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Wait why does fuyu have such a hate against underage drinking? (I do to I'm just wondering if I missed some character development)

You’re talking about Kuzu’s last FTE when he tells Hajime to drink soda instead of sake, right?

Ah… I just think he likes to follow the rules, honestly. I mean, he stops the gang from driving a truck in Chapter 5 because “we don’t have our permits”, he shows up to classes early in Zetsubou-Hen, and he’s really unhappy with Hajime when he finds him in bed with Mikan in Chapter 3 because you are teENAGERS AND TEENAGERS SHOULDN’T BE DOING THAT

tldr; Fuyuhiko is a Lovely Pure Boy™ who follows the rules ~ Mod Oddish

Fun Fact You May Not Know:

In the original DR release on PSP, Naegi actually couldn’t run at the start of the game. The ability to run had to be gained as a skill from an FTE. In the PSP THE BEST release of the game, Naegi was given the ability to run from the start of the game, and the FTE instead gave you a skill point.

Naegi can’t run in hallways in DR3, but who gave him the skill to run in DR1′s initial PSP release?


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  • Why I like them: They’re pretty hilarious throughout the whole game, and when you really read into his character, you can see he’s definitely hiding a lot of things. He’s one of the only characters that doesn’t reveal a whole bunch about them during their FTE, and I just really love dissecting characters.

  • Why I don’t: His innuendos can definitely go a bit too far sometimes, and he doesn’t always say them at the most appropriate time.

  • Favorite scene: Avri’lavigne all the fuckin way

  • Favorite season/movie: He’s from a vidya gaym

  • Favorite line: “Ah…I see…I think I’m the one…who went crazy.”

  • Favorite outfit: Honestly, I like the one he was wearing in the flashback the best. I just have a weird thing for Bowlcuts

  • OTP: I don’t really ship him romantically with anybody :/

  • Brotp: Akane

  • Head Canon: He can dish out the compliments, but he can’t take em

  • Unpopular opinion: He isn’t a terrible, useless character ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • A wish: That he gets more (POSITIVE) attention in the new anime

  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: For Kodaka to throw his character out the window and have him consciously/knowingly commit sexual assault

  • 5 words to best describe them: Precious, misunderstood, perverted chef son

  • My nickname for them: Teru
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it’s ok akane is great

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I got all the gifts needed for her but I just never did her ftes

you should’ve done there are some really great scenes in there. also you’re right about how she’s great but honestly they’re all high tier i kinda wish the game ended up being a dating sim like it was ‘supposed’ to be

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♛ an eye for an eye ;3c

my opinion on;

character in general: Admittedly didn’t think too much of Akane at first but as the game went on (and I did her FTEs, omg) she made me laugh and now I have a soft spot for her. I always knew to watch Akane during the trials for any of her “my gut tells me” stuff cause she’s always right during those! She’s so great! 
how they play them: I haven’t seen too many threads of yours yet but wow it sure does look like you have a wonderful grasp of her character!

the mun: SO GREAT? We talked once (oops, theres me being bad at talking to people again) and we need to do so again! I promise its nothing negative if I stop responding I just got the attention span of a gnat. 

do i;

follow them: yes!!
rp with them: no!! :( not yet, anyway!
want to rp with them: yes! soon! eventually! itll so be worth the wait!
ship their character with mine: soniakane… I’m crying because I headcanon Sonia as just questioning and favors dudes yet I ship her with so many girls. Ahhh they come from two different worlds but look how well they get along in game! I can see them getting close to each other like that post-game or something and ahhh I love it? yes! Sign me up! Let Akane be her knight.

what is my;

overall opinion: No matter how we roleplay them I’m just really excited to roleplay with you? You’re so cool and I’m flattered that you enjoy my roleplaying skills like I do yours! Lets do angst, lets do fluff, lets just roleplay! If you aren’t following Mako yet you really should!

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

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Fandom: Danganronpa

The character I least understand:
Honestly? Byakuya Togami. All I see him as is a smug asshole who is also a meme. Then again I haven’t played his FTE so…

Interactions I enjoyed the most:
I am quite fond of Kiyotaka’s and Mondo’s interactions throughout the entirety of Chapter 2. I am also quite fond of Fuyuhiko’s and Hinata’s interactions in his FTE. But my favourite is probably Chisa’s interactions with the 77th class.

The character who scares me the most:
Probably either Celestia or Junko…

The character who is most like me:
Looks wise Mukuro; black short hair, freckles and pale skin. Personality?.. Probably the cow from the Togami novel BECAUSE I’M THE MASTERMIND.

Hottest looking character:
Guys: Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Girls: Peko Pekoyama

One thing I dislike about my favourite character:
Kiyotaka Ishimaru: The fact that he died while grieving, just leave him to grieve in peace (((:::. But seriously, his shouting is annoying, but thats because I have anxiety to shouting so…

One thing I like about my most hated character:
I don’t really hate a character… My least favourite is probably Monaca, and I like how cute she is…

A quote or scene which haunts me:
I don’t have a quote… But a scene is probably the end of SDR2′s 2nd trial… And Peko’s execution cries … But Kiyotaka’s mutism during the 3rd chapter left me uneasy, too.

A death which left me indifferent:

Probably Sayaka? Or Teruteru? I’m not too fond of either of those two…

Character I wished died but didn’t:
Fucking Haiji.

My ship which never sailed: