This is my SCANDAL OTP. These are my k'nuckleheads and our Olitz. These people, both separately and together, drew me into the show. These are the most relevant characters. This is the only ship that matters. 

This is going to happen, Cyrus. I am going to divorce Mellie, and I am going to remain President of the United States after I do so. That is today’s big idea.

President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III, Scandal 212 “Truth and Consequences”

–He still believes it. During an election year? Nope. During the latter part of his second term? I could see it. 


Ms. Rhimes and her enablers may have selective, destructive amnesia when it comes to these two but I don’t. NEVER FORGET. NEVER, EVER FORGET!


Although my Baby Boy has a lot of good moves in his arsenal of UNF, my hands down favorite is still the Pelvic Press of DESTINY. Here’s hoping that we get another one very soon and there’s some wonderful Olitz citrus involved in the process!


The best part of this scene to me (other than the fact that it was the re-eal li-yfe and not just fahn-te-see…) was that Liv kissed Fitz. All Olitz kisses are excellent to me (more kissing, I say, in the words of the dearly departed Dr. McDreamy) but all of the ones where she starts it are most precious to me and this…this is her choosing him with both hands. Usually, it’s with one hand or with her fingertips but this time, she took herself a double handful of her Fitz and went to town. She ran away again but this time, she ran to the place where she belongs and the man who truly adores her, flaws and all.

It’s an excellent and overdue first step forward. There are many more to go, still and knowing The Creator, she’ll find some way to rip our heroes asunder again soon but for now, our POTUS and Fixer are happy.

And no matter what happens in the future, this glory happened and no one can take that from us.  Ever.


Olakers/Mellie Stans/Fitz Haters/Liv Haters/Anti-Olitzers: “And really, Fitz is way more into Olivia than she is to him. It’s creepy. She never really looks or acts like she loves him. She barely even says it! It’s only about the sex. There’s no genuine affection on either of their parts… ”- Are you sure about that? I mean, are you really sure?

Prayer circle for #Olitz to BE together & to STAY together and to THRIVE together all  thru #5candal and beyond!

I am and am not ready. I’m ready for #Olitz but I’m still waiting for the kick in the teeth. I got trust issues…


I swear that when our lips touch, I can taste the next 60 years of my life.

Rudy Francisco, Love Poem  

(Source: pureblyss)


This is one of my favorite non Olitz scenes from the show. Not only is Fitz shedding his FitzVader, the white t-shirt (other than it being the sex…) made me think of Liv’s white hat. At the core, Fitz is a pure man and seeing him without the suit, the POTUS swagger, and hearing him be real (especially in front of The Artist Formerly Known as Millicent) was just fabulous and I give the credit to Mr. Goldwyn and his razor sharp acting chops. Keep getting it, baby boy. I can’t wait until you’re back on my TV.

Happy Tuesday, y'all.

I’m dead again. I’m Tumbling from Sheol right now! Look at this! Look at them! Look at how happy they look and just…this is yes. This is YAAASSS. I am DEAD. Not only will Fitz get to see his Livvie in an awesome gown again, he’ll actually get to touch her this time and just…the smiles, the peace within their eyes, just…just…yes. I am Trumpetnista, I am a Gladiator in a Hoodie, and I approve of this message.  Bring on all the good ass Olitz. BRING IT! WE’VE EARNED IT!