into her apartment to 'save her life' in the first place? Who? Tell me who and then give me a legitimate reason to want him around on the show and in Olivia Pope's life. Go ahead...