ft: edolas

The Captain and her Wife

When I get bored in class I doodle edo!minerza….it’s a habit now XDD
I have been looking at some fairy tale illustrations and just been to a live drawing session. I decided to try more roundish faces and push for more racial diversity (I tried to make Minerva more Asian…but it didn’t come out as well as I wanted lol)
I will check out armories more because I really want to put functional and protection armor on Erza (of both worlds).
Will likely to draw more of them because their head canons are so sweet >w


Look at spoiling grandma Irene… she loves her lovely Gilly flower!! She would do everything for her!!!

Well, if someone though of Irene being a spoiling grandma … just imagine Edo! Irene!! She’s so caaaring! Altho you can see Knightwalker, with Minnie in the background, not being pleased with her mother spoiling her daughter that much (Gilly has to be… rough, cold minded… not a fluffy thing… ya know?) But when her grandma arrives she becames a lovely lovely lil baby❤ (Minnie doesn’t like her child being that spoiled too but she can’t help when seeing Gilly like that.)