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16.8.17 8:57 PM // went a little more journal-y and scrapbook-y with my bullet journal spread this week. decided to do weekly overview on the left page and a journal entry on the right (which is actually the answer to a question my friend asked me). ft doodles of sushi and my drawing of a modern starfire. also ft paramore and a quote that came from a sentence i found which called a man “the rose that grew from concrete” 🌹

I am strong. Strong enough to carry myself through everything. Strong enough to fight every battle with a smile on my face. Strong enough to ignore all that does not help me, and strong enough to admit when I am in need. Strength is not conventional. Strength is personal to you and your path, use it how you so wish. You are stronger than you will ever know.

stronger by Amy Kennedy


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Because there’s so much M/M books on Goodreads and it’s hard to select which one are good, I decided to make a post about it, for anyone who wants to start reading original content ! It’s gonna be updated as I read some new books :)

Feel free to send me some rec for books you think I’m gonna like !

First, the HOLY TRINITY : (read them before anything else)

- Captive Prince trilogy, by C.S Pacat : Slavery, politic strategies and amazing love story.

- In The Company of Shadows, by Santino Hassell and Ais  : read this post I made about it and GOOD LUCK TRYING TO ESCAPE THIS SERIES .

- All For The Game trilogy , by Nora Sakavic : sport team (this sport is a very violent sort of Lacrosse, but with barely any rules),a lot of fucked up but amazing characters , some bloody family story, and of course great love story.

Then : (with no order)

- Cut & Run Series, by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban : a FBI new team, a amazing to follow these 2 characters  relationship  along 9 (NINE!) books.

- Cyberlove Series, by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell : 4 books for now, following different stories and couples, all based on the Gaming/YouTube universe and online relationship.

- Takeover Series, by Anna Zabo : holy shit, welcome in the BDSM scene (4 books, aka 4 differents stories) ;)

- Five Boroughs Series, by Santino Hassell : 4 books, starting with an amazing BFF to lovers story.

- No Place Left to Run, by Zarah Detand : an original story by our beloved fic writer zarah5 ;)

- #gamers Series, by Annabeth Albert : another trilogy about gaming universe, awesome !

- Him Series, by Sarina Bowen : amazing love story in the professional Hockey universe. (2 books)

- Heels Over Head, by Elyse Springer : welcome in the world of professional divers running for an Olympic win ;)

- Out Of Uniform Series , by Annabeth Albert : 3 books for now, all in the Army universe.

- Wound Tight, by Tessa Bailey : a CEO/security guard story

- Coda Books Series , by Marie Sexton : love story in Colorado. 7 books !

- The Assignment Series, by Evangeline Anderson : Police detectives and BFF to lovers relationship.

- Perfect Harmony series, by Annabeth Albert : a capella universe.