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tuesday november the eighth.

I skipped monday on purpose. 

so this is how it goes. I was watching an FTFK (forever the five kids) video yesterday and it was one where Dana was ranting off about things. FTFK got real and personal and I enjoyed it. 

So Dana said somethings that really made sense. Like Dana, I find myself to be insanely pretty, not gonna lie. I feel beautiful and I have really high self esteem. And there have been guys that come into my life that think of me as beautiful. These guys are the nice guys, the guys that I should be with right?

Yet, Like Dana, I completely look passed them toward the guys that don’t even notice me. Those are the guys that I want to chase down and be with. The ones that are rugged and have that, I don’t wanna call it a bad boy cause that’s not what it is. It’s more of the guys that have that rough look i guess. the ones that end up never calling you pretty and end up treating you like shit. 

Yeah those are the ones. and it really sucks. because that’s what I am physically attracted to. I am attracted to the guys that are total losers because I love the way that they don’t need you. they don’t attach like I don’t. it’s crazy. 

my birthday is tomorrow. all I want is for tomorrow to be a good day. I don’t want things to get real tomorrow. I wouldn’t be able to handle it . I’m kinda really fragile right now. if I get any birthday messages. it would be nice and welcomed :)

with love. 


eye fear eye cannot stay on topic (by foreverthefivekids)

This is Ally. She is beast. You should watch her videos on ftfk and Strayallycat aaand boredallycat … Ive loved her videos/vlogs since the BEGINNING OF TIME. not really but basically since she started making videos. I love her, her interests, her room, her personality, and how much she hates people at school :D