Why are you walking
that way ?
Your steps are out
of sync,
That bounce,
I do not recognize
this rhythm
This swagger you
This confidence that
oozes out of you
Makes me uncomfortable.
Tone it down,
Your black skin is only
When it’s a few shades away from
I mean white.
Pardon my privilege.
—  Ftaiwo

I’m trying man
To be a better person. To not lie, to care more and be more genuine.
But it’s like no matter what, things just don’t work out cause at the end of the day you’re the only one who sees your effort.
Everyone else just sees results and if it doesn’t match their expectations then to them you never tried.

What a life.

I'm bad with titles so this has none

I find it difficult to tell you
I am.
Not, how my day is
Or how I’m feeling

I find it difficult to tell you
That I’m empty
That my insides are
12am dark
soaked with gratitude for the
Seal on yesterday’s losses
hopeful that tomorrow
i will draw first

I’m always on guard
Body always akimbo
Like I got PTSD
Like I barely
survived that war
But a part of me
Is still tryna nurse
Her wounds
Tell her it’s okay
Never saying that
I am not,
Never fighting for

So I’m sorry I don’t buy you flowers
It’s difficult
I’m just reminded that things don’t last
They wilt
And crumble
And fade
To black.